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Do we need so many threads about the same subject?

On opening up YLC today I have noticed there are too many threads about the same subject, Covid under Hot Topics. Surely we only need one Thread and everyone gets a say. I noticed Masks Protect Everyone, The Face Mask you Wouldn't Wear, The Simplest Way to Prevent Spread of Virus. C'mon people just stick to the one subject and move on. I know what is happening here but people are getting paranoid about it. 


I often wondered that too, but some people follow one or the other. They start off with a certain topic but end up crossing over.

I think you will notice Incognito these topics are written by the same person. 

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For the record...I am running TWO threads..."Masks..Protect everyone" and "Music..and more" that all right with you Madam President???

Since when is it any of your business to determine who, what, where or why about threads...that is up to YLC staff...or did you just buy shares in the company...hence the whinge?




I beg to correct you madam, you have been running 3 threads, or can't you count? 1. Masks Protect Everyone, 2. The Face Mask You Wouldn't Wear 3. The Simplest Way To Prevent Spread Of Virus. I don't worry about the Music heading.  You are showing your true colours again. Get over it.

You are a laugh a minute....

 Simplest way to prevent spread of virus

 Janelle Ward

 2 weeks ago


THE 'face mask' you shouldn't wear

Janelle Ward

2 days ago


Janelle Ward is a staff member of YLC..those are her threads and I along with other members, contribute to them.

Now toddle off to Specsavers and get your eyes tested because...

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LOL i like Judge Judy. As for threads


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There certainly has been lots of topics raised on the YLC Meeting Place relating to the virus. These are some I've just listed ... probably missed a few too. Have included the post title, person who posted the topic and when they did so. Order of oldest to newest.

