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Famous fashion designer dies aged 85

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has died at the age of 85.

The German fashion designer was suffering with an undisclosed illness for the last few weeks and was hospitalised in Paris on Monday night.

Lagerfeld's death comes after he missed two Chanel haute couture shows in Paris last month, fuelling speculation about his health.

It was the first time Lagerfeld had missed giving the bow at the end of a Chanel show since he started with the company in 1983.


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Ray - you seemed obsessed with sex. Have you and your partner (perhaps its your hand) sought therapy ?

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Seems many people are wrong, Karl Lagerfeld may be leaving the bulk of his estate to his godson. His cat will not want for anything either.

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The facts of Karl Langerfield's estate have already been posted here ... some time ago.

"The facts of Karl Langerfield's estate have already been posted here ... some time ago."

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When Ben first put up this thread..I was the first to reply with this post..


A talented designer..and will be missed in the fashion world. 

I don't own one of his creations but I do use a couple of his fragrances..current favourite being Fleur De Pecher.

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Rest in Peace

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