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Facebook goes down, police called

Social media addicts turned to the police for help when Facebook and Instagram stopped working on Thursday.

Popular morning show program Sunrise issued a tweet with information from emergency services asking people to stop calling 000.

The social media outage on Thursday followed issues with Gmail and Google Drive on Wednesday, with users around the world experiencing issues.

As the internet celebrated its 30th birthday this week is it possible it is having a mid-life crisis?


Snap!! Just posted this on another topic ... such nonsense possibly putting people with genuine emergies at risk.


Sometimes I despair ...

Police are asking the public to stop calling triple-zero about the Facebook and Instagram outage.


If adults they vote too.  Cleese's view.

 Some are not taking kindly to Facebook being down!

If you're not a Facebook user here it is again:

hahaha KIAH, good one.

Those who call emergency triple zero for Facebook & Instagram are down, should be charge  like putting needle into strawberry.

EMERGENCY TRIPLE ZERO call can be between life and death. So use your boody head.

Well said Magic.

Well said Magic.

SO facebook etc has gone offline. Well, thats the end of our world! Its doom, doom I tell you!

Really, who the hell cares. Its mostly just  a pile of self centered idots who cant live without showing everyone what they are having for dinner etc or how cute they look taking selfies.

Get over it!

Anyone calling triple 0 for anything like this should be sent the bill for the inconvienience it has caused. Maybe then they'll think twice about it.

Maybe publish their names & suburb on an "I'm an Idiot" register for triple 0.

Good on you mate they should be charge and punish for this type of idiots.

Really what a lot of numb nuts they are to call 000 and why do they not know its only for emergencies?