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Can you tell me the real meaning of life?

Can somebody tell me the real meaning of life?

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Be the best person you can in this life so you don't have to keep reincarnating and doing the same thing over. Or if you believe in God, to be the best person you can so you can be ready at the pearly gates with a clear conscience. Or if you don't believe in anything "just get on with it, make the most of what you have not what you haven't, be grateful and stop complaining". 

"be grateful and stop complaining".

May I suggest you live up to that advice?

I do everyday. Do you have to pick on everything I post?

...  Unfortunately Trolls do that musicveg - way they get their "kicks" ...

Quite like your answer Musicveg .

Gee, there is a lot of grumpy old farts on this board. 

Yep, and three are sitting right above your head LOLOL

I am a man of few words and only the brilliant minds will understand this but I believe  - the meaning of life is to give life a meaning.

If you want to know the "real meaning of life"..ask a butterfly. The butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and colour. It represents growth. 

For me, the meaning of existence is the ability to extend myself and deal with the metamorphosis of life..each change and hurdle I conquer adds a little more meaning to my life.

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Hi Sophie,

Butterflies do strike a chord where we are challenged by those existential challenges that confront us all.

Everything is in transition.  Nothing stays the same. We don't get to keep anything.

I don't have a garden ATM.  In the ones I had, there were always reliable flowers coming on for butterflies, bees and birds.  The butterflies and so on were extra flowers, a bonus.

Be happy and make happy someone else

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