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Does Red Symons apology show Australia still racist?

Red Symons has apologised for his ‘racist’ comments to Beverley Wang, saying, "I came across as racist and I was wrong in the way I conducted the interview. I offer my sincere apologies. We need to talk about these issues, but be careful how we consider them."

Symons faced a backlash for asking Bevery Wang whether she was “yellow” and “what’s the deal with Asians.”

In his initial interview with Wang, Symons stated he was unhappy about her new podcast, It’s not a race as he had an idea for something similar – a radio segment that tackled "contemporary race issues in Australia". 

"Except my segment was called 'What's the deal with Asians?'," he said.

"Well, let's tackle that," Wang replied. "What is the deal with Asians, Red?"

"No, I ask the questions," the host replied.

"It's just a useful general question about the nature of our culture, and how one should, can, might interact with people who might have a different cultural background.

"First question is, are they all the same?" he asked.

While it’s largely assumed Symons was trying to be humourous, many believe the veteran radio host simply missed the mark.

Calling for Symons to be disciplined, federal Labor MP Linda Burney told ABC’s AM program, "If he was trying to be humorous, then it hasn't worked. It's quite racist."


What do you think? Was the backlash an over-exageration or should Symons be disciplined? Does Australia still have a problem with racism?

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My final word on this is..if  some people have the innate need to insult others because of their skin colour..the way they pray..the way they dress..their language.. then it shows their own lack of character..

Some argue Red Symonds is a comedian and his comments should be far as I am aware..he was conducting an interview..he was not on a stage wearing his comedian hat…

As an interviewer..he and other interviewers have a responsibility to be respectful and impartial to those they are is up to the audience to make up their minds about the interview…

Final word ?


guess that guy Alec Baldwin making fun of Trump on SNL should be crucified too

That guy made fun of Trump because Trump is a Moron, not because of his race or colour.  Morons should not be made fun of as long as they are not endangering anyone, but Trump definatley is a danger to others.

I  think you're biased 

Yes I am, I have always disliked Morons who have a negative effect on those around them.  But being a moron is not like being a race or religion, it is something that can be changed with education.

@ Raphael, there must be a name for people who make a habit of uttering inane comments, although I can't think of that name right now.

Symonds over stepped the mark, I still think he is a reasonable comedian, but this episode has cast some doubt on his ability to be a nice human being.

He should not be sacked or penalised just as the Majid young lady should not be chastised.

Banjo, I think most fair minded, thinking people would agree with you.

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