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Concession card discrimination

In response to our story on partner eligibility on pensioner concession cards, we recived an interseting response from one of our members:

"Hi YLC,

Re your article on the 58 year old wife of a Concession card holder being eligible to have her name on his card for pharmacy concessions.

I receive my old age pension through DVA as I am ex-serviceman with DVA claims. My wife is 63, not working and her name is on my concession card. However, when we get prescriptions for her from a pharmacy, we have to pay full PBS price, not the pension rate. I’m told she isn’t eligible until she gets her own card at 66, she doesn’t work.

I know of other couples where the wife works full time and is younger than my wife (and the couples are far more financial than us) and the wife gets her scripts at pension rates.

Please note that my pension IS NOT a military pension it’s old age pension.

I have broached the subject with DVA and they say Medicare is the stumbling block. How unfair is this? One rule for others, another for me.

Bloody appalling! 

- Terry"

What do you think? Does this double standard seem unfair?


YOUR right there TOM,        BEN,    i have no idea why your wife is not entitled and on the face of it,  it does seem unfair,     can your chemist give you any insight into why?      if you cant get any satisfaction fron centerlink,    can you ask your local member to look into it for you,     

Same to you catsahoy.

mc DADDY,     what do you mean?     i dont believe i said anything to you,  

You agreed with the racist comments of Uncle Tom.

SO Mc DADDY,   i agreed with someone,    whats it to you?      this is a forum for disscusion,    

So you align with Tom as a racist? Sure it's aforum and I called you out for your racist remarks. 


From what I have seen McDaddy, two of the "racist"posters were banned recently. Both with cat avatars.

Both Celia and Micha with cat avatars are still here ???

But Big Val and Tom, also with cat avatars, seem to have gone.

Thanks RnR

Did not notice those 2 or their so supposed racist Posts but then again have not been on the forum much lately..... looks like we've had a lot of cat lovers on the site.

Mmy reaction to C DADDY,   one thing i am not,  is racist,   i agreeded with TOM on one point,    that if you are aboriginal,  or torres strait, [as i think tom was saying]    you do get some concessions that others dont get,    while i agree they should be looked after,    i dont think there should be two sets of rules where medical issues are concerned,         BTW,     i dont know who the cat avatars were that were removed,   but they were not me,     i have never had any warning or word from the mod,  in nearly 9 years of posting,  so no idea who it was,    

Imo, concession cards should go only to those pensioners who are receiving the full pension. 

What extra concessions to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders get catsahoy?