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Election May 18 2019

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Prime Minister calls federal election
PM calls an election, but is his party ready to tackle an uphill battle?


A knock on the Governor General’s door at the crack of dawn, a quick conversation with Sir Peter Cosgrove and Prime Minister Scott Morrison emerges to announce a federal election.

So, Australians will go to the polls on 18 May after Mr Morrison dissolved the 46th Parliament.

He formally announced the election date in the forecourt of Parliament House at 8.30am.

Is his party ready for the uphill battle many are predicting?

The Liberals are behind Labor in the latest Newspoll, but believe that by limiting expected losses in Victoria and targeting on-the-fence voters in NSW and Tasmania, they may still have a shot at winning.

It’s a big ask. Labor needs just seven seats to form a government.

Based on current numbers, Labor may pick up around 10 seats – more than enough to claim a majority in the House of Representatives.

However, ALP strategists aren’t expecting the landslide some have predicted.

The hot tip was that the PM would call the election last Sunday. Labor claims the Government put off that announcement so it could legally use taxpayer funds to pay for advertising policies.

Labor may be on to something. Mr Morrison has landed the first electioneering punch with his first taxpayer-funded Liberal Party election advertisement, My vision for Australia, released last night.

He has called on Australians to look forward a decade, rather than focusing on the present.

“The real question is, what country do you want to live in for the next 10 years?” Mr Morrison says in the advertisement.

“It has taken us 12 years to get the budget back on track. You change the Government, you change the course of the country, and it takes a long time to get it back on track.”

The message from Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is blunt and to the point.

“Six years of instability, six years, three prime ministers. Time’s up,” he said.

Both parties seem to be focused on the economy, as well as pushing tax cuts and spending on healthcare and infrastructure. But as we’ve already reported, older Australians are largely being ignored. Almost four in 10 respondents to our Friday Flash Poll: Who do you trust? say they feel ignored by both parties, but concede that healthcare is the one area that may sway their vote.

Read more at The New Daily

Which policies would you like to see each party take to the Federal Election? Tell us in the comments below.

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All our friends and family are so proud of all the Aussies who saw through the lies and divisive policies that Shorten and his team were proposing
Also so heartening to see the many posters on here who saw through this dishonest and biased articles posted by YLC and labor supportersScott is a personal family friend and he will be a wonderful leader of this great nation Also Clive Palmer should be commended for using $80million of his personal funds to stop Shorten from getting the top job. We owe Clive and Scott Morrisson our eternal gratitude for saving Australia

In contrast to Maureen, all my friends & family are devastated that the average Australian doesn't care that our Pacific neighbours are losing their homes & in some cases, their whole country.

I'm also devastated that so many Australians were frightened by the LNP & Clive Palmer's UAP fear campaigns, believing the lies told, like that Labor would introduce Death Duties, & so many other nuanced propaganda techniques used by the Libs, UAP & the far right wing media machine.

I'm disappointed by Australians. What happened to the Australia when people were fearless, tough & forward looking? Now they seem to be frightened to lose what little, or much, they have worked for & bugger having a fair society. If I were a casual waiting tables at your local cafe, I'd go on strike today! No, it seems, I don't deserve extra pay to work on Sundays while the better off brunch.

PS - Clive Palmer is a thieving rat. He's spent all that money on the election (in cahoots with the Liberal Government) but leaves it to Consolidated Revenue (my taxes) to pay $70million out to Palmer's workers. Palmer still owes about $7million to his former workers. What a thieving hypocrite & shame on you Maureen, for saying how great you think Palmer is.

The real tragedy is this: will we get more of the same from Morrison? That is, iIneptness to lead his Party on policy, disunity in the Liberal Party, in-fighting with the Liberals & Nationals, no consideration to young people & no action on climate change?

Shame on Australia - we will now become more like Trump's America: a mean, competitive, violent, fearful, racist society where the underprivileged are treated like dogs.

Dear Hoohoo

The LNP have a very sound climate policy 

they are going to meet and better the emission targets agreed at the Paris summit 

how good is that !!!


Unfortunately, the coal we export isn't included in Australia's emission charts, & Australia is the biggest producer of coal in the world. Australia is the highest per capita emitter. We are simply sticking our heads in the sand to say Australia is doing our part, when we are fundamentally responsible when all our coal is burned somewhere overseas. We've only got one atmosphere hello!

Australia is piss weak & a rogue state when it comes to contributing to harmful, global climate change. Meanwhile, our Pacific neighbours are losing their homes & in some cases, their whole country. Shame on you, Australia!

Hoohoo, you expected too much of your fellow Australians, especially the boomers. The plus side is they will evenrtually drop off the perch and the millennials will balance the scales. What goes around, comes around. In the meantime, spare a thought for the vulnerable who will continue to be on the rough end of the pineapple.


Hoo Hoo,

You may as well save your breath (or finger energy). Last night showed us that the majority of Australians don’t care a damn about climate change. So depressing....



