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'Confusing' car quiz driving Aussie drivers crazy

A social media road rules quiz is driving Australian drivers nuts, with many confused about the correct solution to a simple diagram.

Posted on the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) Facebook page, the diagram (below) asked the seemingly simple question: “In which order should these cars go?”

Do you know that answer?

Find out the answer here

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Hell just read the answer nowonder theres accidents

I can't believe the answers here, it's astounding that people with many years of driving experience can get this so wrong. These types of intersections are found all over the country, sure they are in the minority of intersections but plenty exist.


The drawing MAY be a little tricky to see correctly but the rules of the road can be applied to what is drawn. The broken line going around the corner means the through road (or more major road) turns left and the minor road is at the top. The blue car has to turn off this major road across the broken line and obviously across the path of the yellow car. Hence the yellow car has the right of way, blue goes second and red last as red has a give way sign so must give way to everyone.

The thought of not knowing this makes me wonder about what else is not known by the majority of the posters on here - maybe time for everyone to browse the road rules to ensure you have them correct before you end up in the poo. 

I think most on here learnt to drive in a paddock. All those who said yellow first  (and I’m assuming you didn’t look at the answer first) good on ya!

The red car has to remain put at giveway sign.

The blue car, is turning right off the main road (see the signals flashing?)

Yellow car has right of way above the others.

Personally, I think it is a stupid set up and should be replaced by one of these

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Hilarious, he's drawing a crowd LOL. Some of the traffic rules in Oz are ridiculous. Bet a lot don't know that in NSW if a vehicle splashes people waiting at a bus stand they can be fined? Anywhere else it's ok.

The auditions for YMCA are that-a-way -> in Malburne, Oztrailya.

LJ - As someone said, "40 years on and it's still popular". I loved it. 

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