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CoronaVirus statue being considered by Manly Council

The Manly Council are considering to erect a Sculpture which will be seen on the Manly to Palm Beach Walkway. The council wouldn't put a cap on the total cost seeing it could use the entire $1.7million. Rate payers are disgusted as their rates had been increased considerably. 


Amazing ... what a waste of public money.

That amount of money would employ a lot of COVID-19 out-of-work folk on other worhtwhile Manly community projects.

:) Hope it doesn't end up looking like a washed up WW2 mine.


What an utter lot of rot and a total waste of money!


They are surely joking!?



... this has to be some kind of "sick" joke surely??  Excuse the pun haha ....who in the hell wants to be reminded of Covid-19?  Surely we have been thru enough "pain and suffering" by the imbeciles that shut our States down indefinitely?

Has to be a joke would get vandalised in a heartbeat!

Least it's not in Vic. lol ....... 



Makes you wonder about councils and state premiers -- the way they throw money around and have to put up our rates because of the absolute stupid way they handle money when it should be put to much better use -- such as the NSW Gladys Berejiklian and the new stadium she has wasted a stack of money on --when it was not needed at all -- and the way our council planted huge Euca trees on a pavement area -- that we told them were unsuitable -- but no they had Uni idiots that seem to think they know it all and of late they have had to pull them and fix all the paths all up because the footpaths were torn up by these unsuitable trees and have now planted what we suggested -- -- bottle brushes -- but do they care not on your life as it is us, taxpayers, that cop the bill!

Suppose soe idiot will call it art.

What  is it ,A statue celebrating COVID-19  .I thought statues celebrated an event ,people animal an iten  but surely not a virus . especially when it is still tearing through so many countries .If they have money to be spent it could be better spent elsewhere although could you trust them on that

Can we trust them NO  we can not

How about a statue for the flu. That killed more than cov-19, And dont leave out the bubonic plague or HIV or polio or any one of the other thousands of bacteria and viruses out there whichare still to come!



Manly Council is presumably making an informed decision. Manly ratepayers will have their chance to vote in due course and render a verdict. Should not matter to an iota to anybody living outside the Manly LGA.


Just FYI, the upcoming elections due in September have now been deferred un til September 2021 with all current councillors remaining in place until then! And it is NOT the Manly LGA but the Northern Beaches Council! There is no Manly LGA!

Just a point of accuracy. It is an artwork, not specifically a statue. And it is NOT Manly Council but the Northern Beaches Council. NBC area had about 150 cases and no deaths. Hardly worthy of a memorial monument in any form.

Council originally set up a fund for ratepayers to contribute to the cost but no one did! So they have now decided that ratepayers will pay anyway by paying for the artwork from ratepayer funds.

By far the majority of the entire Northern Beaches Council area are against this stupid waste of money which comes amid an excessive 2.5% proposed rates increase, plans for expensive electric cars for Council use! 

NBC area had about 150 cases and no deaths. Hardly worthy of a memorial monument in any form.

Well said KSS.