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Entertainment reporter's shocking Stefanovic reveal

Entertainment reporter Richard Reid has most certainly made himself an enemy in Karl Stefanovic after a shocking reveal last night in I’m a Celeb jungle.

Reid was not shy of gossipping about Stefanovic to his I’m a Celeb campmate, Angie Kent.

“So I go into the hair room, and this guy looks up and he’s kinda like balding,” Reid revealed. “It was Karl Stefanovic without his spray-on hair.”

“He has spray-on hair?” asked Kent.

“Yep, and then he went away and got hair plugs,” Reid said. “He had one of those six-week vacations and came back with (made gestures for hair plugs). And he still used the spray until it filled in.”

To which Kent replied, “God, he’d be so cross if he knew that was being spread around.”

It seems Reid hasn't quite stepped down as a self-proclaimed Gossip Guru.




I have always felt people who gossip about others do so because they lack self-esteem and self-worth. I am not particularly a fan of Karl but how would this upstart like it if people spread rumours about him? How would he like it if jokes were made about his sensuality and his early life? About his depression? So what if a man is going bald? Look at the they care? Does anyone care?

Reid suffers from depression and that could be the reason why he is employed to “dish the dirt”. It is suggested in psychology that people who enjoy being nasty about others have a lot of problems themselves.

I doubt Richard reid would take issue with jokes about his sensuality. Now if you were to joke about his sexuality, that may be a different thing altogether.

And clearly Karl cares about going bald or he wouldn't bother going to such lengths to disguise it. If only he would realsie that noone else care two bits!

I totally fail to see what is so shocking about hair implants for anyone at all especially when " celebrities" are under pressure to have the "right" look. 

Karl was a natural good looking male and he still looks natural even with a hair transplant. who was never Reid dated a plastic surgeon to get a nose job because he never was naturally good looking. That's why he turned into a bitchy gossip queen.  

KARL,   good looking?    you have to be kidding,   has beady eyes,  and a rather cruel smile,    seen better heads on cabbages,,,  

I have no idea how people like Karl do it and it must take a lot of energy, but he has the knack of breaking into and being accepted by the upper celebrity circle, including some very powerful people. A chameleon?  A great guy to hang around with?

Sorry..bit off topic!

Hope Karl watches Dancing with the Stars this season..with former wife Cassandra Thorburn competing..should make his day!

Image result for cassandra thorburn in dancing with the stars

Good luck Cassie!

Well in my opinion the Ex Mrs Stephanovic is nothing more than a media w****. She has doen everything she possibly can to humiliate her children in the public eye all under the guise of getting back at Karl for leaving her. OK so she was hurt, but she is not the first wife to have lost her husband nor will she be the last. And frankly she did very nicely out of it too. Karl has not attempted to denigrate her in public the way she has done time and time again to him (and the new wife).

Karl may be crass, personally I cannot bear to watch him, but she is not a naive innocent in all this. And posing like that is a publicity shot for the program. The new Mrs Stephanovic is also a good looker so Karl is missing nothing!

@ Sophie

Dancing with the Stars is only the start, Cassandra has signed an ongoing deal with TEN and is set to work on a range of the network's programs in the coming months. Good for her, considering she gave up a very good career to support Karl, I think she deserves all the good luck coming her way.

As for Richard Reid, he may appeal to some for his comic comments, but I find him a bit of a fool, not at all witty. Witty people possess mental sharpness, inventiveness and intelligence and Reid has none of those qualities.

At first glance , I thought that was Caitlyn Jenner


Harsh comments about Cassandra Thorburn and I wonder why! Do you live in her house? How do you know what sort of relationship she has with her children? are an avid reader and believer of fake news.

Would she look better in your eyes if she hid herself away in a closet and licked her wounds? 

You say "she did very nicely out of it too".. so she should..did she sit around all day and paint her toenails? No.. she wrote books..she was a journalist and gave up a lucrative career to support Karl and raise a family. 


Coming from the Queen of Plastic. Ha ha

Interesting that those who say they hate gossip always seem to be on top of the latest drivle being served up.  If you put yourself out there as a media personality you have to be prepared to take the good with the bad.  I have a few mates who have been getting thinner and thinner on top every year, they couldn't care less, to them and their friends and family their value is in who they are and how they conduct themselves, not in how they look.

Richard Reid has twice the wit of Stefanovic, and is actually amusing, something that Stevanovic trys and fails to do.


"Interesting that those who say they hate gossip always seem to be on top of the latest drivle being served up."

The thread was put up by LeonYLC. People are responding to Leon's post, or haven't you sussed that yet?

IMO, and as a man with a headful of hair, who might lose some one day, Reid is a big s**t.

Lego hair!!  LOL

I can not stand that Stephanovic bloke at all he is so full of himself -- the other bloke Reid seems to have a nice soft side --not that I have watched either of them much  -- I guess some men get upset if they loose their hair -- everyone is different --  

It would be different if a male was to criticise and make personal observations about a woman's hair extension, dye-job, make-up or surgical enhancement.  Mind you, women are far crueler and cruder where their perceived female competitors are concerned, regardless of how unlikely that competitive contest might be.  But Stefanovic has done the unpardonable: he divorced and married a younger, attractive woman, and of means too!  If only the roles were reversed.  Then it would be all positive stuff, empowering etc.

Most men would be happy that Carl's on-screen persona is temporarily lost to the show at least for the moment.  -The usual negative representation, the negative stereotype, of a man as an embarrassing, incompetent, accident-prone idiot, barely tolerated by the positively stereotyped woman who constantly frowns and puckers her mouth in judgement and is obliged to regularly chide him and smack him down.  The women got their own show, but how do they prove their superiority without a male clown?