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'Do not call' register scam

We were recently alerted to a new phone scam by YourLifeChoices member Brenda, which we thought was important to share.

Please heed her warning if you receive one of these phone calls.

I am writing to let you know that today I received a call from a foreign gentleman (sounded like Indian) who told me that he was updating the "Do not call" register and could now get all the annoying marketing calls barred, especially the ones made from overseas call centres.

He said I would never again get calls from anyone who was not family or friend  or to whom I had not given my number myself. I smelt a rat but let him carry on to tell me that the service was completely free and I would not be bothered by any ongoing bills - there was just this $89 one-time payment to be made. I told him I did not have any money and hung up.  

I thought you might like to warn your other readers about this especially as so many people have complained about the marketing calls, etc. I fee some people might be tempted to take up this scam offer.

- Brenda



Thanks Ben - I'll certainly pass this information on. But on reading, he says " The service is free, only a one-time payment of just $89. to be made." to get rid of all the marketing calls. He must think we are a bunch of senile oldies, 

I only get calls from charities since I filled out the 'do not call' register, but thanks for the heads up!

I also received one of these calls a couple of weeks ago. He asked me to update my bank details!!

I gave no information. I then asked for his name, number and website, which he provided.

I rang this number and the woman from the "Do Not Call Register", said they never call and verified the scam.

I once had someone asking for details regarding an accident, I gave them details alright, all false information which would have mucked up their system. 

I have noticed of late that more and more Indians flogging their crap are ringing.  When I mention that I am on the Do Not Call Register they hang up.

The government needs to require Google to block these companies (from Australia) as they are blatanly ignoring the rules.  But don't expect the current lot to give a damn...unless you make a large electoral donation (=bribe).

 Mick I don’t understand how blocking scammers on Google works although I am happy for Government to get off its collective bottom and do something.  I have assumed that the scammers buy  perfectly legal data bases and ring random data bases on the off chance they’ll get a naive person. The electoral rolls found in every PO has our phone numbers and most companies including Australia Post sell our data.  I try to be careful and don’t leave my data on Google/Safari and definitely facebook is this enough? BTW a nice man in Nigeria is still hoping to marry me providing I send him my Bank password! He’s going to pay first class air fares to Nigeria! 

When I get the calls for solar panels I just say that I am renting the premises the caller hangs up quickly.

IF one has to pay for the phone services then why do the Charities and Politicians as well as Scammers allowed to call you if you are on the DO NOT CALL LIST.

Blimey, there's new scams popping up all the time isn't there.

And yeah I wish the charities and politicians were not exempt either.  And for the door knockers add the religious crusaders.