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Can you solve ASIO’s riddle?

You have to do a lot to get noticed when you advertise a job these days.

ASIO has come up with a unique way of generating interest in working for the country’s top spy agency, with advertisements on the back of trucks providing a riddle that you must solve to see if you are up to the task.

All you have to do is enter the URL on the back of the truck with the actual answer in place of the word answer.

Do you have what it takes to work for ASIO?



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My guess is h2 o 

Do you think they will give us a job at ASIO  Related image

Your answer is better than mine the jobs all yours .

Snowflake is H2O  Related image

Yeh!! Suze for ASIO ... and then fast promotion to head of Border Force, followed by Deputy PM ... or if that doesn't float your boat Suze ... Queensland electoral commissioner.

Amazing what the 'powers that be' have allegedly been up to very recently.

Australian Border Force head Roman Quaedvlieg has gone on leave amid an external investigation. No details released about what he has been up to. The Australian Border Force started operations in 2015 and Mr Quaedvlieg is its inaugural commissioner. Source.

The Queensland electoral commissioner has quit, two days after being suspended for alleged serious misbehaviour. Source.

Happy Valentine's Day Suze.

Suze if you were already with ASIO, would you tell us?

Shhhhh Frank.


Do you think that Ben is trying to expose me by putting up this topic ?

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ASIO is for the plods ASIS much better ( So I am told)


Interdepartmental competition will be punished.

Is there a spy among us ???

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Cunning foxy.

Onya Suze



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