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Centrelink and Medicare changes

older woman walking into a centrelink office

Victorians will no longer be allowed to visit Centrelink or Medicare in person.

Anyone in Victoria who needs to access payments are urged to use Services Australia's online and call service options instead, said Federal Government Services Minister Stuart Robert.

Anyone who is now familiar with online services can access a step-by-step guide to applying for payments at and information about online and self-service options at or by calling 136 240.

You will need to confirm your identity and get a customer reference number online too.

The centres will remain open but only for the most vulnerable in the community, population limits will be put in place and anyone visiting must wear a face covering.


Contradictory information there.  

Is this a joke ?  Well, I mean is this a new joke about an old joke ?  Phone them up ???  How many stories have we read about the difficulty of phoning these clowns ?  I'm sure people must have died of old age while waiting for a response to a phone call !  Access their services online ?  Well, that's cool for those who actually have an online connection and know how to use it, the rest of you can obviously go suck eggs !

A bit harsh calling them clowns. The government not that long ago dramatically cyt staffing levels in Centrelink but then had to bring in contarct workers who didn't really have any understanding of how Centrelink works. 

Put the blame where it lies.

Maybe the "Clowns" moniker should be rightfully attached to those who purport to "Manage" Centrelink, not the slaves at the coalface !

Sounds lsimilar to the management of the Hotel Quarantine Fiasco

Didn’t the government spend $millions of taxpayers’ on outsourcing to Serco?

What did you expect from our government(of any flavour).

What about the people who are not savvy with computers and online usage?...oh, I see, they need to waste their time waiting for someone to answer the phone...and how are they suppose to submit their documents if they don't have scanners, printers ,  the local public libraries are on lockdown or they've run out of catridge tone for printing and there's none in the stores?

Not to forget the people who only have pre-paid mobile phones...Will they get reimbursed for the $$$ wasted on waiting for Centrelink member to answer the phone. As I recollect, few years ago, one phone waiting session and eventual conversation with Centrelink cost me the entire $30 pre-paid credit.

Well done Mr Robert, you're such a bundle of great help (NOT !) You may not miss the value of $30 being on your overpaid wages but pensioners on their meagre pension income, do.

Right on there Arvo !!

obviously you didn't read the article fully as it stated that "The centres will remain open but only for the most vulnerable in the community, population limits will be put in place and anyone visiting must wear a face covering."

So if you have issues using computers, no phone etc wander down to the OPEN centres & explain to them your predicament. But you'll have to wear a mask which Victorians in the past have been, on the majority, refusing to do.

Victorians have brought this on themselves so now pay for all the inconvienience associated with it

Victorians brought in on themselves by not wearing masks, not social distancing etc & not giving a rats about anyone else but their own selfish attitude. An attitude that said stuff everyone else I have rights & to hell with others rights. I'll do what I want so bugger off all you other lot.

Selfish lot, now they pay the price

Karl, on behalf of the majority of Victorians who complied with all government requirements may I thank you for your misguided comments. Sure we have our fair share of ratbags and idiots, but don't everyone else. I personally know of no one, including family, friends, kids and grandkids and all thier friends, neighbours etc, who does not observe all restrictions. Thanks again as we enjoy the benefits of enforced lockdown. I truly hope that, wherever your location, you and yours stay safe and well.

you are too kind Eddy, I would have just called him a twat.