The Meeting Place

Could have been PM

Julie Bishop with her $32,000 Rachel Gilbert dress and fashion necessities.

At Karl and Jasmine's Mexico wedding of course. 



And a very nice dress it is too! Nice to see not only ladies read New Idea!


Ha ha, love the expression on the face of the lady on the left.


Not in evidence are the French designer shoes @ $1,000 a pop.  So empowering.

Had she become PM, Julie and her Best Bloke could have given the 737-700s of the VIP flight the sort of working out that hasn't been seen since Julia Gillard and Kevin747.  Zoom Zoom  

O come on LJ slow mo gave it a fly to each of the bus stops in FNQ recently.

Didnt realise Bishop and Stefanovic were good mates.

Not surprised though, both slimey characters



Both on a gravy train most of us wouldnt say No to - prior to retirement! 

And limited all to often to "who you know not what you know"- sadly life aint always fair


Anyway I think Julia Bishop has let herself down - OK she got 11 votes for PM - well thats better than none. 

Bit like Malcolm T - cant take it  -showing not such a nice person as they put on show for us in reality eh! 

Cant get their own way so take their bat and ball so no others can play and go home. 

Far too many female MPs are doing just this or changing sides to be awkward and hurt others for not being 'nicer' to them - shows that a quota system isnt the answer.

Strong women like say Margaret Thatcher and  our Julia Gillard here - PMs both -  neithr got all childish when lost a battle in Parliament - a recognised world where men dominated for centuries and women need to be as tough as a man to enter. No one promises as easy path to anyone in life. 

Don’t understand why anyone would want to even report D/E grade celebs like these.

Is it a comment on the reporter, the audience or both?

Bad taste is even worse from older women with too much money, just dress chic for your age and do not try to buy " youth time"

Enough of badly dressed suposely stars who have more money than dress sense or even brain. It is sickening to look at high priced zombies showing their stupidity.

Why are you all obsessed with what Ms Bishop is wearing at a private event paid for herself? 


Jealousy, what else?

Think she'd make a better PM than ScoMo any day

why do you say that Reagan

What were her achievements as foreign minister that makes you think she's suitable for the top job

Definitely mutton dressed as lamb.  Thank god the white witch did not get the leadership she is too smart for her own good and the boys club knew this at the time they knifed Mal.