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Catholic Church headed for another sex abuse scandal as #NunsToo speak up

I was going to post the whole story here but you really need to hear this Nun speak --

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Fair enough Abe, I just read your reply (without reading the whole thread) to Lothario and thought it was ordinary, didn't realise he was being the shit beforehand.. I'll close the door on the way out.

That's OK NHB, you must be new.

Lotharia, has more aliases than a member of La Cosa Nostra on the run. Rick is another one he uses.

Stick around NHB. You'll soon figure out who the real shits are and why Abe and his bully gang are the most hated mob on this site.

They have driven away countless female posters by their unrelenting bullying and nastiness


You’re the one who should be driven away, but every time the top brass kick you out, you come back as someone else. None of us have been banned.

Banned 8 times over the years, boy, that's gotta be one for the Guinness book.


How do you lie straight in bed at night with your friends Ray and Reagan ?

ive never been banned . YLC has my IP address . Although I may be banned now for saying exactly what I think of you 

being banned from a site that allows your filth , hatred and disgusting posts to remain is no loss to me 

9 times and heading for a world record, hahaha

Nose Hair Bob,

Read the following threads, especially the last couple of pages of:   Aiia Maasarve rape and murderer on bail.


Robi Conda on Facebook is a sock puppet, NOT ME!

Then draw your conclusions.

For the record, Lothario has not been banned.

Abe and his group attack women.

Lothario is the only man who consistently shows women his support.

Love you too Twila . You bless this site with your intelligence and thought provoking posts.

so many intelligent women posters have thrown their hands up in the air and left in disgust at the antics of this mob of misfits .

such a shame 


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Thank you, Lothario.

Should Nose Hair Bob look at the "Robi Conda ,,,"  thread, he will see just how badly women have been trolled by this group and also notice that most have now left YLC.

Posters here will remember the vile and obscene posts that Abe sent women.  When it was drawn to the moderators' attention that under Victorian law, these posts were sexual harassment, these particular types of post ceased.  Obviously Abe was warned. 

But  Abe and his cohort continued to troll women ... and any man who supported women. In this case, you.




and by the way who is Nose Hair Bob? He probably has better things to do than listen to the rantings of a nut case.

Enjoy your evening haggis, maybe a glass of wine might cheer you up. Don't stay up too late writing s**t will you. Go read the Talmud and gain some wisdom.


I went onto the topic before lothario,   ABE,  and thought your comments were disgusting,    you and your gang are trolls,    and fantasicers,    you think everyone who posts on here is PETE,    or RALPH,    or anyone else who doesnt agree with you,    i said before,   ill say again,   you should be ashmed,    no topic is safe from you,    

Keep going you little twit, and I'll throw you off the side of my boat and feed you to the sharks

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ithis is just another show of your horrid bullying,    as i have said,  you do NOT hurt me,   thankfully i am above that level,   but it DOES  show  what a bullying and nasty lot you are,    THERE is not one post that is free from your trolling,    the whole lot of you should be barred,     NO person,    and NO subject is free of your bullying,      the most sensitive subjects have been decimated by you and your trolls,    you should all,    each and every one,   be ashamed,      you are nothing but trash,   


No one here is now taken in by your lying .... even if it is in bold capital letters. 

Everyone has the measure of your group. 

You a trolls.

But, let Nose Hair Bob make his own decisions.

You are a very sad person twila.

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Hope for your sake you find some meaning to your life.


THE sad people on this forum Bijou,   are you and your gang,    why cant you act with decency,  and leave people alone,   im sure NOSE HAIR BOB will work things out for himself,     he only needs to go back on a few ssubjects to see the low,  filthy trolling your mob do,    no one is out of bounds to your trolling,  it is time you all stopped,      you call yourselves seniors,   ACT like them,   not juvenile trolls,  

I'm warning you, you mangy ball of fur you're getting closer and closer to a push over into the shark infested waters, but even they might spit you out.

Good on ya Russ, push the twit in

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BE VERY CAREFUL ABE,      it may just be you that gets the shove,    right where it hurts most,    i hope nose hair bob sees these posts,   he will soon realise who the trouble makers are on this forum,   the lot of you should crawl back in the sewer you came from,   

I just thought I would post the meaning of the name  'Lothario'

I love women - just can’t stand having them around 24x7

Do you prefer having men around lottie dear?


Has 'Oranges and Sunshine' ever been shown on the ABC or SBS?  Spotted a review but nothing more.  Where to see?


LJ       i have the dvd of ORANGES and SUNSHINE,     bought it from JB HI FI,    some years ago,    i dont know if it would be available today,    but im sure if you went onto EBAY,   you would probably find it for $5 or so,   ill go look for you,    i cant remember seeing it on the ABC,   or SBS,    but it may have been,   it is well worth getting,     

LJ,     i have just looked on e bay,   the dvd is availlable on there for $4,     up to $30,    for $4 it is well worth getting,   

catsahoy,  Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately I don't have a dvd player slot anymore.

That cat in the hammock has me missing the Burmese that used to interfere with my mouse and keyboard, then parked in front of the screen whenever I overstayed on the computer.

HI LJ,   lol,    i used to have a cat that did the same thing,    also my little dog,  that i lost at christmas,   used to sit under the table where i have the laptop,   and would start to nibble on my toes if i had overstayed my time, and she wanted to go to bed,    i hope you find the show on SBS,  or ABC,    well worth a look,as it was based on fact,   good luck with that,  


 Betting 100 dollars at @ 20-1 george pell gets over 15 years...easier than the Melbourne Cup. What an insidious  c**t.

* Note to oneself...Never post when you've been drinking.

My bad.


Looks like the mine sweeper came through today and did a little cleaning up on the forum, hmmm

PITY they have not seen some of your posts to me,  ABE,     i might bring them to the ad mn attention,    i might add,   that what LOTHARIO said to you,  was only what most on this forum think,   but havent  said,        you are pests .

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