Carers Payment

I understand you can work for up to 25 hours a week whilst caring..I'm presently receiving a fortnightly payment for caring for my elderly mother in her home

My question is, if I were to get a paying job working less than the 25 hours as stipulated,at what point does it affect my payments and to what, if hypothetically I was to earn $450 per week gross for between 15 and 20 hours work.What reduction would there be to the payment..Am currently receiving $460 per week for caring.. Any info would be appreciated.Kevin




If you had no other income from deeming etc, you can earn app $174/ftn, before it reduces it by .50c/dollar. So $900/ftn wage less the $174 = $726, so .50c/dollar or $363/ftn reduction from your $926/ftn, new Pension amount is app $563/ftn

Thanks McDaddy,,That's great..Have been searching for that info days..Appreciate it.           Revvy.

Simple answer is don't. Many on this forum have posted that centrelink can't get it right & have had their pensions etc reduced or cancelled. The other issue is that for the next 10 years you may possibly get a robodebt because again, they can't get it right.

If you do go down that road keep very piece of paper ( aloso take a pic or scan & keep it elecronically) including pay slips etc & diarise & or record every conversation with centrelink.

That's because the people who are working and getting their correct payment and are not having trouble with CL, aren't on Social Media telling people, you mainly only hear negative stories, human nature.