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Cycling at any age

Photo courtesy of City of Sydney

Local aged care residents will reconnect with the joy of riding, thanks to a program helping them explore Sydney by bike.

Grants from the City of Sydney and Woollahra Council have funded a third battery-assisted, custom-built trishaw (three-wheeled bike) to add to the Cycling Without Age fleet.

The social enterprise is part of a global organisation pairing volunteer guides with passengers from local aged care centres for scenic tours by trishaw.

Local bike group BIKEast will manage the new trishaw, which will travel between aged care homes including The Terraces at Paddington and give older residents the opportunity to connect with younger riders.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the Cycling Without Age program helps residents of all ages keep active and engaged in the community.

“Cycling is a fast and cheap way to travel, and most importantly it’s fun, we’re always looking for ways to help people onto two, or three, wheels,” the Lord Mayor said.

“The City is linking Sydney’s bike network to create safe connections between neighbourhoods, and these new bikes will be a wonderful way for older residents to enjoy these new cycle paths, our city and the outdoors with friends.”

The Cycling Without Age program launched in 2012 in Denmark and runs in 37 countries around the world. Around 20 groups operate in Australia.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand some of the incredible new friendships created through Cycling Without Age between people riding and nursing home residents,” said Adrian Boss, CWA coordinator from BIKEast. 

“With the new trishaw, we’ll be able to take residents on rides to explore the Sydney Opera House, The Botanical Gardens, the Domain, Rushcutters Bay Park and Centennial Parklands – all easily reached from local care homes.”


Feel sorry for the areas that have to suffer this transport in view of the inadequate infrastructure, so will result in accidents and possibly death.

...the elderly sure are not getting any exercise

.... another pollie brainhair scheme to waste ratepayers money. 

1. I think the word you're looking for is hare-brained..not brainhair!!

2. How is the infrastructure "inadequate" if they are using specially designated areas?

3. This transportation is popular in so many countries and I have not read of one death.

4. The people who probably ride in these vehicles may be disabled and this is their one chance of enjoying the great outdoors.

Great idea and should be supported.

wholeheartedly agree Sophie

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This initiative is popular overseas for good reason as the elderly are able to get outside, engage with the community and see great places at a slow pace.  

A couple of years ago whilst cycling I came across a group like this in Geelong and I spoke to the people involved.  I loved the concept.  The elderly who were participating loved it.  Why would you want to deny them that opportunity Suze?

I 100% agree with you Sophie.

When I'm no longer able to ride I would jump at the chance of doing this.


It is nothing but a wheelchair and you can get an electric one which you are in control of as to where you want to go. If you have a mobile phone you can have GPS maps with it.

I agree with everything you say David and Sophie on this subject, a grand idea it is indeed.

Sorry, Suze but you sound like a spoilsport. By the way David I love your lobster, no wonder you are licking your chops :))

Suze - what is your problem? What a sad person you are.

Suze's problem is she applied for the program but got knocked back, there is room for two on the trishaw, not one, hahaha

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I would recomend if you ride a bike apart from the helmet i would reckomend elbow pads as from experiance i made a mess of my elbow

I would recomend if you ride a bike apart from the helmet i would reckomend elbow pads as from experiance i made a mess of my elbow

There you go, started in Copenhagen and is now taking the world by storm. Can't wait for my turn!

That sure is an improvement on this previous model ABE

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This is great! Especially for people who due to age or mobility may no longer be able to spend time outside as they like. This is a good way for them to enjoy some time outside and not be cooped up at home and with a friend or family member since it sits two. May help prevent social withdrawal or depression...

Superb idea. I do hope it becomes popular in all states.

I think the idea of taking aged care home residents for an "bike tour" outing using volunteer guides to do the pedalling on already established bike routes is wonderful.

So good for those who can't manage or don't have their own scooters.

:) Great program IMO.

No downsides from what I can see.

There are definitely downsides

Firstly, the Nursing Home residents may not be able to give consent to this procedure.

Secondly, I note there are no helmets on the seniors, in NSW that is against the law.

Thirdly, the seniors are not insured if there is an accident.

I am a bicycle rider myself and there is no way that I would be a passenger on a trishaw.

The level of participation is in the hands of the participant and the provider.

Then all obstacles are overcome.

This is my level of participation.



As you can imagine, there is some resistance. 

I only speak to those who encourage me and assist in the project.

For those who feel its impossible, unsuitable, irresponsible, dangerous, costly, and stupid, I avoid like the plague.

My wife calls it an indulgence. I call it living under my rules.


any mobility device that allows an individual to get off the couch and head outdoors is a good idea.

Have you ever ridden one of those before? If you have go ahead and get one. If not, your wife has a point. Motorbikes have become more powerful, the roads more crowded added to that, the balance and skills of the rider may have deteriorated. 

Inexperienced riders and I am presuming you are a senior, are menaces on the road. My weapon of choice is my much loved Ducati. I was riding since aged 17.

All good, Ray, and thanks for your concern.

Same here. BSA C11 at 16 years. Never looked back. I rode on the back of my uncles bike when I was 8.

Progressed through Honda: CL 175, CL 350, CB 400, CB 750, CB 900.

ive has a break for a few years and returning to it as a reward to myself.

ive done the homework, got fit, did the advanced course again.

not going overboard either. Something light, manoeuvrable, and small engine. 380 cc.

i still have some work to do before I’m ready. 




Sounds like a good plan Tom. You can join the Darwin Chapter.

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Ray, like the look of those wheels!

Nah, you don't want to join a club, unless you drink a lot of beer and have a beer belly LOL

You appear to have it all worked out Tom, so go for it. My idle suggestion would be the Suzuki SV 650. Stylish, comfortable and easy to handle. Don't know your budget but I believe it's a bit more pricey than the KTM. Good luck!

What are you driving now after all these years? Are you still a bike addict? I am from San Antonio zip code and I am fond of bikes. I love speed and luckily did not have any major accidents. But with years, I moved to a car just for my safety. I cannot drive the bike slowly and that is my problem. With the car, everything is different and much safer.