Common sense

How intelligent do you have to be to have common sense?

My university educated daughter-in-law had to fly from Melbourne to Sydney for a job-related issue. She booked her flight and turned up at Tullamarine on the day at 7.00pm.

She was told you are 12hrs too late, to which she replied "no it's not yet 7.00. The check-in replied "Madam flights are on 24hr clock 0700 was this morning it is now 1900 hrs.

Another time she lost her purse. The police called her a month later. She collected it and said to me "all my cards are there but I have replaced them and cancelled the old ones, what do I do about that."

I got out the kitchen scissors and said no worries chop them up. She did. All the new ones.

I could go on but she thinks I am not real smart as like most people on this forum I left school and started work at 15.


Oh dear Casey, quite amazing ... she didn't graduate from the University of Life it seems.

casey,  I am not surprised == I have contact with a few younger ones that are Uni people and some have passed -- some are almost there but I tell you they are a product of the system -- and don't think outside the box  -- I first noticed this when I took 2 school teachers out in the boat -- (many years ago) and they had NO idea as to tides or how the hell to tie up or even drop an anchor -- they had NO common sense at all in so many things.

We also had Uni students that took over the place in which my Husband had worked for 25 + years -- and the place went to the dogs after that -- b4 it had been that the people worked their way up from factory hands to managers and so they knew well how the place worked -- everyone got on well and the place never missed a beat but once the Uni students took over they thought they knew it all and would not be adviced -- all of the old hands left as they couldn't stand the stupidity. 

Same thing where my Son works -- the new bosses are Uni grads -- and they have not a clue how the REAL world works.

Perhaps that is what is wrong with our politicians

Maybe Suze as most of them have not worked a day in their life -- school to Uni to politics --  never lived in the real world

Plan B hi, my late husband came home from the slipyard,  [he was a boat builder]  saw two guys were having trouble moving a hull by themselves, they explained they were school teachers and were trying to build a boat.  They had not though to leverage!   Husband came home in fits of laughter.  The hull was moved by my husband with the two guys standing watching apparently.  Makes one think. This had to be back in the 70s.

Which brings me to what the Principal of the school my elder son attended, he always felt that there should be a gap year between leaving a school and starting first year of university, it teaches them so much to be street smart also.

Yes,  Celia and they want kids to start school at the great age of 2 and 3 years -- so they can be brainwashed earlier -- then off to real school and then to UNI!  where they stay till they are about old enough to retire -- and know NOTHING of the REAL world -- so many go to Uni -- and have NO need to,   when do you have to have a UNI degree to work in an office -- and how many people get out of Uni and are working in nothing to do with what they did at Uni -- I think it has become  "cool"  to go to uni  -- leave school at 15 or 16 get a bloody job and take it from there -- unless you are going to be a Dr or such no one need to go to Uni at all.

I know a few that are professional Uni students OR have done Uni and are now working in a job that has nothing to do with what they learned at Uni but cost a fortune to get -- OH PLUS the fact hey had a 12 month gap year overseas --- at the expense of their parents

I half remember a quote thats goes something like " intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable, commonsense is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad".

Ha good one keandha

casey's daughter - it is a case of 'gifts differing', personality.

The best advice for casey is to do what we all must learn to do, which is to reduce to routines some of the common things (eg keys) that can cause problems when we are a bit inattentive. 

Examples could be: finding ONE spot for keys and other items needed when leaving the house; and, having a simple practical list for attacking some of life's little challenges.  An instance of the last-mentioned is to have a box for receipts and to use an electronic diary with a reminder warning facility for what I call the rituals (paying accounts, birthdays, insurance and car registration payments).

casey will always be streets ahead of the herd where the attributes that matter these days are concerned, in keeping on the crest of the wave of change and understanding and appreciating the complexity of life (always grey, never B&W).  She will need some practical advice and rules for handling the routine and mundane.

Imagine though if she was as thick as two short planks, had no idea that people might differ in personality and learning preferences, that life wasn't black and white etc.  What if she wasn't such a good citizen and was boorish, opinionated, habitually made poor decisions and, was into drugs and had more tatts than teeth?

Some of us are blessed as parents by the children we raised and always with our 'L' plates on :)  Thanks to the other adults who helped, the teachers, coaches and extended family, to name a few.

