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Do you YouTube?

The real question is, why do you not YouTube! Everyone is doing it! YouTube is one of the biggest online community websites in the world. It can be used by the most computer illiterate of users, up to the “video blogging experts”.
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I have logged on many times but get sick of waiting for it to download even though I am on Broadband .............I get these links from e mail but often click off .............

If you have trouble with Broadband and slow downloading how sorry must you feel for us on dial-up I ask? It's impossible i m p o s s i b l e.......


I use it all the time and it loads very quickly for me - except that, by the end of the month,I've used it too much and Optus slooowwwsss me right dooooowwwwnnnn............

I've had my wee fairy penguin chasing the fish at Portarlington Pier for some time now. Was going to put the wife and the grandkids doing the nutbush but we didn't have music. Maybe later eh?.

Let's see if this works hope you enjoy:

No I don't do it--I am on dial up too--and not sure if it would interest me at all