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Could you live in a foreign country?

On a cobbled street in the south of Spain, Norah Ohrt lives like a typical Andalusian in a little white house with red flowers blooming from the windows.

It's a world away from what her life would be like if she was still living in Australia. The 71-year-old former gallery owner says that in Perth she'd be living in state housing, surviving "on the smell of an oily rag on the Australian pension".

With property prices and cost of living on the rise, the number of Australians retiring overseas has dramatically increased in the past 10 years, with swelling expat communities in Thailand, Spain and Cambodia.

…..With a three-course meal costing as little as $12, annual council rates 110 euro ($175) and water bills just 120 euros ($192), Norah can rely solely on her pension to pay her bills.

Norah renovated her $65,000 home in Martos using her superannuation and says many of her Australian friends have been tempted to do the same, with property in Spain available for as little as $20,700.


I couldn't.

That would be a dream come true to me. I think I would fit in very well over there, the only drawback would be my lack of the Spanish language. I could take lessons before going over I suppose. I'm sure my friends would love to stay with me , if they came over.

Hi Hola .... Yes and you can dance Salsa all day he hehehe yes will suit you just perfect ....

Aussie - Buenas tardes. That's about all I can manage in Spanish at the moment.  How lovely to hear from you. Yep Salsa dancing classes will suit me just fine. Hope you are enjoying life. 

I can certainly understand the financial benefits but too far away from family for me.

Just could not see me living anywhere but on my plot of land

If people cooked their own meals and grew their own vegies, they would find it was not so expensive to live in Australia.

HI All, I've already proved I can live in a foreign country! I migrated from England to Aust. as a teenager. Since then I have spent many holidays in various countries in south east asia some of which were of quite a few weeks duration. I could easily live in Thailand were for the most part the population is friendly and have taken  a liking to Western culture and lifestyle while preserving their own culture and heritage. I encountered numerous expats there who told me that they were able to live very comfortably and cheaply, they were able to find excellent apartments and housing. The facilities in the major cities often exceed those in Australia especially in very modern shopping centres linked to sky trains as in Bangkok.There are over 30.000 eating establishments in that city ranging from simple roadside stalls to the very best 5 star restaurants. In foodcourts you can eat very well for around $3 or $4. One one occasion I had cause to visit a major Bangkok hospital and found it to be extremely efficient and it was so clean that you could probably eat off the shiny floor. The nurses were dressed in starched uniforms and head dress and classy shined shoes . The service was very professional there however I was told that some other hospitals were not so good. On that visit a few yrs ago my  accommodation was in a highrise apartment with all amenities including an indoor swimming pool and cost me around $ 330 per month. I understand that the thai govt gives some incentives for self sufficient foreigners to reside there. My greatest concern would be that the health care for ageing citizens provided  may not come up to Australian standards in that or any other country.

I do live in a foriegn country and have done for almost 50 years......I was not born here but in Scotland.

I was born in WA but  have lived for several years in the UK, Denmark and Israel. Loved it, great experiences, but I would definitely want to retire in Oz.

And Oz is the poorer for your decision 


Rapheal I applaud you. One can live in hope. 

Nice to see you applauding two DHs like yourself niemakaka!

Reagan you're a dog. Keep barking.

The anus keeps following us around Reagan, ignore hydra.

Keep dreaming. 

Australia is a FC. Have a good look around. Spain is no different don't go there.  Eastern Europe and even Russia are better prospects for a good life. Western Europe as a whole has become a "shithole" to coin a phrase. The EU dictators, Merkel and Macron and the EU commission, funded by the UN have destroyed Western Europe. Fortunately for the UK they are leaving the dictatorship. It will not be easy intiallly but that is the price one must pay of freedom.

We have recently returned from Italy.  Same sort of economical mess as France.  Workers are dirt poor but cost of living is cheaper than Oz.

The quality of food was far superior to Australia and the well known brand names were cheaper than our cheapest no name products.  We loved it.

Europe is good if you have an income or funds.  Expensive if you have to work there though.  The euro looks like it is going to increase steadily so now would be a good time to move for anybody making the call.

Merkel dictatorship?  I hear your point niemakawa but unlikely you have been in Australia for the past 6 years where the coalition dictatorship has been gradually settin up shop.  Person freedoms already disappearing, journalists being contsrained by removing their ability to see what the crooked top end of society is up to, tax shelters for the wealthy, tax cuts for the same group and ongoing attempts to silence the ABC which is the only main media outlet whcih does not run blatant one sided propaganda during election campaigns.

I think you may want to compare Merkel, whose political lief in nearing an end, to Australia where the blueprint is being played out....with the voting public still being conned that the coalition is healthy for the country.

We have thought about moving offshore.  Might still do this but waiting to see how the next election plays out.  After that all bets might be off.

France, Italy, Greece - all basket cases due to the same socialist policies that Shorten wants to implement in Oz

Be careful what you wish for


Sageman ?iving in Bangkok Thailand is a good move, like you say 330 dollars a month it,s cheàper than one weak rent in Australia you will not have monies problem, let all the Australian Dollars go oversea. If this goverment don,t listen to us.

Who can live in the tropics?  Maybe Queenslanders.  Not many folk can tolerate the 365 humidity.  Good luck with that one.  There are better places.

I live in East Timor, and love it.  It is close to Australia for medical checks and visits to family, but I can continue work here as a volunteer even though no one needed me post 70 in Australia.  It is cheaper sure, but travel costs to Australia evens that out!


I like the simple lifesytle here - I live about 4 hours our of the main city , so it is not like living in Bangkok or other places, and have learned to cope with lack of facilities that many in Australia take for granted.  


BANGKOK is the capital of Thailand so it,s not hard to sattle down as people some can speak english like Australia mix of other language. As I had been to Bangkok and Pattiya in Thailand so it,s a go place to go for a holiday to look for your self than you will know alot of difference like Sageman had go for holiday before.


Africa maybe the go it is being emptied at an alarming rate. The Chinese are heading that way, many economic opportunities to be had. They know a good buy when they see one.

How about a holiday in the Congo, you can learn a lot from the mountain gorillas, Brocky-Pete

Again you cannot accept factual information.  Who's Brocky-Pete one of your fictional "lovers"

Here you are Pete, saw this on the YLC page. Now you can spice up your weekend, hahaha

Micha, thanks but I laready have them falling at my feet. Next please. It's a tough life!! 

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