Whoops, I referred to 'daughter' not D-I-L.  Anyone who is the choice of my family members and friends and can make them happy is going to be adopted by me though.


Casey, scientists believe "common sense" is genetic. You daughter probably takes after you :)

Read it properly Abe!!        DAUGHTER IN LAW!  Maybe you had the same education as her.


Whew, that’s a relief! Glad she’s your DIL and doesn’t take after you casey. You must make the poor lady nervous, look at the way you’re shouting at me, just because I forgot to wear my glasses, and we’re not even related.

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Yea abe I thought you might be hard of hearing as well as poor eyesight. Glad we got that cleared up.

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See casey, Suze thinks my comment is funny, 

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 I believe I have good commonsense and just cannot believe that others do so many damn stupid things...they just don't use what is between their ears. 


for instance if I am taking something heavy outside I go and open the back door then go and get whatever it is I am going to be the past have seen someone in my family pick up the heavy article walk to the door then scream out for someone to come and open door..duh!!

:) I'm sure many of us can recall a moment when common sense or accuracy deserted us.

I'm just extremely grateful that no-one had a camera on hand to record mine.

Unlike these poor souls LOL.

Very good RnR, made me laugh. Where on earth did you dig those up?

LOL Casey ... many more via Google


The misspell on Australia's new $50 note - 46 million of them.

The whipping boy with a tenuous hold on the very bottom rung of the bureaucratic ladder will doubtless be found to have had 'responsibilty'(sic).

Casey, look after your daughter in law. She may have a lot on her mind?

Quote casey: "I could go on but she thinks I am not real smart as like most people on this forum I left school and started work at 15."

I agree with your daughter-in-law. I really hope she doesn't read what you've written about her..certainly won't help family relations :(

I suspect we are plagued by an overabundance of redundant uni graduates who can't find real jobs and end up on government commisions and other bodies to obfuscate progress with useless regulation, redtape and paperwork!

I'm sure you can all nominate many such bodies and gov. seems to enjoy generatiing more and more of these instead of making any real decisions themselves(its the commisions fault)

Definitely agree with your statement pedro Related image

yep an Arts Degree is really helpful these days  NOT!!


 Perhaps common sense lies in not embarrassing the people who show that they have very little of it.

Common sense is making the best use of your opportunities.

Common sense is being kind to people around you (and hoping that they will return the favour.)

Common sense is often gained from pure experience and learning after the silly mistakes are made.

Common sense is that while not having gone to university, it doesn’t give any of us an immunity from doing and saying stupid things. We have all done something a bit crazy in our time, and mostly don’t want to own up to it either.

This is definitely not common sense, LOL

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HAHAHA good one Reagan m'boy!

In the world of practical engineering we had a name for fellow engineers lacking common sense, 'educated idiots'. Unfortunately there are too many educated idiots around, and not only in engineering.

Yes, Eddy,  that's what we call them also


Common sense is a flower that doesn't grow in everyone's garden.

 A lesson in common sense!

A man is driving down a road that passes a mental hospital. He hears a loud noise, and his car lurches. He realizes that he’s had a blow-out. He pulls over to the side of the road, and sure enough, he has a flat tyre. He gets the spare out of the trunk and begins to change the tyre. He jacks up the car, removes the wheel with the flat tyre, and to prevent the lug nuts from getting lost, he carefully places them in the hubcap. So far, so good. But, as he is installing the spare, he bumps his foot against the hubcap, which sends the lug nuts rolling. Oh, no: all four of the lug nuts fall through the grate of a storm sewer. The man curses out loud, and hollers

“What am I gonna do now?”

A soft voice comes from the other side of a nearby fence. The voice says

“You can take one lug nut off each of your other 3 wheels, and put them on the spare. That will give you three on each wheel, which will hold your wheels on well enough for you to get to the service station down the road.”

The driver walks over to the fence, sees the sign that says “State Mental Hospital,” and says to the guy on the other side of the fence:

“Hey, that’s very smart thinking. So how come you’re in a place like this?”

The mental patient smiles, shrugs, and says “Sir, I’m in here ‘cuz I’m crazy, not ‘cuz I’m stupid.”


......... lucky you were there to help out!!   lololololololol

Remember the story about the fox and the grapes? Poor Foxy couldn’t reach them regardless of how high it jumped. Eventually, Foxy determines that the grapes must be sour.

The moral of the story is that you often hate what you can't have! lolololololol