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Chelsea Garden Show

Have never been to the Chelsea Garden Show, I have always dreamed of going but not yet.  I have been twice to the Hampton Court Flower Show.
Liked it the first time, but the second time it was a bit too crowded for me and starting to get commerical.
It would be great to have a look like the royals do, with nobody pushing and shoving.
The Queen tours the Chelsea Flower Show
The Duchess of Cambridge talks with exhibitors at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show



Have always loved the Chelsea Flower Show...last time we went to visit the rellies we had tickets for the opening day...

Even met our own Jamie Durie and his entry was just magnificent..

Picture of the Queen looking so well and happy...she loves flowers...

The Queen was said to have loved looking around the Chelsea Flower Show


George VI loved gardening too Thea, I guess Charles takes after him.

I always remember the story of the queens father pulling out bushes I think at Sandringham getting himself dirty in shorts. Think it must have been during the war.

I see the queen has her favourite shoes on, these seem to go everywhere with her.

Image result for George VI in shorts gardening











I didn't notice this before...but I believe Prince Charles is talking to the branch! 

Was looking to see whats on in the garden world around our countryAnd found this site. Worth making a note on the calendar for future visits.

Hi Attila -  I went to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show last year. It was absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately it was stinking hot and not many seats to sit down on in the shade, and to top it off my Sister was having trouble with her dickey knee and hip and we had to call her husband to come and pick us up early, hence we did not see everything.

Hi Hola, that's unfortunate.    I would have loved to have gone to that show  never was on when I was free.    Perhaps next time you should wear roller blades!   LOL

But I know what you mean about walking around those shows it is very tiring at our ages.            Did you get any plants?

Attila - I didn't get any plants as I had to come back to Sydney on the plane and I don't think we can carry  plants from another State.. We did get a few freebies though. I got a lovely Cook Book and a pair of gardening gloves.


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