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Digital radio - only for cities Canberra and Darwin to date

Really! isnt it about time we all got it? I think so and ny better half is really fed up with not being able to get it - we ar elimited in radio anyway in Tassie. I used to like the old 60's radion stn in Perth.

Local commujnity station is best here as can ring up and ask them or drop in a vinyl for them to play so we all can enjoy seeing as Tassie is the bastion of the common sense generation some call past it - cheek!

Anyway found this link to check your area

We want digital radio

also then can send email to your local member.

Think I got the websites above in order but in case I didnt as several pages etc go here also
 last one is we want digital radio. Where put in postcode and then can go ask for it and then takes you to email etc.

Sorry got a bit muddly.


But do sign on if you havent got it - we all deserve to get it they spend too much on foreign aid and minorities leaving the majority to go without but we are the taxpayers who prived the funds they spend.  I think people forget this. 

Note this. There are 24 million approx here today and those who actually work and pay income taxes also pay a levy for health. Most of us here have paid in for years for this - agreed?

Well seemingly there are only 11 million approx who actually pay income tax today.

Applies to all revenue in reality we also pay tax on what we buy etc but the biggest take is from income tax.

Makes you think!  I know not a lot to do with above digital but its all comes out of the main revenue pot and we who have worked paid income taxes and now som eon pension are being ignored or blamed for not enough money etc when itsnot us at all being used a a scapegoat. Media left wing mostly particulary two our taxes pay directly for. ABC & SBS.


Speaking of digital radio ... sorry about your circumstances but a long while back I found Internet Radio using iTunes.

It is quite amazing ... thousands of stations for every genre or any music you could imagine.

I just put it on as a background whilst having the computer/phone on doing other things.

A big list of ways to access it on link below.

Internet radio.

Yes RnR - I use my iPhone and connect it via Bluetooth to the home theatre and play different radio stations according to my mood 

Wonderful stuff