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Alan Titchmarsh in his garden, picture taken by his wife Alison, for a brand new series for ITV Grow Your Own at Home


Alan Titchmarsh in his garden, picture taken by his wife Alison, for a brand new series for ITV Grow Your Own at Home. 

Thorny Bramble they suggest for keeping cats of the garden, but where do you get that in Oz?



I was greatly admiring my neighbour's white flowering bush overhanging my garden this morning. It's in full bloom and very attractive. Wondered just what it was and have been trying to identify it ... I then came upon an article from National Geographic called "Australia’s most poisonous plants". Then found "No 7 Spurge, Euphorbia spp — there are more than 2000 species of plants in the Euphorbia genus, that are commonly described as ‘spurges’. Sap inside these plants is called ‘latex’ and is highly poisonous. Contact with this sap can cause serious inflammation of the eyes, nose or mouth, and even blindness. This can be avoided if the plant is handled with caution and you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards."

Looks just like the neighbour's bush to me. Will need to warn my garden guy before he trims it, and the neighbours, if that is the case.

Not nice! Please be careful NrN.

There are a few like that too, Angels Trumpet I am weary of and also Oleander.  don't forget the pets because the flower besides the sap in these plants are dangerous for the low running pets in our families.


That looks like my Poinsettia/Christmas Bush which are from the same genus but apparently not quite as toxic... but can make you or your pet feel ill if mishandled.

Gardening And Cooking Humor - A Collection of Home and Garden ...


Maxine, cartoon, gardening club | Maxine, Humor, Funny cartoons


The Flower Potmen!             [was a tv programme for kids in the 1950s with their friend Weed]


Funny Gardening Card FRA12

Hidden mutations' in the genetic makeup of tomato plants can be used to create bigger, tastier 'super varieties', study claims

Scientists identified 200,000 genetic mutations in 100 varieties of tomato plants. When they used their findings to change the DNA of one, its tomatoes were 30 per cent larger.


A little Fuchsia pot plant I bought late last year, which has looked totally miserable on the end of my kitchen sink (going yellow and dropping flower buds) has suddenly decided to have a revival in the cooler weather up here. Lots of sprightly green growth with flowers maturing. I'm really enjoying its unexpected revival.

I just love Fuschias, such delicate little blossoms. I had a lovely one in my garden which was full of flowers. I read somewhere to prune hard after flowering, which I did, and never saw another bloom ever. 

Their roots need to be moist all the time Hola; they do dry out very quickly.

I had three now I have only two!   I've moved them to under the Magnolia bushes and they seem happier now.

Fuchsia 'Garden News' (Hardy Fuchsia)


I have taken the photos off the net, but this is one of the varieties.

Funny Gardening Birthday Card - WE Just Need RE-POTTING ...

A 'circle of life' photo of a blackberry is currently doing the rounds on Facebook. It is reproduced below together with less commonly circulated equivalents for blueberries and strawberries.

I don't do facebook but found this somewhere else and thought I would share it, love the circle of life in plants.

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