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Changing avatar

How do I change my avatar please?

I have gone into edit my details, and ticked 'remove current file'.   Nothing changes.


Gday koko

I went to "Your Profile", edit details, and scrolled down to the option to change.

Hope it works

Thanks, justme.  We've worked out there are bits of the edit page underneath either my photo or the advertising, which prevents me from being able to update.

Sometimes unless you go off the page and start the Meeting Place again the new one does not come into play Koko I have found.


Edit details

Remove current file

Browse and choose

Update Profile

and then back to The Meeting Place. 

Might help someone else.

Have ticked 'remove current file', but nothing happens.

There is no 'update profile'

Have tried logging out and logging back in again.  Nothing, nada, nil.

The frustrating thing is, I have done it before, but there seems to be part of the editing process missing.

Thanks anyway.

koko, I have the same problem, I had a pic on mine a while back and I couldn't change it as the pic in my profile covered the OK button, I couldn't click on it to finish the change of details.  Drew changed it for me and then I put up this minimised pic (thinking it would be ok) which unfotunately has also just covered the OK button so I'm stuck with this one and don't want to bother Drew again. 

Deanna, have just realised part of the advertising is superimposed on to the profile like you, this photo is quite big, and either the ads or the photo are covering the bits I need. It IS a nuisance for sure.

Mine changes o.k. but know how frustrating it is as  not showing the last person to post each time until another posts, is also frustrating. Strange thing to have happened.


I know you have been able to change Avators previously Koko but I know if I do not update profile after removing the old one,  and then updating again,  with the new one,  and again update,  it dosnae work either.

Good luck

Yes thanks Phyl.  

Even though I can see and tick the 'remove current file', button, it won't work, because the 'update profile'  button is behind the photo.

Thanks for all your help anyway.

Very annoying, though.

And yes the recent posts are not updating, which is also a nuisance.

Mind, I love the photo as it is one of my great niece and great nephew, who are the most gorgeous kids.

If we ask Drew he will change it for us, I just feel bad because he's already done it once for me, I thought the current pic would have been small enough but alas it wasn't.  Grrr

Same problem here. Photo's can not be changed.

All the previous entries point to a flaw in the web design, this has to be changed.

I can not understand that this in this day and age can not be fixed.

Get someone in that knows what he is doing and get it over with once and for all.

Yes I have the same issue..........I think the software of this site needs updating!!