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Department Stores.

As Myers seems to be dead these days and DJs going in the same direction, I would just like to ask the public, "What  is wrong with Department Stores in Australia?"

Was it because of people buying online? Or is it the greedy management that seem to have made the staff either work harder but reduced the staff?

One example, the Women's Shoe Department always seems to have a good turnover with stock, but when one goes there now, there is not enough staff to cater for the clients, and people get fed up waiting and leave.

The same with Men's Shoe Department, there is never anyone to serve.

I said to a customer who got fed up waiting, "If you decided to steal something all of a sudden the bells would be ringing and you'd get caught shoplifting".

The same with Cosmetics Counters, when you can get attention, the women on the counter don't know what product you are wanting.

I once asked about Elizabeth Arden perfume, and the woman had never heard of her. What is happening in the Department Stores in the last 10 years? I'd love to hear your input. 

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Just went on line to DJs and Myers for a cotten dress, what a selection of expensive junk! 

No wonder they are going broke they seem to be catering for teenagers instead of the age group that would buy!

We have a new shop just opened a month ago with all sorts of cute styles in fabrics that are cool for summer it is opposite a little green grocers!  Looks very popular I wish them luck, good selection and not expensive.  

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