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Directory Assistance???

A friend of mine has recently moved interstate and only has a mobile number now, apparently, how or who do I phone with the relevant information to find out her new number? I have looked in our local phone book and unfortunately directory assistance numbers don't seem to exist these friend has only been at her new address about a week!

I would be grateful if anyone can give me some useful information so I can phone my friend soon.


im not sure,  but i think you can just google up the name,  [and address]    if you have it,    and it will come up,  

I don't think there is anywhere that you can look up a MOBILE number -- land lines you can -- and you can also trace some unknown numbers via -- reverse number lookup --

... if your friend values your friendship it will only be a matter of  time until she contacts you surely?  Most people carry/keep the same mobile # forever ......only change them is they don't wish to be found!  




Don't know how tech savvy you are,but there are ways. It can be done but you will end up tearing your hair out in frustration. Have a look at this:

Very caring of you wanting to check up on your friend, good luck!

Thankyou I will give it a go.....I am worried about my friend for a variety of reasons to it is nice to have some sort of way to try and find the number....I only saw her a few days ago and she forgot to give me her new details. Thankyou so much

Unfortunately, they have a fee and I am very careful these days about paying money to companies I do not normally deal with....sigh....but thankyou so much for your well meaning assistance.  Hopefully, my friend is okay and will phone me sometime soon....until then I guess I have to try not to worry!

...old saying ....    "No news is good news"    :-) 

grumpyoldwoman, if you are concerend for your friend's safety, you could ask the local police to call round. Or even try The Red Cross or the Samaritans in the area. Pretty sure they would be happy to call round and check.

Thankyou to everyone ....I will let you know when she gets in contact with me....I have no way of doing so as I have no car and am a carer to my husband so I have my hands full....I just hope everything is alright with her predictament and I hear from her soon.....AND I WILL BE MAKING SURE I GET HER CONTACT DETAILS OFF HER WHEN SHE DOES!