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Disabled accommodation options

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Robyn, has been trying to book holiday accommodation for a disabled relative but has been staggered by the lack of suitable options. Do you know of any accommodation which caters for those who need mobility assistance?

Q. Robyn
May I draw your attention to the lack of hotel, motel, and holiday accommodation for profoundly disabled people, e.g. cerebral palsy sufferers who require such equipment as ''lifters'' for toileting, showers and all transfer positions? If you are aware of such places perhaps you could help me, to give my relative a local/Victorian holiday.


Here are a few sites I hope it helps the 1st lot are in Aussie the 2nd lot are Aussie some in Vic' and the 3rd lot are in the UK;=UTF-8&sourceid;=navclient&gfns;=1&q;=Disabled+accommodation+holidays%20au



a cruise is a fantastic holiday they cater very well for the disabled