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Energy plans simpler, but I’m confused

It’s now easier to find the best and cheapest energy plan for your household, right? Well, I’m confused. I’ve just received two letters from my supplier, Red Energy. I’ve been with them for about a decade. They seem to be competitive according to comparison sites. However, is it a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing at Red?

Letter one said, in part: “Based on your annual usage history, we have reviewed your current energy rates against our other offers and can confirm you are on our lowest cost plan.”

Terrific, I thought.

Open letter two, which said, in part: “We have reviewed your current energy rates against our other offers and based on your annual usage history, our Qantas Red Saver may cost you up to $110 less per year than your current plan.”

Please explain?

Has the ‘simplification’ of energy plans worked out for you? Are you sure you are on the best and cheapest plan for your household? Are you really sure?


What are the dates on the letters?  You should contact them and ask which it is, but also ask them why you are not getting your electricity for the lesser amount anyway.

The energy sector is a diabolical mess. They have been absolutely gouging customers for a very long time, and the sooner there's a Royal Commission into the whole industry the better.

My mum and I are both with Red Energy, I called them and had a talk, was easy to work out once you speak with them and tell them you want the lowest plan possible. You need to look at the kwh charges. If you do not call they will keep you on the plan you were on.



with looming blackouts coming up over summer you might have lower costs if they cannot provide the service.  In fact   I would not be stoc king my fridges/ freezers for xmas as blackouts are well and truly on the cards