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Do you store your jam in the fridge or pantry?

Much like the debate over keeping your tomato sauce in the fridge or in the pantry, the newest online debate is now focused on where you keep your jam.

According to, the debate has already raged on a number of Facebook groups.

The biggest argument against storing jam in the fridge was that the user wanted warm toast, and putting cold jam on the toast directly from the fridge cooled the toast.

While, the biggest argument for storing jam in the fridge has been around knife habits, with many of the users suggesting that butter and crumbs getting into the jam jar will go off much quicker outside of the fridge.

Personally, i've always stored my jam in the fridge and won't be changing that habit anytime soon. 

Which side of the debate are you on? Team Fridge or Team Pantry?


I store my jam in the fridge ..stops ants invading my pantry looking for sugar.

If I want it on toast I just take it out an hour before.

Pretty grim when people have nothing else to argue about LOL

Once opened, the jam jar, should be stored in the fridge to avoid mould growth. However, honey should not be stored in the fridge.

Jams are fine in the cupboard i winter, in summer put in fridge. Do not lick knife ad do not let your toast crumbs in jar, most unhygenic

I've got IXL and Cottee's jams at the moment.

Both jar lables say : Refrigerate after opening.

That's good enough for me > in the fridge.

I am one whom has not had jam for yonks, too much sugar for my better half. However if I did have it I, like RnR, would follow the label's advice. End of issue!!

If this is the biggest problem people have to get all worked up about, then we are not doing so badly after all are we?


And to answer the question, in the fridge. Stops the fruit flies, ants and any other hungry critter getting it. Want it room temperature, then take it out before you need it!

First world problem!



Dont eat jam 

Only smashed avocadoes on my toast

Or a couple of poached eggs - preferably benedict with smoked salmon and bacon bits

Do you smash the avocados on your chest, babe?

No Reagan 

You should google it to see how its done

That is of course if you're keen to try it. If not stick to your jam and bread. Its a safe bet for oldies like you

Whatever you say babe, LOL

Has oldbald been making advances, Reagan?? I just sent him a pink blow up doll.

I don't eat jam, as not much of a sweet tooth.   But the same debate has raged for years about eggs.   I keep mine in the frig, mainly because I don't have much cupboard room.   According to one egg producer , it doesn't matter whether in or out of frig.

Don't eat much Jam but once open I store it in the fridge