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Can this song save the koalas?

A French musician has partnered the Australian Koala Foundation in a fundraising effort to raise awareness of the plight of one of Australia’s favourite animals and to raise much needed funds to help their protection.

Mikael J Hacken wrote and composed ‘I’ve Seen Them All (The Koala’s Song)’ and all proceeds of the song’s profits will be donated to AKF to support their important work in saving the Koala and its habitat.

The song aims to highlight the dangers Koala’s face whilst providing supporters with an entertaining audio and visual experience.

“The song is wonderfully composed and is a beautiful tribute to koalas,” said chair of the Australian Koala Foundation, Deborah Tabart OAM.

“It brings to focus the threats to koalas and highlights the importance of a Koala Protection Act, which would ensure koalas and their habitat are protected by law,” Ms Tabart said.

Listeners are encouraged to download the song to support the AKF in their goal to conserve the Koala and its habitat.

Listen to the song first here:

What do you think of the koala song? Are you worried about koalas becoming extinct in Australia?



Yes I am very worried about the Koalas becoming extinct and Minister Susan Ley is making up her mind about allowing their trees to be cut down for development in a place called  Brandy Hill in the Hunter Area -- where they are now breeding - if she allows this she needs outing!  


Please ring her office or send emails to stop this happening


Office details Connect Electorate detailsElectorate Office 1(Principal Office)

517 Kiewa Street
Albury, NSW, 2640

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PO Box 672
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Telephone:(02) 6021 3264Local Call*:1300 303 203

*Calls will be charged at a local rate. Charges may vary for mobile phones

Electorate Office 2

100 Yambil Street
Griffith, NSW, 2680

Postal address

PO Box 1093
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Telephone:(02) 6964 1212Parliament Office

PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Telephone:(02) 6277 7920



Also go to

A French Musician's song,great!! Now let's see an Australian response to this disgusting attitude to Australian Wildlife in general!!

Well, Sussan Ley has proved she does not care a hoot about Koalas and has OKed the quarry at Brandy Hill --where they are now breeding --

she has allowed Koala breeding habitat to be bulldozed for a quarry and there are Kolalas breeding there,  after the dreadful fires and they have been trying so hard to protect them at Brandy Hill and now this, it is a disgrace when these poor critters are so endangered.

  She is the SUPPOSED  Environment Minister -- she is a disgrace-


Utterly despicable!