We perhaps don’t have time left for the young to overtake the old with positive action to save this planet. Last night in Australia we failed our young people.



im sorry to disagree but last night we did our young people and future generations an enormous favour 

the young learned a lesson in democracy not fascism or climate change terrorism

we now have a responsible government who will act practically on climate change , economic management and social responsibility rather than promise heaven and earth like Shorten did for the sake of his ambition to be coronated as PM


Maureen, the fascists just hunkered down! Democracy is shot in the heart when propaganda & lies win the day at the election box.

Climate change terrorism is washing over the gardens & homes of our Pacific neighbours in Tonga, Fiji, Kiribati Islands, New Guinea & Samoa. The Australian electorate just armed the real terrorists with more weapons.

The Liberal government has been a useless bystander when it comes to REAL climate action. They've already proved they are totally irresponsible on this issue.

I'm not a fan of Shorten & I'm glad he's no longer the leader of the Labor Party, who thought they had to show unity if they were to win government. Idiots! Look at the Liberals, backstabbing sitting Prime Ministers left right & centre on their way to glory! (with the help of the right wing biased media).

I personally think future political analysts will benchmark the Australian 2019 election as the election when media overtook democracy, much like Trump's election in 2016.

Emissions have risen beyond the projections, Maureen.

You've been reading too much Murdoch tabloids & listening to far right wing shock jocks, haven't you? It's called propaganda, Maureen, & unfortunately, it's perfectly legal, like so many other dodgy aspects of our democracy (like donations from big business to both major political Parties). This is why they refuse to have a national ICAC - they know all sorts of corruption of democratic processes will be revealed, just as it did in the Royal Commissions into Banking & into institutional child sex abuse.

There are some very underhanded forces at work in our midst.

So I take it Hoohoo you so hate this country you will emigrate?

And if we stop selling our coal, while denying ourselves so energy costs go througfh the roof, just how many degrees will the climate cool?


“So I take it Hoohoo you so hate this country you will emigrate?”

Oh boy, what a leap you make Tamwin. Does it occur to you that Hoohoo perhaps may love this country, indeed this planet, more than you? We had a great Carbon Pricing Scheme under Gillard and the Greens designed to convert to an ETS that the Chinese have adopted. Indeed, the Chinese thought we were crazy to ditch it. Had we kept it we would be so much better off now both financially and morally. We should have stayed on track back then to convert to better energy sources for our future but the LNP got rid of it and has fart arsed around since then to produce nothing of value. They have dragged the chain, given us nothing to feel positive about in relation to alleviating the price of energy or saving our planet. 

Well, Tanwin, I'll believe 98% of expert scientists before I believe greedy people who won't let anything stand in the way of them & their riches. If you're so worried about the increasing price of electricity, I suggest you invest in solar panels. My last quarterly bill was $55 & that included paying about $1.60 per day ($144) for being connected to the grid.

I'm a nature person & I sincerely love Australia & her Country. I have an intimate relationship with this place & I'll never abandon her.

I very much dislike the greedy dickheads who control our government, & I'm not just talking about the politicians.

You are so right, Ny19 - Australia blew her opportunity to price carbon & become a leader instead of a sucker. Like you say, it could've been an income-earner for Australia but as we know, this government doesn't want to earn money from renewables because they renewables don't make huge donations to political parties like the fossil fuel industry does.

It all comes down to money. Frighten the people & sit back & watch those corporate profits keep on rolling in! (then shuffle off as much as you can to the Caymen Islands, so you don't even return your share of tax back to the country you are raping). They don't care about our country at all, just the bottom line. In fact, I call them traitors to our Country.


Hoohoo, I understand your pain, but this may comfort you.

"The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have." (Yiddish proverb).

Yes ABE, I am blessed & truly rich because I love, & I am loved in return, by many.

Please excuse my acid tongue while I get this shit off my liver!


Hoohoo said ... "Shame on Australia - we will now become more like Trump's America: a mean, competitive, violent, fearful, racist society where the underprivileged are treated like dogs."

Sadly Hoohoo I think we have been travelling down that path for quite some time.  You just have to watch the news, every night there is a stabbing or the like.  I sometimes lament the country I once knew.

The young people blame the boomers and to some degree, they're probably right.   But we were once the 'flower-power/peace' generation. I often wonder what the hell happened to us?  Some will say we just grew up. 

blaming boomers is ridiculous.  who has the overseas trips every year, who spends hundreds on design clothes, who eats out at expensive restaurants and pays $10 or more for a cocktail...certainly not the baby boomers I know. Who are staying at home longer with parents supposedly to save money (but many don't) yet getting all their meals and washing done by long suffering mothers.  Who don't bother saving because they want a life style.  Read about one guy who had saved $30K then decided it would rather spend it on an overseas trip and bugger the house deposit.

Thanks, Leonie. I think many from the flower generation just hardened their hearts, when all the free sex dried up!

I still call myself a young hippie, even though I'm a business person.

