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FIRES...the new normal?

Woke up today to grey skies, choking air....the new normal? The day is closing and most of our view is still grey and occluded. Still reeking of fire. And we are at a fair distance from the tragic consequences of the immediate fires.  We in rural NSW are learning that the biggest threat from climate change for us is fire. We who live with bush surroundings are scared. Most rural dwellers are surrounded by bush. Where is PM Morrison? What does he have to say about "the new normal"?  

We need more planes to drop water. Will our government give us these resources or will our government continue to deny the effects of climate change? 


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Geez Suze - when you see it listed like that it's heartwrenching .... all those poor families affected forever - just awful!  :(


4.30 pm - Melbourne

Whoooaaaaaa - looks like a "Double Whammy" coming my way!  Received text mess. at 2.55pm ..........


"Unprecendented storms expected to hit Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula comprising Thunder - hail - torrential rain - possible flooding and galeforce winds!".

Right now smoke is still swirling around - lightening piercing thru' it - incredibly loud thunder been rumbling for past hour - not a leaf moving outside - birds all disappeared!

Almost pitch black inside house (lights on) as I type this ....

A definite "batten down the hatch's" job by the "feel" of it .......................

Let's hope the rain hits the right spots for the fires and the farmers!!


There is some concern that with heavy rain that drinking water might become toxic if the fire retardant gets washed into water dams ??

.. never thought of that?  Might have to get ole' "Dan the Man" to open up the Desal plant here in Vic. that's been a "white elephant" for years!

Not sure if it is in use right now?


Must admit I have never thought of the fire retardant getting into the Dam water!

Think I would buy bottled water till I was sure, also people with sensative skins could be affected.

At some point these two types of water do get mixed, but where I don't know.


Wow Foxy ... hang in there.

Hope the storms extinguish fires rather than start new ones.

Four hours later now Foxy in your neck of the woods. Hope all is ok?







Thanks RnR and Ny19 -  :)  Storm passed - was mega - thunder (as reported on Chn. 9 News) like a bomb going off everytime - I have never heard thunder like that in my life! Fortunately never heard a bomb either!

.... had torrential rain here for approx. 30 mins.  (but not flooded like some parts of Melb.) 

Smoke haze still outside - mixed with steam from the rain - weird .... all quiet outside as the wind has dropped - cicada's back screeching.......all good!

Have to wonder about these urgent text warnings/messages - I mean prior to mobile phones you just took it in ya' stride! What happened - happened!  To me they are a little offputting as you start to wonder what you are in for etc.  Bit unnecessary maybe?  Hmmmm.... not sure ....

Roof over dining room leaked a tad - nothing serious!  :)









Glad all is calm now Foxy. Agree about the text messaging thing, it gets you all stressed before the event when it's probably better to just live through it as it occurs. My insurance company loves sending texts to warn me about hail storms which rarely eventuate. Not sure why they do that....because there's nothing I can do about a hail storm.



Thanks!   Funny about ya' insurance company? lol 

Yes I don't like those messages!  My son even gets them for my side of town (at his request) and he then texts me in case I didn't see my "warning" at the time! The area I live is well known for some of the "worst" storms! 

I can understand how some of the people felt in the country towns that received texts about "evacuating" and they stood their ground and said "No bugga' it"!  There were heaps of those featured in the news!  I even thought at the time - yeah I can see myself being "one" of those people if I were in that situation!

I think a lot of it is "over-reaction" these days by the authorities that be - as "they" don't want to be responsible for loss of life etc.

However in saying that I would probably "stay" I should possibly eat my words 'cause I wasn't one of the people stranded in the ocean and on the beach at Mallacoota awaiting a naval vessel to save me!




.... media reporting that the "projected cost" of a new Royal Comm. into Bushfires will exceed $2.55 MILL!!

People suggesting that there should be a Royal Comm. into the Royal Comm. of Black Saturday - to find out why its findings were ignored and none of the suggestions in it implemented!!  Hear hear!!




Sick and tired of these expensive Royal Commissions that achieve nothing except give gumongous salaries to those who run it.

Glad to hear everything's ok Foxy.  I tend to agree with you about the text messages.  I turned them off here.  When we had the big flood a few years ago people were out in the street till the wee hours measuring how far the water had risen every hour and making guesses at how far up the street it would come.   It was like a pity party.  I thought bugger that I'm off to bed - if we flood we flood.  Couldn't get out of the street by then anyway.

Every hour or so I'd wake up and reach out and touch the floor.  Carpet still dry - all good. ZZZZZZZ   It never got into the house, but it was close.  Our neighbour (on a lower level) had water up to the eaves.




...thanks Leonie!  Yes I can live without them also - PITA and sent by some "stranger" telling you what to do - lol - sorry but it feels like that...I know they do good in lots of cases!

Twice in my life - I have been flooded living in this area (due to torrential rain both times) - fortunately only up to ankle height each time!  Not in the home I am living in now - my prior one and only on the lower level!

Lucky was with AAMI both times (still are) no problems with them - assessed easily blah blah...fixed in matter of days!

Might'a been "up Ship Creek" if it wasn't for AAMI -   lololol   :))))))))))))))




Heartbreaking it really is when you see these poor little ones like this.

Harrowing moment a koala buries its face in its fur after discovering its dead friend in a river Harrowing moment a koala buries its face in its fur after discovering its dead baby in a

The heartbreaking moment a koala seemingly buries its face in its fur after discovering her dead friend in the water (pictured) was captured on camera by wildlife rescuers on Kangaroo Island. the image was captured moments before carers from the Humane Society International's Animal Rescue team saved the koala. It is believed only 9,000 koalas remain from the pre-fire population of 46,000.

