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Could nuclear power lower energy prices?

With Australian power prices reaching numbers rivalled by only a few other countries in the world, is it finally time to re-consider nuclear power?

Australia has an abundance of Uranium in its backyard, and there is little doubt that the country needs to reduce the reliance on Coal, so where to from here?

The segment featured last night on 60 Minutes did little to present a strong case for or against nuclear power in my eyes, all it did was muddy the waters.

Our country is in a unique situation on nuclear unlike other developed nations, with the ability to position stations away from developed communities, while still being close enough to provide a significant load.

The Fukushima triple meltdown in Japan is a display of the worst that can happen with nuclear power, but if placed in areas less prone to earthquakes and tsunamis, such as South Australia, the risk are severely minimised.

What do you think? Should Australia consider nuclear power a viable source for the future?

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If all of your electricity in your lifetime came from nuclear [energy], the waste from that lifetime of electricity would go in a Coke can. - Stewart Brand

Absolutely rubbish!!! He must have been paid by the nuclear industry to say that, read these two articles:

And here is an infograph too big to post:

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