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Denton gets heated on TV interview

Things got heated between Andrew Denton and celebrity 'healer' Charlie Goldsmith on last night's episode of Denton's talk show Interview.

Australian-born Mr Goldsmith, is the nephew of Olivia Newton-John and younger brother of actor Tottie Goldmsith. He is also the star of the US TV show The Healer, and claims he can heal people with his hands. 

He claims his powers work 80 per cent of the time and, to prove this, has taken part in a study led by a University of Arizona professor who believes in ghosts and is developing a “soul phone” to communicate with the dead.

Denton criticised Goldsmith's choice of researcher, saying: “By associating yourself with people who are either ill-equipped or highly unlikely to view you critically, doesn’t it bring into question your claim you want to be seriously assessed?” 

Goldsmith disagreed.


“If this was anything else, that wouldn’t be a criticism, if we were studying tennis and the …” he said.

“Hang on, this is an entirely relevant criticism, because what you’re claiming to do, is mysterious and unknowable and almost impossible to measure,” Denton said.

“And what he is interested in are things that are mysterious and unknown and almost impossible to measure, so he is not an objective observer of what you do.

“I would argue it makes him predisposed to want to show that you are right, as opposed to having a scientific, neutral, credible method,” said Denton.

“Which from your point of view as someone who wants to be credibly tested, which I think is admirable, I think is problematic … where you are talking and where you are walking, it’s different places — you are talking you want credibility but you’re not walking that space.”

Goldsmith then said he would be interested in anyone testing his abilities, even if results revealed his skills were nothing more than a placebo.

“No it wouldn’t be a bad thing, it would certainly counter my beliefs,” Goldsmith said.

“But that’s OK, like I am putting myself to do this test, like I don’t have a choice what the outcomes are going to be.”


Do you think it's possible that someone could heal with their hands? Do you agree with Denton's criticism? What are your thoughts on Mr Goldsmith?


I've seen it done on Star Trek and in Charmed Ones

... so it must be a possibility  Related image

Live long and prosper. 

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 “Do you agree with Denton’s criticism?”

To begin with Denton was not just criticising..he was attacking. I am very disappointed and couldn’t help but compare his new show with the previous one.. “Enough Rope” which was of much better calibre in my opinion. He was not conducting an interview with Goldsmith in order to find out more about what the man was about..he was carrying  on an interrogation ..his interview was neither fair or impartial..very sad..if he is such a skeptic (and he has a right to be) why did he invite the man..puzzling..

“What are your thoughts on Mr Goldsmith?”

I know very little about Charlie Goldsmith..but I certainly would not rubbish what he has to say or offer. I do know he has in the past kept quiet about his “talents” and didn't charge for his service..he also volunteered his time to two scientific studies. There is one due to be published this year and I am interested in reading about it. Everyone has the ability to tap into energy forces that exist in order to heal certain imbalances in their body..that is if they  know how to..people like Goldsmith seem to be able to do that..having said that..I feel “faith healing” should not be touted as a panacea for all medical diseases and should be coupled with modern medicine..

“Do you think it's possible that someone could heal with their hands?”

I certainly don’t think it’s impossible..but..must stipulate I think healing involves not only touch but also the mind.. Alternative medicine (aka energy based healing) is a practice that’s centuries old and has not lost favour with billions around the world. We are surrounded by energy forces..our planet is made up of energy and we are part of that..even scientists are beginning to work with the notion that we are not only made up of matter but also energy.

This is such a fascinating subject..but better stop here..don’t want to bore anyone!!

I know someone who is into crystal healing and meditation. I have nothing against it if that is what the subject wants. Meditation can bring about peace. My problem is trusting someone who says they can cure you of cancer. This particular lady said her washing machine was not working properly so she put her hands on it and did a healing and it started to work again?  I wish she had done a healing on my toilet as I had to get a plumber in yesterday and it cost me $700.00.

OMG ... $700 for a plumber

...what did the plumber do  Related image

 I could use a Jedi plumber. 

Suze - He said the parts that were needed we foreign to him and would not know where he could come across that brand name, he had never heard of it before. Needless to say he talked me into the latest toilet and will fit it today. I'll be able to sit on my new throne and feel like the Queen now. 

As long as you enjoy it :)   Related image

Sophie proving yet again she is a nutter 


Sophie, excellent summary.   I had not heard of Charlie Goldsmith, so did a little searching.   It's obvious he believes in his talent/power, and I think faith is a strong instrument.

Andrew Denton, I think, like many others, believes his own publicity.    It was quite disappointing to listen to him, but the young man retained his dignity, and didn't allow Dentons'attitude to faze him.

I don't necessarily believe in healing powers, but I think it's nice to allow others to have their beliefs.

Obviously Raffella, you are much too ignorant and thick as 4 planks to understand what Sophie is saying.

Don’t give yourself any more brain strain than you already have, idiot.

Ok now it's getting weird.

Correct Marcus, Micha thinks he has the power in his hands but doesnt realise its sending him blind.

ROFL, seems Adrianus got himself a new mate!

As opposed to the multihead Micha personalities who have zero credibility 

I had not ever heard of this bloke Denton interviewed BUT I feel he never gave him a fair go either -- not saying I am into that but I am open minded and am always willing to hear people out -- I sure would be willing to give this bloke a go myself -  there would be no loss at all


@ darcie..

