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CWA declares war on offensive vans

On a camping trip around Tasmania earlier this year, we saw a lot of Wicked Campers – the ones emblazoned with sometimes mindless, often offensive and always eye-catching slogans. I’m a tolerant type and ignored the ones I saw as childish banter, but I obviously didn’t see the worst of them and plenty of people are not prepared to turn a blind eye. The latest to weigh in is the Country Women's Association no less.

The CWA wants a national ban on slogans on the vans and one member even painted over a slogan that she said could promote domestic violence.

The CWA says the slogans are "sexist, misogynist and racist" and is lobbying governments to ban the vans. Some councils caravan parks are refusing to allow them entry.

"Some of the slogans on these vans are so offensive," Bangalow CWA President Di Campbell told the ABC.

“They are misogynistic at best and the promote violence at worst – there is no place for these in today's society.

“Imagine being in a camping ground and having one of these vans next to you."

The woman who painted over part of a slogan said: "I decided enough was enough.

“You can push a person so far and then at some point you say, 'Well I'm going to push back'.

“This is really not on to have something as disgusting as that written on the back of a vehicle being driven through an area where there are children and others."

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Why did we outlaw a billboard with the slogan "stands out like dog's balls" but allow some of this? 

Hi Adrianus,

I know what you are saying.  Hasn't the standard dropped in the print and electronic media, and in film and entertainment generally! 

The years of gay marriage activism were 'educational' in the subjects discussed and on the national broadcaster too.  

the only war I am concerned about is between China and the USA...if people have been following the news China has come out and said they want Taiwan back and also the South China sea is theirs now...any one who stops these things happening will suffer the consequences...not exactly a veiled threat!!

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