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We all have our favourite style of Music and favourite singers. I have always liked Middle of the Road style of Music and loved certain Operatic stars. Not too much of the heavy stuff. Musical Theatre is a favourite also. Favarotti was a wonderful opera singer and Mario Lanza singing in the movies. Who could go past Frank Sinatra, he was a master of his craft, although my husband couldn't stand him. Loved to listen to Jazz as well.   Would love to hear from YLC members who would like to share their favourites. 

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Hi HOLA, never mind, with the rapid advances in medical science they may be able to turn the clock back one day and we can all do it over again? I know Diana is a more recent jazz singer, I'll listen to that one. Cats  You walk like a Samba too? Even now I bet!

Suze- " Wake up, little susie wake up, we've both been sound asleep" ...The Everley Brothers.

Ol' sageman is not so grim as you think! In fact I'm just a hopeless romantic at heart! Ok, I did have one grim episode (for me) in the swinging sixties. I'd met a girl called Caroline (yes true) and like the song she was sweet! Almost virginal in fact( but that's not so bad is it? leaves you with some room to maneuver). She was a music lover (read little raver!) and into the Beatles in a big way. Not too sure why it broke up but could have been because I liked " Gerry and the Pacemakers" remember " Ferry Cross The Mersey", I love ferries whether in Hong Kong or Liverpool.! Anyway whenever I hear Neil Diamond sing "Sweet Caroline" I'm haunted by the one that got away! The lyrics of that song get to me! " Where it began I can't begin to remember but then I know its growing strong.........Who'd believe you'd come along.  Etc Etc.



It's funny how you suddenly hear an old favourite and immediately your mind goes back to that place in time when you heard it? For me it is "Secret Love". Yep I did have a secret love, my first, and you never forget him. I better stop now as others might think we should start up a "Searching for a Lost Love" column.  Not a bad idea though. 

SAGEMAN,   cant get away from those ferrys,  can you,    i like DIANNA KRALL,    she is married to ELVIS COSTELLO,    whos not to bad himself,    yes,  SAGEMAN,    i like a  'sambe'    like pina colada,   and a walk in the rain,        

im still trying to work out how i can get one of those desert kisses,    i dont mind the dust,  

Easy - kiss a camel !!

OH NO,  REAGAN,   that would make me think of YOU,  and your the last thing i would think of when it comes to passion,  

Hi HOLA,  Rekindling lost loves rarely works! Didn't work for Liz Taylor and Richard Burton the second time around did it! Once it's  gone, it's gone I reckon. Anyway why waste time, there are plenty of fish in the sea!( trouble is my tackle is a bit rusty!!)

Cats, Well that could be almost done and dusted! If you're patient while I grow a beard we can then find a spot midway between Melb and Perth, somewhere in the Nullabor desert( plenty of sand there) Watch out for snakes though! Gotta take plenty of water because its thirsty work. Also we would have to leave our itinerary with our spouses in case we lose our bearings in the heat of the moment. Never mind you can cool down when you get home by listening to " Walking in the Rain" or better still  " Cool Water" By Johnnie Ray. Ok that was light years ago but Youtube has  re-released them and others in recent years.!

SAGEMAN,    i could wait until you get that beard,   but how long do you think it would take?      cant wait too long,   if one of us got down on their knees,   may be a struggle getting up again,,     but we would  manage,  [somehow]     yes,  plenty of water,   also a bottle of good champers,    after a smooch like that i feel we would have earned a drink,      as for the Nullabor,    ill leave that up to you,   as i have no sense of direction,   and would get us lost  at the first turn,        hows that song go,    ;midnight at the oasis,    put your camels to bed,   [my mind has gone blank,   i cant think who sang it,    [certainly wasnt johnie ray,  lol,,    ]   it will come back to me,              havent heard walkin in the rain for years,    

Cats, You've hit the nail on the head too with that one, which is a gap in my musical knowledge. Maybe too Knackered  by work to listen to some music in the 70s. So just googled and found:-

Maria Muldaur-Midnight at the Oasis(1974) YouTube.

Clearest version I tried was the 8/4/2012 by author ycsmusic2,  3.39 minutes long, in HD.

Apparently was ranked 21 on UK charts and  No.6 in Billboard top 100 at the time.

A sample of the lyrics which are very appropriate at the moment!!!! :-

"Let's slip off to a sand dune and kick up a little dust"

"I'll be your belly dancer, you can be my sheik"

' You won't need no camel when I take you for a ride"

( I've got a 6 oclock shadow now, but that's a start!)

HA HA,   ya,  its a start,    who quickly do your whiskers grow?     and i hope its a soft beard,    i dont want to get ;razor rash;           thats not the artist i was thinking of,   but you got the right song,    im not sure about the belly dancing at my age,   but im game to give it a go,  if your game to watch,        ill have to sort out my flimsy  veils,   its been awhile since i needed them,   ill have to give them a dip and freshen them up,     do you have a turban?       kriss didnt have one,   but if we are going to do this,   we may as well do it properly,    the memories will have to last a long time,  



Okay you too, I'm getting a little hot under the collar reading your remarks. If you want to listen to some really good belly dancing music look up Mike Batt "Caravans" by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. That gets me going, but it must be on full blast. I have this vision of sageman wearing a turban and I hope something else.  Cats, you little vixen. I can just see you doing the Dance of the 7 Veils, but you better wear a couple more for good luck, in case something goes wrong. Hope you get all of this on camera, something to remember in your dotage.

ha ha HOLA,   dont worry,   its all in the mind,   cant get into trouble for thinking,  [i hope]      the very thought of me in veils and belly dancing  makes these old bones creak,     where is SAGEMAN,  ?   ha ha,   i hope i havent scared him  away,     CARAVANS is a great piece,      YES CRANKY,    that nu,  DANCE TO END OF LOVE was a good find,      


I have a few old time favourites..

"Whispering grass" with Winsor Davis and Don Estelle.

I dont know why, no reason I guess its just I am an old soul and just love all songs of that era.

Add to that " Dance with me till the end of love.'..( swoon)..with Leonard Cohen... :)

I have never liked "old music" for some reason but that clip of "Whispering grass" with Winsor Davis and Don Estelle is great IMO. Thanks Cranky.

Love Don Estelle's voice. He was buried with that pith helmet ... bless him.

Don Estelle died in Rochdale Infirmary, on 2 August 2003 and was buried in Rochdale, with the oversized pith helmet he wore as Gunner "Lofty" Sugden.

Cranky you are an old softy, there's nothing wrong with that. I also like "Whispering Hope", sung by JO Stafford and Gordon McCrae, it's just lovely.

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