Thank you for your comment -:)

Thank you for your post further up the page Sophie. A pleasure to read and as a matter of fact the only comment I found interesting on this thread.

Although I am not completely sold on faith healers, I tend to  keep an open mind because there are a lot of things we do not understand and I believe some people are more 'connected' than others.

As for Andrew Denton, I felt he was out to discredit Goldsmith from the start. I might add I don't find Denton all that interesting anyway.

I'm not concerned about Goldsmith he is just your average con artist. What concerns me is he is being supported by someone from a university. There is some terrible rubbish coming out of universities these days, it's hard to take a lot of it seriously. 

I bet he does great magic tricks. One visit and your money miraculously disappears.

Marcus he does it for FREE

Who would believe someone can heal with their hands?

Well about 25% of the world's poulation.

Who would believe that someone could walk on water?

Those same people.

If someone had a psychosomatic illness, which could even be paralysis of some kind, the belief in a "healer" could possibly bring about a cure where traditional medicine has failed.

If someone has faith in a doctor, they are more better prepared for treatment than if they are pessimistic.

I agree Twila.

So true Twila, apparently it would work more effectively seeing that most people only use 10% of their brain. Can you imagine the sort of results this bloke could acheive on micha??

Everyone could use help Adrianus..including you.. you would also benefit greatly.. your portrayal of a man in a very depressed rather telling.. 

Don't knock something you haven't a clue about..just exhibits a great deal of ignorance...

ooh, you sound a lot like micha.

The question is what to do about someone who can heal with his hands. Well in the old days they would have nailed him to a cross. But today we take to social media and "have a conversation." 

 Quote: "ooh, you sound a lot like micha."

Some of the unhappiest people in the world are those who make assumptions Adrianus..

Image result for quotes about people who make assumptions



"Quote: "ooh, you sound a lot like micha."

Some of the unhappiest people in the world are those who make assumptions Adrianus.."

That is not an assumption Sophie, it is an observation. Two very different actions.

If you choose to make it an assumption then you have made the assumption.

Does it then follow that having made an assumption that it also makes you one of the unhappiest people in the world??

That's interesting? I would not have thought so? But then again if you believe it then it is reality.

I beg you to allow me to express my opinion, even though it may be different to yours, it would certainly give the impression that you are a tolerant, happy and kind person.

I'm having a wonderful day and I hope you are having the day you asked for.


Drs use placebos all the time so what the difference --- as long as they WORK -- pointing the bone is a placebo and that works

That is correct PlanB. Matter of fact a little tip from Star Wars as Suze mentioned above can help in a number of situations. I'm talking about Obi Wan Can Openy when he said. "These are not the droids you are looking for".. "what else do you do around here?"

If I recall accurately the response was .. "We dont just look for droids, we do other things as well" or words to that effect. 

Adrianus,   I have no idea re Star Wars as I have never watched any of it

And you've never heard the words .."these are not the droids you are looking for"

I find that hard to believe, but I'll take your word for it PlanB.

No I have not heard those words Adianus

It was a memorable quote from about 30 years ago. For many people, it kind of lifted the lid and created a new direction for workplace assertiveness and effective influence on the behaviour of others. Particularly effective when coupled with steely eyed determined focus.

Just looking at that photo of Andrew Denton. He has a very defensive pose. His right hand is in protective mode and his left hand is defensively flat. I'm not surprised he has verbalised defensively. Alternatively Charlie Goldsmith's action shot shows a relaxed confidence. His right hand is half cupped, his left hand resting and relaxed. What was Denton afraid of? What did he see that he wouldnt reveal? 

Not just his hands that heal he emits energy from his eyes as well ala Clark Kent 

perhaps Denton was mesmerized by Goldsmiths eyes . Mandrake has that power 

Yes that may be so? 

He does have a piercing look and anyone who has a top model as a client needs to be listened to. I suppose that's how he got the air time. It was obviously forced on Denton and he didnt like it.

I think Denton noticed a pronounced incongruence in Goldsmith's behaviour. That's what I think. Because he was sitting comfortably rather than talking and walking in the same direction.

He is not the first so called healer.

I have read the book The Sleeping Prophet....It is a good read.  I have an open mind on this type of thing.

I have read that book also and agree it is worth a read...

If anyone gets to the Kauri Kingdom in the north island of NZ you will see this staircase made from a tree believed to be 1072 years old...could be more.

I had a very unusual experience when I came down this staircase turning right and to steady myself I placed my hand on the side of the tree.

Instantly I had this overwhelming sense of grief;  my eyes filled with tears and I could have burst out crying.   It was all I could do to compose myself.

I have no answer for what happened on that day.   There was no reason for me to feel this way at all.

Six months later this incident was still in my mind so I emailed the management of this establishment and related what happened saying I felt a real idiot in even writing to them about it.  The response was "no you are not mad...we have had numbers of women get very emotional when they visit here".

I have no answer for what happened to me on that day but it was an extremely powerful experience.   I may have mentioned this before on here a few years ago but this subject of the healer triggered my memory.

Here are a series of photos of the staircase.


It would be nice to see him working his 'magic' in the terminal cancer ward of a major hospital instead of on the gullible.