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dual citizen Neal Prakash...terrorist!

Jacqui Lambie had to quit parliament.  Her father was born in Scotland.  She was born in Tasmania

She was deemed a dual citizen.


Neal Prakash.  Father born in Fiji.  Prakash was born in Melbourne.

  Sarah Hanson-Young and Labor saying he is not a dual citizen.

Lot of rubbish and just political spin.  If one is a dual citizen then the other is as well.hope he rots in turkish gaol



Fiji does not want him. Australia does not want him. If he is not wanted anywhere he becomes Stateless.

There are over 12M stateless people in the world right now - one more makes no difference. Dump him in the ocean is my suggestion.

Ardnher, when you put it that way the laws seem to be made so that the UNCHR can bully people with their own ideological sense of justice? 

Our Deputy Prime Minister had to resign from Parlaiment because his father was born in New Zealand, but we have trouble trying to get rid of a murderer who wants to start WW3 because his father was born in Fiji???? There's obviously a reasonable explanation for this apparent stupidity???  

The dual citizenship law applied to politicians concerns those who stand for political office.  They have nothing to do with ordinary citizens.  Dutton bungled things yet again, he can't be trusted to get the job done.  To be deemed a dual citizen you have to be able to claim citizenship of another country, if the country involve does not accept your claim you can not be a dual citizen.  Just because you believe something, it does not make it true.

I believe that Dutton is one of the best the LNP has to offer, unfortunatley their best is a fair bit lower than mediocre.