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Sun Princess (cruising)


Once again in this mornings' news is the worrying information about the Sun Princess yet another out break of the virus that has affected so many people.

We first went on this ship in 2007 everything was fine we took my 85 year old mother and she was very pleased with the holiday.

In 2010 there was an outbreak on the same vessel when we were on her, luckily we did not have the virus.  It was a lovely cruise, one of the nicest we had been on.

Then we hear in the news another out break.  Hesitantly we booked a cruise in Dec 2016 to Tasmania and return. For the first time we both had this virus which leaves the person very week after the 1 - 3 day infection. Since then this same ship has had so many passengers sick.

We always take with us sanitizing liquid and the anti bacteria soap and yes we use it.  But it did nothing to protect us.

Question, how many other people have been affected by this ship, as the cruise lines blames the passengers themselves for not washing their hands after using the loo!

We don't believe that for one minute, there has to be a carrier on board.

Strange we never caught this bug on the land only this once on their ship.

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Ladies - there's a post on Cruises for nudists on the main YLC page

are any of you ladies up for it

we can do a group booking

im happy to organize 


Raphael -  I can understand your fascination for nude sunbathing. My husband was a great Nudist. He used to go down to Lady Jane Beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. He loved it and spent many hours down there. He eventually gave up going when the perverts started to appear. My boys played in a Brass Band and in order to raise money they decided to strip off at Lady Jane and play their instruments. It was a great hit as a couple of reporters got wind of it and took photos of them, it was on the 9 evening news and the photos appeared in many newspapers around the world.  I still have the original photo. It was done very tastefully and nothing was exposed.

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