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‘Cowardly and reckless’ Turnbull turns his back on clean energy

The Prime Minister’s decision to abandon his commitment to the implementation of a Clean Energy Target as recommended by the Finkel Report has been slammed as a spineless and craven capitulation to his backbench by the head of the energy union.

Electrical Trades Union national secretary Allen Hicks said that workers, consumers and investors would suffer as a result of the decisions.

“Australia needs a clean energy target. We need certainty for business investment in renewables. We need lower power bills. And we need secure jobs in the growing clean energy sector,” Mr Hicks said.

“This is a cowardly and reckless decision that’s been made in the interests of appeasing internal actors in the Liberal and National Party Rooms. It is against the interest of Australians.”

Mr Hicks said that it was not only those in renewables who were affected by the decision.

“People working and investing in all parts of the energy sector need certainty to plan for their future. It is cruel and senseless to deprive them of that certainty.”

Mr Hicks said the Prime Minister’s recent showboating on energy policy was revealed as empty rhetoric by this decision.

“One the one hand Mr Turnbull is telling Australians we are paying too much for energy, on the other he is deciding not to bring prices down by committing to a CET.

“He’s telling us we need to secure our future energy supplies, but he has repeatedly scared off investors in generation capacity – especially in renewables – by showing that he cannot be trusted to implement policies that will provide the certainty needed to invest.”

Mr Hicks blasted the Prime Minister for using energy as a political distraction while failing to implement such a fundamental policy.

“The PM is happy to confect an ‘energy crisis’ when it suits him politically, to pick fights and make noise, but he can’t back any of it up. He can’t or won’t stop generators gaming the system to drive prices up. He can’t or won’t take meaningful action to regulate retail prices.

“And he can’t – or won’t – put in place the clean energy target that Australia needs to bring down power bills and secure our energy future.”





"One the one hand Mr Turnbull is telling Australians we are paying too much for energy, on the other he is deciding not to bring prices down by committing to a CET"


Hick's a moron !

Committing to an a CET when the cost of renewable energy far outweighs traditional power sources will not bring prices down - it will drive pprices further up

Hicks want's taxpayer subsidised investments and jobs 

Not so fast.

Why do you think AGL are not responding to SELL Liddell Power Station?

They know that they can produce power at less cost than the $110 coal fired plant.   AND any new plant will cost much more with the CLEAN??? technology applied to it.

Nothing clean about coal, or the way these pollies are playing with our power needs.....

turnbull is completely dominated by the far right of the coalition.....the dinosaurs and dummies.....which does not say much for those who voted for them.

the world is fast turning to renewable sources of energy with vast investments now superceding the investments in fossil fuel sunset energy.

Well said kika, I totally agree.

The latest polls show Turnbull's popularity increasing, compared to Abbott's popularity, which is decreasing. Yet Turnbull still refuses to be a fair dinkum leader - instead, he's a rent boy.

Obviously people prefer a coward to a bully. I'd prefer a leader.

Then he could have solved marriage equality overnight without wasting over $120,000,000 of taxpayer's money.

He could give our energy sector confidence to invest in clean energy generation. Once the infrastructure for renewables is built, we won't have to mine, frack and poison the bejesus out of the earth, farms and fresh-water resources, to feed a dirty electricity grid. The sun, wind and wave power is free forever after!!! Just bloody build it!

And we could've had a proper NBN going to everyone, instead of having to pay $5,000 if you wanted fibre to your premises. Or, as it is now, paying a huge price for a carrier to supply a bigger bandwidth that doesn't drop out mid-email or buffer to death.

Put nuclear energy back on the agenda. Will you pay more for renewable energy? I will.

well said janran.

ray, please have a look at this with and open mind ....

Beyond Nuclear - Home

kika, thanks but I've been down this track for years and I think I've had a look at a lot of things though I will give it a squint.

