The Meeting Place

FALCONS (back again) ATOP MELBOURNE SKYSCRAPER .....Livestreaming now!! :)

.... the gorgeous Falcons are back yet again in their yearly "nesting place" atop one of Melbourne's skyscrapers ......

Not 100% sure but think it was reported there may have been 4 eggs initially (2 yet to hatch?) and already there are 2 White fluffy chicks under Mum n Dad's care ......

.... wonder why they choose to go there every year? 

Can be seen at:-

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14TH NOV 2019

Photo taken by Kate Thompson 1 hour ago of one of the bubs

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Awwwww - how lovely to see again!  Thanks for finding out these things and keeping us up to date!  Nice ......  :)

Agree Foxy ... thanks Suze.

Christine Nemeth did a timeline video of the 2019 chicks

It is absolutely beautiful to watch and makes you feel all fuzzy inside :)

Lovely video. Thanks Suze.

:) We'll have to do this all over again next year. Hopefully mum and dad will come back.

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