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Donald Trump lifts ban on elephant trophies

The Trump administration is set to allow the importation of body parts from African elephants shot for sport, contending that encouraging wealthy big-game hunters to kill them will aid the vulnerable species.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service said in a written notice that permitting elephants from Zimbabwe and Zambia to be brought back as trophies will raise money for conservation programs.

The change marks a shift in efforts to stop the importation of elephant tusks and hides, overriding a 2014 ban imposed by the Obama administration. The new policy applies to the remains of African elephants killed between January 2016 and December 2018.


Absolute insanity, what on earth is he thinking?


That's a disgusting picture. 

You should see the other pictures of his family big game hunting. Depraved lot.

The sooner he's out of office the better.

Sick family. Nothing more to say.

.... I saw/heard that on CNN News this morning!  I was disgusted!  There were also pics. of Trumps sons holding a magnificent Cheetah (they had killed)  between them .... and smiling!   Appalling!

CNN report said there are approx. 100 elephants killed per week!  I found that number astounding!!

I can't believe he's serious.

...well he may have to back down!  - World Wildlife conservationists are furious that Trump overturned what Obama fought long and hard for!

To use the excuse  "hunting will raise money for conservation programs" etc. is just a load of crock!

... just saw the 7pm News ....Trump is reconsidering his options due to world wide condemnation  from not only Animal Welfare groups but all kinds of celebrities - politicians - etc. etc.  

....nothing like "people power" !!!

Bravo ... !!!

WHAT A RIDICULOUS THING TO EVEN THINK OF ALLOWING,     zoos all over the world,    even here in australis,    esp, at WERIBEE,    are doing all they can to keep these spieces  going,      and he announces something like this,     the man must be mad,    he will have all the animal conservationist s after him,    [and rightly so]     he would have to back down,     how anyone can find sport in hunting defenceless animals is beyond me,       his sons,  or son in law,  whever it is that wants to hunt,  need to get out and do some good in the world instead of destroying all the beauty,   

I am appalled/disgusted/sickened by this poor excuse for a human being called Trump and his whole family,  it is time this Narcissistic ego maniac was thrown out!

Very well put, PlanB,

Perhaps posters would like to sign this campaign against Trump

Thanks Twila I have signed

On 29 January 2018 he will have been POTUS for one year.   I firmly believed he would not last a year....he may yet do...but watching a doco the other day and someone on their said "impeachment was getting closer for Tump".


Whether it happens on not remains to be seen but  Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be the man to watch.

The sooner the better -- the trouble his he has so much  ' pull'  it will be hard to stop his insane carrying on

Can't we have a season where we get to hunt these morons once a year.  They would probably see things differently if their victims had chance to fight back.  I wouldn't even mind if they got to keep their weapons, I doubt they would add up to much in an equal scrap.

The entire male part of the family seems to revel in acts of cruelty against those who can't defend themselves.  I bet they all have really tiny hands and highly powered sports cars.

Too right ex PS,  these mongrels refused to even do their time in the military,  they found excuses to get them out -- they are dead set cowards and I bet they are cowards in real life if they never had the upper hand  too

Yes I believe Trump got out of going to Vietnam, and then degraded another politician for getting captured.  That this coward has access to the red button is deplorable.  They should have someone shadowing him and if he reaches for the button they should blow his head off.

ex PS,

Yes, Trump managed to avoid going to Vietnam.  Personally, I feel that any person who evades doing their duty this way ... and showing they are craven cowards should be barred for standing for Presidency.

Bush also got out of military service along with quite a few others

i was reading something in the paper this week,    i cant think where now,   but will find it,    IT SAID,    that TWO MEN,    who are incharge of pushing the red button ,  if TRUMP gives the order,    WILL NOT DO IT,      they said they dont agree with bombing NORTH KOREA,    and would refuse to obey his order,       i will find where it was printed,   

I read similar too, Cats. See below.

A top United States nuclear commander says he would resist President Donald Trump if he ordered an "illegal" launch of nuclear weapons.

Air Force General John Hyten, commander of the US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), told an audience at the Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia, Canada that he had given a lot of thought to what he would say if he received such an order.

"We're not stupid people. We think about these things a lot.”

General Hyten said running through scenarios of how to react in the event of an illegal order was standard practice.


As for 'trophy hunting' of endangered species and animals in general ... sickens me.


Absolutely agree with you.

I wonder how long Trump will last; whether he will complete his term in office. ...

He hasn't brought in any of the promises he said ... this far into his term.

The royals have also been involved in trophy hunting and don't forget that cricketer too AND the leader oof the shooter and fishers party -- low lives the lot of them.

HI RnR,    YES,   that sounds like i was reading,     makes you wonder just how close he has come to doing it,      at first  i thought he may have been what the usa needed,    and still think some of his ideas have merit,     but some of the things he says,   one has to wonder .      as for the hunting,     anyone who can just shoot a defensless animal ,  has no soul,    in my opinion,       i still cant understand how england allows fox hunting,    that is barbaric,         when you see these beautiful creatures like the POLAR BEARS,      TIGERS,    ELEPHANT,    makes you wonder about people,    how can they not see the beauty in these animals,   and then go and shoot them,    makes my blood run cold,   



Fox-hunting in England was banned under the Labour government over a decade ago.  However, Theresa May pledged to hold a vote in Parliament to over-turn this.  I do not know the situation at present.

