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Do you wake up with a sore neck?

Morning folks....Just a little tip might just help
Roll up a towel and place it inside your pillowslip
down the bottom of your pillow where you put your neck.
Often we get a sore neck when sleeping because
the neck hollow does not have support SO if you have a rolled up
soft towel the hollow is filled in hence support for the neck.
This does work and often can prevent a morning headache also.
This advice is from a Doctor.
All the best


Thanks Phyl......I will give that a go.

Long time since I had a sore neck but a good tip Phyl - thanks.

Hope it helps laddies.... :)

btw Fwed if you are not nice to me I could give

you a sore neck. Nah would I do that to you?

in very small writing > depends) :lol:

Did I see you have been misbehaving though Fwed.?

Beautiful day today.

Did I see you have been misbehaving though Fwed.?

Never , no , not me, it was probably seth.

He always misbehaves and never pays his taxes, plus with all the ado about his bycycle that had a flat tyre proves that he cannot be trusted.

As you know I am kind, considerate & generous.

So generous in fact I sent the flat tyre back to him for repair.

Love that last bit fwed.

I will also try the tip with the towel, thanks Phyl

I guess I am lucky never wake up with a sore neck--

I would imagine that the problem would be very much exacerbated by

the practice of standing on your head on a very fast wobbling steel plate !!!

:long: @ Ken Innes.

BTW I was going to offer you a few squares of the chocolate block

I just bought - Smarty block. but you do not behave so not going to share.


Has anyone found it is impossible to buy a nice pastie these days?

I was craving a hot pastie for lunch today but when we read the ingredients

2.5% beef and mutton is the meat content. Now I ask you?


Not to worry I am going to make Phyl's special home made Pastie

for Dinner this eve. All invited but let me know how many so I can

make enough :)

What a perfect day today is. We are going to have chocolate and

watch "Come dine with me at 12" we see 2 and 1/2 hours of it and love

our lazy Saturdays.

Five people each cook a three course meal for the other four guests and

one of them wins 2,000 pounds (no pound sign on the computer now).


I recon kfc would give them a run for their money yes?

I recon kfc would give them a run for their money yes?

I am still wondering if kfc has mastered the art of hash browns.


(Internationally renowned Master Chef, Bank President, Tax collector & Cyclist)

I cannot remember if kfc got great advice on how to make those

Hash Browns or not Fwed. did he?


You could cook us all a slap up meal and we could

all come round to your place Fwed. I have these great ideas now and again.

I will bring THE cake :lol:

SO kfc did you?

Seggie. I have to ask for a rolled up towel behind my neck if I have acupuncture, etc., otherwise dizzy and very light headed (promise no alcohol has been taken). Good idea, Phyl. Re pasties. Many years ago, in Cornwall, we decided we'd better try Cornish pasties. Pastry lovely but inside, not sure what it was. Asked next day and told it was mashed potato with grated carrot. Then we made a boo-boo when biting into pork pie as we liked to try different things. Husband took it back, asking for it to be heated, only to be told, no, you eat pork pies cold, not hot. What a laugh we had. Another time, we had fried chicken. Took a look at it closely and the fat was really yellow. Thought it was off. No, we were the 'off' ones. We were used to the fat in a chicken being white. Luckily we'd placed it in the 'fridge to put in the garbage bin next morning but we ended up eating it. Free range beat shed chickens any day. Talk about green Aussies. Thank goodness for memories.

Great stories Seggie. Had such a giggle at the cold pork pie.

My Mum was English and used to talk about pork pies but

only tried one once. Kind of o.k.

I wonder can you heat them? maybe not......:)


I am looking forward to making my big pastie and some small ones.

Anyone know how to make a pastie?

I was just going to cook sausage meat and minced steak and chuck

in 1/2 bag of mixed veges. What ya think? and rolled up in pastry"

Yes" no" could be o.k.?

These days I cook fast or do not bother to cook at all :lol:

Who needs to cook fruit and ice cream and chocolate I ask :)

Seggie. Hi Phyl. Best cook I knew in the world (m-i-law) made great Cornish pasties. The way she did them did take some time as she grated the potato first, then carrot, diced onion, pepper and salt, dash of flour to bind the mix. and then into a bread and butter plate size piece of shortcrust. Bring the edges up to the top, seal the pastry edges and twist pastry or do it anyway at all. Sometimes she added minced steak but often they were just vegie.pasties. Absolutely delicious with tomato sauce and simply wonderful cold too.

Another time when you decide to make them, add a small grated parsnip as it adds a wonderful flavour. Yum.

I will dice the potato Seggie and carrot and onion and some pepper

as I have a red and a green one.

I will add some meat as we like our meat :)

and albeit I love parsnip my cute husband is not

a parsnip person but I am looking forward to making them

late today.

Thank ya kindly mam. hugs and :kiss: e 's