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Facebook also tracks non-users

The Facebook witch hunt continues, with concerns over the social media giant's respect for data privacy.

Since Facebook acknowledged that infomration of millions of users wrongly ended up in the hands of political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica, it has come under fire for what are seemingly all sorts of breaches of confidence.

The latest is that Facebook collects the “data of people who have not signed up for Facebook.”

Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg claims that its for for security reasons, but the fact of the matter is, it's how the internet works.

“This kind of data collection is fundamental to how the internet works,” Facebook said in a statement to Reuters.

“There are basic things you can do to limit the use of this information for advertising, like using browser or device settings to delete cookies. This would apply to other services beyond Facebook because, as mentioned, it is standard to how the internet works.”

According to a Reuters' report, Facebook often installs cookies on non-users’ browsers if they visit sites with Facebook “like” and “share” buttons, whether or not a person pushes a button. Facebook said it uses browsing data to create analytics reports, including about traffic to a site.

The company said it does not use the data to target ads, except those inviting people to join Facebook.



Go on a mobile/computer/ these days and they know everythiing you do and say -- I was in the car with a friend the other day and the mobile answered something we were talking about.

Not that I agree with this but this is BIG Brother and it will get even more so --


I've had targetted advertizements on this Forum until I installed Adblock.

Yes, you have to be careful not to talk about someone in the car because your car might just call them for you!

In regards to Facebook. Didn't we all know this already?

I just saved a 50m swimming pool thanks to Facebook.

People have set up wonderful community groups thanks to Facebook.

The Buy Swap and sell have saved me heaps in what would have been tip fees.

I am in touch with all my extended family who are Facebook members thanks to Facebook.

It is a wonderful form of communication - just don't fall for the apps, ads and "like me" stuff.

I agree with you Rosret, it is a great forum for communicating with family and friends, I don't fall for any of those 'like me's, quizzes, 'how many likes can I get' no matter how cute the kid is, I have my set 'friends' and my page locked up as much as possible and I, like Suze, also downloaded 'adblocker' so I don't get those annoying adds either..... The system can only get the data you put on there, it's up to you, I don't put up any pics of me or the grandies, I'll only comment on them if their parents put the photo's up... Having said that I'm not silly enough to think all that is not going to stop 'Big Brother' from getting information about me, they don't need computers for that in this day and age...

I am not on Facebook -- or any of the other site like it

Yeah Facebook is amazing. You can find lost friends. Distant family that you may have lost touch with are again connected to you where you can see photos and share news etc. The good things about Facebook far outweigh the bad. With common sense you can be safe. Only connect to friends not friends of friends and don’t fall for click bait!