• Where did the Coronavirus 19 Originate from? ... — Celia, 29 weeks ago
• Coronavirus could affect your credit file for five years, says law firm chief — LeonYLC, 26 weeks ago
• Coronavirus shopping list to survive 14 days in quarantine — LeonYLC, 23 weeks ago
• Here's who's most in danger from the coronavirus — Janelle Ward YLC, 23 weeks ag
• Empty Supermarket Shelves--are customers to blame? — Veritas, 22 weeks ago
• End infection rate reporting and stop the panic — Veritas, 21 weeks ago
• Coronavirus fatatlity is the wrong yardstick — Veritas, 21 weeks ago
• COVID-19 could spread in Aus from unlikely sources — Veritas, 21 weeks ago
• Did a 1981 Dean Koontz thriller predict the coronavirus outbreak? ... — PlanB, 21 weeks ago
• Greek Orthodox church says 'holy cup cannot carry disease', ... — PlanB, 21 weeks ago
• Doctors Appointments while the Coronavirus is heating up in Oz — Celia, 21 weeks ago
• Testing proceedures for the Cononavirus 19 — Celia, 21 weeks ago
• Contradictory advice on virus — Holly, 21 weeks ago
• Prince Charles the latest high-profile COVID-19 casualty — Janelle Ward YLC, 20 weeks ago
• Will travel change the way we know it due to this virus? — Celia, 20 weeks ago
• Australian airlines further reduce domestic flying capacity — LeonYLC, 20 weeks ago
• Advice for aged care facilities and visitors to residents — jonL, 20 weeks ago
• Coronavirus lockdown thread — jonL, 20 weeks ago
• Total "Lockdown" - How will you pass the time? — Foxy, 20 weeks ago
• Increased respiratory rate could be a precursor to COVID-19 — LeonYLC, 19 weeks ago
• Pensioners overseas and coronvirus bonuses — Deflo, 19 weeks ago
• Cruise ships pose a huge threat — Holly, 19 weeks ago
• What a wonderful way to spend a day in lockdown — LeonYLC, 18 weeks ago
• Should we all wear masks? — LeonYLC, 18 weeks ago
• Assistance package $750 — Aussie, 17 weeks ago
• Corona pay cut — Rob, 17 weeks ago
• Stay home idiots — Beemee, 17 weeks ago
• One of the UK's finest comedians succumbs to COVID-19 — LeonYLC, 17 weeks ago
• How to find love during lockdown — Ben, 16 weeks ago
• Why are men dying from COVID-19 at rates higher than women? — LeonYLC, 16 weeks ago
• Microbiologist claims he knows the origin of coronavirus — LeonYLC, 16 weeks ago
• Facebook's touching COVID campaign — LeonYLC, 16 weeks ago
• Dogs could join the fight against COVID-19 — Ben, 15 weeks ago
• Why we need green spaces in COVID-19 era — Ben, 15 weeks ago
• Archaeology provides hope for post-pandemic future — Ben, 15 weeks ago
• Every COVID-19 commercial is exactly the same — Ben, 15 weeks ago
• Where COVID-19 has cost the most jobs — Ben, 14 weeks ago
• Protecting older Australians COVID-19 government update 7 May 2020 — LeonYLC, 14 weeks ago
• Protecting older Australians – government COVID-19 update 14 May 2020 — LeonYLC, 13 weeks ago
• Over 100 vaccines? Here's the latest in COVID-19 vaccine development — LeonYLC, 13 weeks ago
• Irish researchers find a significant cause of death in patients with COVID-19 — LeonYLC, 13 weeks ago
• Prevention the difference between life and death — Ben, 13 weeks ago
• This one damning new record shows full impact of virus — Ben, 13 weeks ago
• Gardens during lockdown — Incognito, 13 weeks ago
• COVID-19 puts brakes on global emissions — Ben, 12 weeks ago
• COVID-19 job losses slowing — Ben, 12 weeks ago
• Rethink Border Closures — Veritas, 11 weeks ago
• Retirees slash spending due to COVID-19 concerns — LeonYLC, 10 weeks ago
• Hundreds of thousands may now qualify for $750 stimulus payment — LeonYLC, 10 weeks ago
• CoronaVirus statue being considered by Manly Council — Hola, 10 weeks ago
• What WHO says about over 60s and face masks — Janelle Ward YLC, 9 weeks ago
• China suffers new COVID-19 outbreak — Drew YLC, 8 weeks ago
• Rise in investment scams during pandemic — Ben, 7 weeks ago
• Supermarket lifts purchase restrictions — Ben, 8 weeks ago
• Using coronavirus crisis to cut energy bills — Ben, 8 weeks ago
• Warning on use of COVID-fighting steroid — Ben, 7 weeks ago
• Australia's shift to digital from cash hastened by COVID-19 — LeonYLC, 7 weeks ago
• Lockdowns increasing the likelihood of falls in older Australians — LeonYLC, 6 weeks ago
• Great COVID-19 news from Canberra — LeonYLC, 6 weeks ago
• Supermarkets bring back restrictions — Ben, 5 weeks ago
• Second wave in Victoria hinders Australian recovery — LeonYLC, 5 weeks ago
• Services Australia pandemic support reminder — LeonYLC, 5 weeks ago
• Covid19 — Keith Williams, 5 weeks ago
• Will pets bring on the next pandemic? — Ben, 7 weeks ago
• Ruby Princess inquiry a ‘smokescreen’ — Ben, 5 weeks ago
• 'Anti-virus Activewear' claims to keep you safe from viruses and bacteria — LeonYLC, 4 weeks ago
• CHOICE issues hand sanitiser safety warning, product recalled — Janelle Ward YLC, 4 weeks ago
• Jail terms for COVID-19 rule-breakers — LeonYLC, 4 weeks ago
• How COVID-19 restrictions affect women and men differently — LeonYLC, 3 weeks ag
• New symptom could be the first sign of COVID-19 — LeonYLC, 3 weeks ago
• A positive from COVID-19? — Ben, 3 weeks ago
• Deaths higher than average in April — Ben, 3 weeks ago
• MASKS...protect everyone. — Sophie, 3 weeks ago
• Another strange COVID-19 symptom — LeonYLC, 2 weeks ago
• How keen are you to get a COVID-19 vaccine into you? — LeonYLC, 2 weeks ago
• Simplest way to prevent spread of virus — Janelle Ward YLC, 2 weeks ago
• Do this in the car to lower your coronavirus risk — Janelle Ward YLC, 2 weeks ago
• No evidence alcohol-free hand sanitisers effective against COVID-19 — LeonYLC, 2 weeks ago
• Unexpected way a mask could save you — LeonYLC, 2 weeks ago
• How Australia will cope with the Financial situation from the Virus Fallout — Celia, 1 week ago
• Socializing while the Pandemic is happening — Celia, 1 week ago
• Your brain may be getting bigger due to the pandemic — Ben, 1 week ago
• Don’t go looking for these COVID-19 medicines — Ben, 1 week ago
• The ‘face mask’ you shouldn’t wear — Janelle Ward YLC, 3 days ago
• Full impact of COVID-19 revealed — Ben, 5 hours ago

