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Do this in the car to lower your coronavirus risk

Every day, you can take simple steps to reduce your risk of coronavirus infection – from wiping down counters to properly washing your hands.

But here is one protective step you might have overlooked – opening a window a few centimetres when you get in your car.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that the next time you use a cab, limo or ride-share service, ask the driver to improve the ventilation in the vehicle by opening the windows or setting the air ventilation/air conditioning to the non-recirculation mode.

This also applies to personal vehicles – whether you are a passenger or the driver.

Experts from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Portland State University write: “When the windows are closed, SARS-CoV-2 (in fine aerosol particles) accumulates in the car cabin. With each new cough, the concentration builds up with no significant dilution happening. But even cracking one window open just three inches can keep this at bay.”

If you can’t open a window, choose the ventilation mode that does not recirculate air and instead brings in fresh air from outside, the experts say.



Anybody  has an oppinion  how safe is to travel in taxi Is there a bigger  chance  to catch  the coronavirus in Perth?

This is only my personal opinion. 

I live in Perth and although we have a great record in regards to the virus..I do not consider anywhere safe or anyone immune. Therefore, I take as many precautions as I am able to.

I usually drive but before the lockdown to avoid having to waste time in the city parking, I've used the occasional taxi. Now however, I would not do so, but if one has to, I suggest wearing a face covering in the taxi, lowering the windows and try to avoid handling change from the driver...use a small plastic bag to drop it in.



Sophie.  Helpful comments :)  Thanks.  I'm in (South) Brisbane and we are in a VERY nervous state at the moment due to the selfish, uncaring and dangerous antics of, at least, two women. It is that 'I don't give a rats about others' attitude that has concerned me for weeks now despite how well 'we' have been handling the situation here especially in SE Qld. I'm old enough to be aware that there will ALWAYS be others who dont give a s..t about their neighbours/fellow citizens and even their families and will ignore advice/warnings/pleading and commonsense. Fingers crossed here in Brisbane that their act of b........y doesnt result in too many affected and heaven forbid, any deaths :(  





Hi heyyybob,

Until people are dealt with more severely..they will continue to ignore the restrictions. It beggars belief that so many appear to have no idea of how serious this pandemic is. 

No care for anyone but themselves. Keep safe over there in Brisbane :)

I'm in SE Queensland too Heyyybob ... as you say "we are in a VERY nervous state at the moment due to the selfish, uncaring and dangerous antics of, at least, two women."

Makes me so cross as well as worried. Things were going well until they flouted the rules.

Look after yourself RnR...take care :)

Thanks Sophie.


:( :( and hoping the result of this disaster IS minimal.


What it will take unfortunately is for deaths to occur that can be proven to be the direct result of idiots who didn't care.  Having that person charged with manslaughter at the very least will start to send a very clear message that this matter is serious.

I am tired of governments pussyfooting around with this.  Being nice and trying to appeal to people's better nature has never worked, and is even less likely to now that we have become such an uncaring nation with every man for himself attitudes.  Remember the toilet paper fights in the supermarket?  

This pandemic is the most serious thing we have had to face in recent memory.  No state govement or indeed the clown we have as PM, has the luxury of not having it's instructions obeyed if we are to limit the death and destruction it will cause. 

Here in Victoria, we are under a State of Emergency.  That give the govement almost limitless powers to do what needs to be done.  I for one want Andrews to start gaoling people for disobeying lawful instructions.  Once he's put the fear of God into people only then will we get compliance, reduce the rate of infection and get our freedom back.  People can scream all they like about totalatarisim, human rights, whatever, but once they are dead from the virus, the majority of sane, sensible people can get back to normal.

Totally agree john

.. thesr reckless people should be charged with manslaughter.

i wish they would name the suburbs where these idiots were from,   they should be locked up until this thing is over,  THEN dealt a heavy fine,  or another 6 months inside,    there are always a few who will buck the rules,  but this is more serious,   the government dont know what to do,    nothing like this has   happened before,      all we can do is what we are asked to do,    and hope it ends sometime soon,    keep safe everyone,    

Thank you for the advice very important Janelle