To save this planet, we have to look at nuclear, wave energy, wind energy etc.

ray, fully agree, the likes of janran, robi, joycan, kika would not have a clue in regard to the cost of renewable energy with all their subsidies or to compare to the cost of keeping this country viable to keep the industry's head out of the water, my bet is, the above indentities are all on the Australian teat of welfare and payed for by the Australian taxpayer and as such are not interested about any other inhabitant of this once great country, they belong to those who now have taken over the me, me of those who find it easier to hold their hand out and find the government will put the dollars into it. Government has now agreed to import workers of the south pacific to do the work our unemployed youths refuse to do, with other words we pay our lazy bones to stay at home and sleep in and pay, taxpayers money to outsiders to do that job, AUSTRALIA WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP, this is not a point of which party it is who is able and got the guts to GOVERN this once beautiful country of ours we called once with great pride AUSTRALIA, may it be labor, liberal or whoever, at least show your interest in the good of everybody in this country, forget your pet issue, just think of the greater good for all of us, just remember, survive we pull together, sink we be by our own

You mix up several policies there 

1 We have a guest worker program with our near neighbours because we cannot attract enough backpackers to our seasonal agricultural.

2 yes we have spent 30 billion on renewable subsidies resulting in a doubling of electricity prices

3 we know have 50 per cent of families who pay no nett tax . 

The rest of your post is emotional nonsense 


"How Green Are Those Solar Panels, Really?

 As the industry grows, so does concern over the environmental impact.

save image

As the world seeks cleaner power, solar energy capacity has increased sixfold in the past five years. Yet manufacturing all those solar panels, a Tuesday report shows, can have environmental downsides.


Fabricating the panels requires caustic chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, and the process uses water as well as electricity, the production of which emits greenhouse gases. It also creates waste. These problems could undercut solar's ability to fight climate change and reduce environmental toxics."

See the expanses of the solar panels ... there is NO plants converting Carbon dioxide into oxygen in these areas.

A huge problem in this debate, as in the climate change debate, is that I hear so many "experts in the field" giving totally conflicting viewpoints and claiming theirs is the only way forward.  I would love to see coal fired power stations reduced/abolished in favour of nuclear power and solar.....wind power I just can't see being practicable. But let's face it, while China and India continue to increase their use of coal what Australia does means little to the overall climate change situation on our planet. We need these "experts" to mount and present a case significant enough to alter the direction of China and India.....not in 5 or 10 years, but NOW!

Yes let's go renewable and keep selling coal to India and China 

my share prices in resources and energy keeps rising and paying great dividends 

thanks greenies :)

I am glad that I don't now live in Texas or Florida and own an electric car.

Yes - I'm glad I dont own an electric car either. Charging it would be a pain. I travel a lot and there just arent any charging stations anywhere in Oz.

They need to fix that !

You could always get yourself a long extension chord Related image

A CET is all well and good if it is firstly, affordable and secondly, if it will make a difference to the earth. I will declare that I don't accept the position of what was "global warming" and when the temperature stabilised for about 20 years, became "climate change". My reasons for this are mainly that we are only told of the scientists who support that theory and never told of scientists who don't support that theory. Both groups are well credentialled and are eminent in their respective fields and can show evidence to support their position.

If we analyse the background of all of this CET discussion we find that it started with the Green movement and was taken up by Labor who use the Greens at elections by asking for their preferences. Hicks is a member of the Labor movement so anything quoted by him has surely been okayed by the party aparatchiks. Labor has been quoted as being in favour of clean coal which is like saying there are nice paedophiles. Sure, coal being burned increases carbon dioxide but there has to be a trade-off between the issuing of carbon dioxide and the cost of electricity. Gas is much cleaner but some states have stopped gas exploration thereby causing a shortage. This shortage is also caused by the export of gas with little regard for the domestic market.