And ardnher, I expect your children are just waiting to inherit the house, then they'll learn how to use the washing machine. Of course, you can just tell them to do their own washing now, rather than having them wish you'd move on. Force them to grow up - it's your duty as a parent. It's your choice to baby them.

no one living with us!!

Analysis from Antony Green

9:10am Monday May 20:

We're predicting the Coalition will win 77 seats.

The seats of Bass in Tasmania and Chisholm in Victoria are likely to go to the Liberal Party.

Last night Dave Sharma won the Sydney seat of Wentworth.

Yes Suze 

good riddance to Kerryn Phelps 

labor will get either Abalone or Plerberscite as their next leader . No matter who I hope they drop their retiree tax and negative gearing policies 

Good onya Dave Sharma!! 

One thing I learned during this campaign.. Turnbull and his couple of mates actually belonged in the ALP or Greens. I got a robo call from Alex Turnbull (GetUp), he sounded like a spoiled kid.

Turnbull was in the wrong party as for his son Alex...what a vindictive person..note he closed his Twitter account as soon as the election went the wrong way.

Alex Turnbull - immature git

LNP did the right thing getting rid of his useless dad . Malcolm we believe was a labor/green plant 

Image result for congratulations in calligraphy


                        Image result for scott morrison


I would like to thank Chris Bowen (who now wants to be leader) for his advice that I heeded, that if we didnt like Labor policy dont vote for them. 

Its no good Labor faithful thrownig tantrums now they have lost. Even Labor pollies realise by having such wide -ranging UN-COSTED policies they became a huge target for right wing comentators to plant the seed of suspicion.

giving "anyone" an open cheque is nothing I would ever do...hence I did not vote for them

I guess on this day many in the ALP are wishing that Chifley had not rejected Menzie's "Brisbane Line" strategy to concede north and central Queensland to Japan in 1942. Karma.

LOL Farside. What an interesting snippet of our history.

The “Brisbane line” was an alleged plan to abandon Northern Australia in the event of a Japanese invasion. The allegation was made during a Labor election campaign in October 1942 when Edward Ward, the Minister for Labour and National Services accused the previous government of planning this strategy.

The accusation was unsubstantiated by Ward and firmly denied by Menzies and all members of the previous government. The allegations created much public controversy and led to a Royal Commission of Inquiry in June 1943. Mr Justice Lowe was appointed Royal Commissioner. The terms of the commission were to focus on whether any document concerning the so called “Brisbane Line” was missing from the official files and if so what was the nature of this document.

The Royal Commission found the documents to be complete and that no such plan had been official policy under the Menzies government.


RnR, many consider the Royal Commission a cover up. There was plenty of circumstantial evidence to support existence of the Brisbane Line (an imaginary line from Brisbane to Adelaide) - common talk, lack of troops in the north, transferring the American Army division to New Caledonia, no recall of AIF etc all of which added to a sense of defeatism that surprised MacArthur upon his arrival. He mentioned it in a speech was briefed on the  and decided to take the fight against the Japanese to PNG rather than rely upon defense.

Plenty of article of Trove from the day and looking back while it was still fresh in the mind


Another election over and still so many naive people who honestly think that politicians of any ilk will actually ever DO anything other than ensure that the "Status Quo" is continued (as to rock the boat would surely sign their death warrants0

The Rich and Powerful aided by whatever political party is in power (to ensure their "donations" continue to roll in)  Piss on us and the Media owned by those same Rich and Powerful tell us "It's Raining" ...

So nice to know Plain Logic that you dont accept our democracy and I take it you too will be emigrating soon?

Although still in a state of denial Labor did worse this election with a mere 33% of the vote compared to 2016.

For fear of being shouted down and ridiculed, I suspect the 'silent majority' just patiently waited and had their say at the ballot box

Anastasia P is now going to fastrack approval for Adani
The people have spoken 

She need a good lock up her backside and now she’s off like a bunny rabbit 

Well done people of Queensland

Thank you to Bob Brown too
Where are you taking the bus next Bob 
We need more development in the Northern Terrority and W A 
Let us know when you coming won’t you 
Please and Thank You

Sam Dastyrari (who had to leave under a cloud because of his close ties to Chinese govt) is begging Penny Wong to stand as Opposition Leader!!!

Could not think of a worse person to lead Labor!

Who cares who leads labor

they should never get back in power

australians have had enough of labor and greens 

could not care less who leads Labor...but if they put  Bowen in as leader..they will be in opposition at the next election as well.  He was their policy man!!

Hope the taxpayer is enjoying our spend up.

The system of public funding for parties contesting the federal elections in Australia was introduced in 1984 so that parties did not have to rely exclusively on donations.

Under new rules brought in for this election, parties will only receive as much funding as they spent on the campaign up to the amount for which they are eligible. They will need to provide evidence of electoral spending and the ABC understands the Australian Electoral Commission is preparing for possible disputes.


Yes that is another continuing expense we have from the Hawke Keating era

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