Australia isn't squeaky clean regarding hunting ... and  in fact, we have fox-hunting clubs.

I detest any cruelty to Animals but Foxes are a blight here in Australia -- thanks to some Europeans that brought them and Rabbits out here  -- to hunt -- and now they are desimating out wild life -- along with cats that are allowed to roam.

So sadly these foreign Animals have to be eliminated,  shame we weren't able to  'eliminate' the ones that brought them out in the 1st place.

Agree PlanB, but "Fox Hunting " in England involves running an animal down with hounds and horses and after hours of it being subjected to immeasurable fear, letting the hounds tear the fox to pieces whilst still alive.

We need to hunt sometimes for pest control as in foxes in Australia, or even for food, but a true hunter never takes more than they can use and never subjects an animal to uneccessary pain or suffering.  To kill an animal just for their skin is barbaric, unless of course you are freezing to death and need the skin for clothing.


ex PS,

And to know just how barbaric fox-hunting (was/is) in England ... The first time a rider joins the hounds they are "blooded" ... the brush (tail) of the fox is cut from its body and the brush with its blood liberally plastered across the face of the novice rider.

Thats is horrific and it makes me wish that this could happen to those that do it  -- the royals are big on Fox hunting too -- WHY do people get pleasure from seeing other things suffer -- even if you kill a fly there is no way I would want it to suffer.



It is horrific. 

Unfortunately, whenever animals and humans are involved in "sport," including horse and greyhound racing, cruelty is involved.

Indeed, where animals and money is involved. 

Puppy farms are truly appalling. 

And then we have people trying to develop a perfect breed.  Whilst this poor animal may meet the standards externally, it is often in pain, has heart problems and shortened life expectancy.

And ..  if animals don't make the grade ... race-horses, greyhound and general breeding, they are put down.

Human being can be utterly, utterly disgusting.

Well I have pretty well given up eating them .But they now tell me vegetables scream when harvested .

If a carrot screams in the garden and there is no one there to hear it, did it really scream?

I would argue that to stop eating mutton or lamb would be to initiate the demise of certain breeds of sheep, as if they served no purpose, who would bother breeding them.

The meat producers would switch to wool bearing sheep and would not feed sheep that could not produce a profit.  Better to concentrate on handling and dispatching animals as humanely as possible.

Better to concentrate on handling and dispatching animals as humanely as possible.

Yes and I agree...

Theresa May has pledged to lift the ban on fox hunting in two years' time...many in the UK agree with her. Although there is a ban..there is a lot of "illegal hunting" in the UK..

HI TWILA,    thanks for that,    i did know it was on the agenda.  [fox hunting]    to be banned,   some time ago,    but had heard noithing since,     that is good news,      it s one of the more barbaric 'sports'       ,  i am not even going to look at that piece by RnR below,       the puggles are lovely,     i dont even want to imagine,  

It's a lovely puggle story Cats about a baby echidna puggle who has been rescued and is being fed milk at Taronga Zoo. Puggles need to be kept at a constant temperature (quite cool the keeper said) and that’s where the Esky comes in.

Just when you despair at the inhumanity of the human race, something like this pops up.

Feeding a puggle

:) And I thought Eskies were for booze.


Thank you ...

President Trump called elephant hunting a “horror show” Sunday and strongly suggested he will permanently block imports of elephant trophies from two African nations despite his administration’s earlier approval of the practice.

I hope gets better advice about bombing North Korea.


Trump in spite of an opposing media is actualy doing well.

i wish him well on his latest intitiave to reduce the power of the presidency and insist on the separation of power . 

Even though my own belief is supremacy of Parliment 

Even if he is reducing the power of the Presidency by reducing the peoples' respect for it?

Julia Gillard did well despite the opposition and spite of the media, did she gain your praise?

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As for the deplorable Gillard perhaps a read of the left Guardian one rag that you would expect to support her might cure you of your opinion that she did well.

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Brocky, I try to base my opinion on what I see, not what I am told to believe by a political machine.  As for media reporting, I have seen nothing in the last ten years that would convince me that any one of them has the integrety that would make me believe one tength of what they report.

Beliefs based on political propaganda by nature of where they are founded can not be beliefs.


Shrodinger's carrot ... perhaps.

Are you suggesting that Gillard can be in two places at once. 

That she can be both an atheist and a Christian ? 

Be both against and for SSM ?

Be for and against a Tax?

Surely not.....


Are you suggesting that the P.M runs the country, most do not even have control of there own party.  P.Ms' public opinions are shaped by the party machine, not by their own consciences, that is why M.T is such a failure, he is not being shaped, he is being dictated to.

I agree with the majority of what you say . 

Except that Turnbull is being dictated to, 

His problem is that he is so lousy at politics because he has no underlying philosophy .

Keating was right when he said good politics is good policy .


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