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Doctors Appointments while the Coronavirus is heating up in Oz

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I need a new prescription!

So I phoned the surgery and asked if they will write a prescription out for me and Bulk Bill so I don't have to sit around

in the surgery waiting while others are coughing and spluttering~

The Reception said they have a facility for Seniors to make an appointment for a Call Back by the Doctor so I will be waiting for my phone call at 2.15pm today;  once this has been processed they send the prescription to a nominated Chemist for either it be collected or the Chemist will Deliver to the home.

Also the gloves the lady is wearing at the Heading on this Thread is available in a box at chemists, I purchased a box last week which I wear each time I go out of our home. Throw away when I get back home.


I wonder when Australia will get these?


Test by test: The types of coronavirus kits from 10-minute finger-prick results to a mask which can diagnose instantly that the UK could already be using - as PM promises new immunity check will be 'game changer' Test by test: Covid kits from 10-minute finger-prick tests to a mask that can diagnose

Boris Johnson on Wednesday announced that coronavirus testing was to ramped up to 25,000 per day after the government was lashed for allowing people to go undiagnosed. Only 5,000 were being swabbed for COVID-19 previously, a fraction of the number seen elsewhere. It comes as the number of positive tests for COVID-19 reached 2,626 while the death toll jumped overnight by 33 to 104. Mr Johnson tonight said a new 'game changing' coronavirus test which analyses antibodies in the blood could detect asymptomatic patients and those who have already shrugged off the bug.

There was a bit on the TV news the other night speaking of scams like SOME the ones above

Thye also said that they MIGHT be able to treat this virus with a medication they used for Malaria and AIDS -- in the early days

Yes Plan B that was in the news last week, there is another medication apparently they are trying for SARS.

I think it is hit and miss at this point in time.  I still rely on our anti viral and the zinc together with the blue gloves and scrubbing hands with soap.   

Yes I am OTT with cleanliness also and also wash everything that gets delivered before it is put in the fridge or cupboard

I rang my surgery the other day to make an appointment to get some prescriptions renewed and also talk to the doctor about the flu vaccine. I suspect I am allergic to the aluminium they put in a lot of vaccines....long story which I won't go into now. 
My surgery said they have changed nothing for current circumstances. Other surgeries in our area have started using the car park for consultations so no-one comes into contact with anyone else but my surgery said everything is as normal. They said if people have respiratory symptoms we are asking them to wait outside but cannot stop people from coming into the waiting room. My son said to ask for a telephone consultation instead. Don't know if they will do that but will phone again tomorrow to ask. 

Telephone consukts are meant to be for those who meet particular criteria, not just those who decide they want one.

The Medical Centre if thr patients go in wearing masks and are suspect Coronavirus they are sent outside and called in when it is their turn. It has been good weather so going outside is not too bad. On;y problem is no seats for elderly people to sit on. I don't know how they isolate them.

I have canceled my scan for 6 monthly CT scan at the MAter


I will also be asking for a phone consultation with my GP too-- I do NOT want to be in a room with others -- at a hospital OR anywhere else.

Three million Australians with high blood pressure are urged to keep taking their medication - as experts slam study linking pills to a higher infection rate for coronavirus

The Heart Foundation's chief medical adviser cardiologist Professor Garry Jennings, has disputed a paper published The Lancet which found a link with medication, coronavirus.

My doctor won't do phone requests, just tried, off to the cesspool of germs in the waiting room.

Wear gloves and sunnies and a mask! Good luck.

Most doctors are doing this phone an appointment, but I guess they need to examine some people first.

Have to take husband today for his blood test, I wait till either just before or just after they close for lunch!


I need new referral but chamces  are they   will not do this I have chronic health conditions

I know how you feel, after my facet joint injection last week I spoke on the phone to the GP and mentioned also about my hip replacement situation, she said she wants to wait six weeks.

However, I am reading that they have cancelled selective surgery which includes Orthopaedic surgery.

If this continues I will be bed ridden.

I need new referral but chamces  are they   will not do this I have chronic health conditions

What happens if I have to visit the doctor to get my scripts renewed?  I haven't been there for 6 months and I've just purchased my last repeats.

I had no trouble getting my scripts. I went on a Sunday afternoon, only 2 people there. I did have to ring in to make an appointment. My Health Medical Centre. The only problem is you have to see the Doctor on duty that day. I've never seen the same Doctor twice. 

I wonder if it would be worthwhile to ring ahead and ask them if they will leave your scripts at reception?

Some doctors send them to your chemist and you pick your meds up there. Some chemists may even home deliver. I managed to get my doctor's appointment changed to a telephone appointment and have to get a couple of scripts renewed so will find out soon what my doctor's procedure is. 

Visits to the GP on weekends is not bulk billed in our surgery!

My phone consultation the other day was fine, she got the office to fax a script through to my nominated chemist and I went to collect it myself, but I did have the offer of their delivery service to our home which I may take up if things get worse.