It's quite a long list.

Thanks RnR for including all those entries.  At least we can all see how many times the Covid has been disgussed. 

 No probs Hola ... certainly a lot of virus topics raised by many.

Geeeeez - some people have a lot of time to kill!  Amusing   lololol     :)

(Least mine was 5 months ago!)  

... some people have a lot of time to kill! 

Yep ... my world has just been upended BIG TIME after my one and only beloved 47-year-old non-smoking, cycling marathon-running DIL was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer last week. It's spread to her brain and the prognosis is horrible. Only son in bits ... I'm in bits.

Meaningless crap like my post above just eases the pain a little. 

RnR -  What a terrible diagnosis, inoperable lung cancer. My heart goes out to you. I know what

you're going through when my husband was diagnosed with inoperable Prostate Cancer.  Hang in 

there and be there for her.   

Thanks Hola and thanks for "being there" when my late hubby died in 2012.



Oh geez RnR - you mentioned a little while ago that some tests had been done ...the fact there wasn't any more news from you was hoping things went ok so sorry to hear that!  Unimagineable! Amazed you can put two words together actually .....thank you for sharing ....if I could do one of your pretty "red hearts" I would send you one...(just pretend I did) - hang on in there .....just know my thoughts are with you....  



 Thanks Foxy ... very much appreciated ... take care.

RnR, that is horrible news!...and the last thing one needs to contend with in this horrible year. I feel deeply for you and your family. Sending you a BIG HUG.

 Thanks NY19 ... your BIG HUG is being warmly appreciated right this minute. 

So sorry to hear that RnR.  My son had prostate cancer, but thankfully survived, and I remember how that made me feel.  I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through.  

 Thanks Leonie, much appreciated ... so wonderful to hear about your son.

Hola must be caught up at specsavers, she hasn’t come back in to apologise to Sophie.

From that list I see Sophie posted ONE thread relating to the virus.

Hola must be caught up at specsavers, she hasn’t come back in to apologise to Sophie.

From that list I see Sophie posted ONE thread relating to the virus.

I don't need to apologise to her.  I mentioned to someone on YLC, "See how long before The Mask comes in to

defend her", are you her henchman?


You don't need to and you won't because you very very nasty and rude, and yep I am her "henchman".  same as you are Celia's henchman, that's what it's all about. 

Most of those threads are from Celia (your pal) others are from Drew, Ben, Leon, Janelle (all staff members) who are paid to put up threads.


... what a mean old Troll!  Take extra "nasty" pills today?  lololol 

Not as old and mean as you.lololol - you should be glad all those threads are these for your protection

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watch out Shetso will be here soon with her doberman, LOL


Wow u must be slipping?  You normally call Shetso "Shitso"???  Dementia creeping in?

...  the crappy "teenage" pics you post just simply enhance your low mentality/ignorance!  Must be some prize of a "man" eh? lololololololol ......... booby prize perhaps?





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The Mask….Thank you for being my Knight in Shining Armour. You are indeed a chivalrous and noble protector.

Knowest thou honourable champion of the Realm..I do not accept apologies from mean spirited do so would be likened to drinking from the bitten chalice.

Farewell, my friend..I have some magic to attend to…


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Random-acts-of-kindness topic = CLOSED

Perhaps the covid is very much on peoples' minds and that is what they want to talk about ?

It would seem to me most topics will have someone put something about covid in it ... more of a case OFF TOPIC  ???