There is a need to continue with renewable energy which will have beneficial effects in the future. At present, renewable energy is a good support to the base load provided mainly by coal fired power stations but is in its infancy as regards being the main electricity supply for Australia. I applaud the work being done and as it continues we are heading towards more efficient power and, hopefully, a system of batteries to retain that power for the times when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing. I can't see that putting a tax on those who pollute will do anything to reduce carbon emissions. That tax is passed on to consumers and, worst of all, is cumulative and achieves nothing.

We have to have coal.  Its a lot cleaner than when I was a child with pea soupers caused by burning coal in home fires and they cleaned it up. Still could do more but stopped by this silly green idea that renewables will be enough for base load power and of course, as daft as all left ideas, wont work. Now they have stopped the buying of remissions from home solar too.

Australia got great on cheap coal fired power, and we will go under without it. Meanwhile China is building more coal fire power stns as are other countries all buying Australian coal.

Only reason for the high prices and this green dream is of course the myth that the world is warming due to 52 scientists first off for IPCC reporting and later we found out, that many of these didnt agree in reality to the report due to flawed modelling.

That being they left out the cold areas so that warming looked to be happening.

When that came out, the whole thing once again covered up and the ppl at East Anglia who let the cat out of the bad got their jobs back etc. MSM all leftie dominated as well.

If we had a decent conservative government with common sense  we would be keeping coal stns open and building more.

As for Nuclear power - wake iup its deadly and countries with it, France Germany Russia USA etc etc are decommissioning them due to accidents and no ability to contain if major as millions of years contamination resulting.

Radiation is accumlative, we cannot get rid of it so we must check we dont get too many rads via Ex Rays etc and the very earth itself has background of rads escaping in hilly areas etc. Far too complicated to go into here.

Nuclear is dangerous and so are microwaves.

Many have got cancer off of opening microwave ovens too early as rads still being sent out for minutes after it is turned off. Many takeaways went back to grilling food due to workers getting cancer neck areas mostly from fast food service. Kept quiet but had a friend affected so got to hear etc.

Coal is a pussy in comparison.

Well Big Val, where to start? I am not totally sure that mankind has all the safety concerns about nuclear power plants totally covered.....I just don't know. But it is "bending the true story" to say that the countries you list are "decommissioning" their plants due to accidents. Truth is they are being decommissioned because they are being replaced (in most instances) by new, more modern nuclear power generators. Maybe the same panic spreaders will say the same about millions of old vehicles being scrapped in favour of electric vehicles in coming years.

My research says that there are 60 under construction right now - September 2017 - and 160 in the planning stage. 

Gve me a break on the microwave scare mongering...what's next? No ocean swimming because of sharks? No cars because of road accidents? No knives because crazies stab people? ENOUGH! This is a wonderful country - enjoy it Big Fella. Glass half full.

We need electricity..

We need to keep what have now until we get something better.


A huge diesel generator has been installed last week behind Parliament House Melbourne.

Look after themselves don't they and stuff the public.

Yes in cases like this the Labor govenmernt does not mind causing pollution.

Oil and petrol cause a lot more pollution than electricity from coal especially if they bring the power stations into this century but why when people keep blaming coal there is so much profit to be made from oil without any blame.

Growing and feeding animals for food causes more pollution and carbon dioxide than anything else put together.

I still don't want nuclear energy untill they know what to do with the waste no matter how safe a nuclear power station might become.

If we localized energy making to every town with renewables it makes more sense, each town would benefit from smaller grids. Just an idea.

Why is everyone getting so hot and bothered by Turnbull doing a backflip on CET. Its possibly a last ditch attempt by him to save his wretched government, and all for what?

When one considers the huge amount of coal fired power stations being built around the world, and a lot using our coal, why are we bothered?  

It would not matter which government was elected or who was prime minister you would know better and would dislike the government.

I don't see or hear of any of you people putting up your hand to be elected where can do some good and have your say.

Do you ever write to the government or your local members?

I do all the time.

What do you say to your local members dear ?

How many letters do you you write in a year. Do the members respond positively?


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