Awwwwwwwwww     :(((((((((((  

Wel that done it, broke my heart. This effing Government needs a swift kick in the arse.  If Slomo hadn't pissed off on a damn holiday, stayed and sent in reinforcements a lot sooner, it would never have come to this.

Do you pray? I am praying for scomo to have a stroke or heart attack and just bloody die so he can do no more damage to our planet.

Then you have a dickhead in Voctoria (premier) who has a culling list for 2020 of koalas and roos. WTF? why not use your excess to restock Kangaroo Island? Oh no can't do that, it means I am actually doing something good and I will be seen as a wimp!

As nothing but Rile 303 of Breaker Morant will fix that smug little buggar, I am planning a move to the South Island of New Zealand in 2020 so I hope the house sells fast. I have chosen there as climate change will take a little longer before it affects the southern half of the South Island.

What a sad photo, I'm sure there are many animals that will never be discovered, that have died. 

He joined the NSW Rural Fire Brigade in 1997 but left in 2003 and became a cultural burn practitioner  

 He joined the NSW Rural Fire Brigade in 1997 but left in 2003 and became a cultural burn practitioner

An indigenous burn practitioner has urged fire policy makers to 'get the bush between their toes' and cut red tape as his people begin to assess the damage wrought to their country over the summer.

Kelvin Johnson, the senior land management officer with the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council, on Wednesday began the task of inspecting the damage after the Three Mile fire ripped through the region in December.

He was allowed to return to the bush in Kulnura, west of Wyong on the NSW Central Coast, for the first time and while there was widespread devastation, he said the area had fared better than others.



.... not sure how accurate this info. is but .....................

"Rain has really helped the fires - they have dropped from 120 to 88 fires after yesterdays rainfall - more rain to come!"

Bit of good news for a change!



Lots of good rain in NSW too. Fantastic for the farmers and everyone. Not good for the poor fish though which are dying in the thousands because of bushfire ash flowing into the rivers and deoxygenating the water. 

It's been raining here too, only about 20ml, so far, but every bit helps.  We have deep cracks appearing in our back yard like those you see in outback Australia in the middle of a drought.  Not quite enough rain to close them up yet but that's nothing compared to what others have had to face. We have a blue sky this morning and I realised it's been a while since we've seen that even though there haven't been any close fires for weeks.  I can't even imagine the horror for people living closer to the fires and the terrible after-effects.

I can't really cope with the pictures of wounded and dead animals that are all over Facebook and the like either.  I feel myself sort of shutting down.  Not opening Facebook for days at a time now.

Yes saw the fish gasping and dying!  What next?  

Also saw the poor farmer last night who had lost over 100 of his prized cattle to the fires and only had 8 - yep 8 - left!!  He was devastated!  Mate was coming with grader machine to help bury them!  Sickening!

Agree with your last para. Leonie - think a lot of us feel exactly the same way!  I cannot recall ever feeling so depressed/flat and kinda' drained over the loss of our beautiful wildlife!

The hundreds of thousands of Koalas that perished on KI is gutwrenching!

Interesting you mention "blue sky" - I cannot recall when it was last blue here?

It's hard enough to imagine the suffering of our wildlife let alone seeing pics of it all the time. Glad I'm not on Facebook.

I can't really cope with the pictures of wounded and dead animals ...

Neither can I Leonie.


I am a real softy for animals. A person and an animal drowning or in trouble? I will go for the animal and screw the person. Start flapping and swim out, float out or dog paddle, I am saving the one who can't do either. Over the years of seeing and hearing what the human race does to each other, to animals and to the planet, my compassion for them has waned and only increased for the animals who have no defences. Sad, but that it also applies to my own children and pets, pets will come first in my book.


... what a heartwarming story on ACA last night (Fri.) of the Koala Triage Centre on KI ...and the 24/7 wonderful care being given by vets/nurses and volunteers for the wildlife that has been affected by this tragedy!


Such wonderful work they do Foxy.

Well, the rains have come on the Gold Coast!!

Torrential, at leat 230mm at my place overnight. BOM said the Gold Coast had triple its monthly rainfall in 12 hours. Flash flooding in some areas but not disastrous. M1 closed due to flooding. Movie World, Dreamworld and Whitewater World theme parks are closed today also. All OK here just some water under the garage doors at the height of it. More storms to come later today apparently.

All this water while emergency warnings were issued for fires near Mount Buffalo in Victoria’s alpine region, and briefly for Bulart, in the state’s southwest.

Such a land of contrasts.

.... thought of you when I saw the storms on the "Goldy" - glad you are ok!  :)  


:) Thanks Foxy.

.. saw flooding was worse now on News  (9.30pm. here in Melb.) - pretty bad for suburban streets - hope you hangin' in there ok?



.. .. Leonie - you in Ipswich - right?  Hope you ok too   :)

Yep, we're fine, thanks Foxy.  We've had a total of around 100ml or so, and it was very welcome. No flooding that I'm aware of here.

I've seen people on TV from Regional towns that are now flooding saying how happy they are to see the rain.  You know you're in trouble when floods are seen as a good thing.

I can't remember where it was but there was a news story about a house that collapsed under the pressure of the stormwater.   Crazy times.


Breaking News!    

So now on tonights news (Sat, 6pm) - French Island -  is ablaze!!  Thousands of Koala's are in jeopardy!  One of the biggest colonies is there!  

Nothing on how it started?  Geez ...........................  :(


Such awful news.

Between these terrible fires and the chlamydia that has already been devastating the Koala population they are in real danger of extinction according to some news reports.   Their food source is pretty much gone too, so the survivors will struggle for food.  It is awful.

We can, and do, breed them in captivity but finding enough really healthy specimens might be problematic according to some boffin on the news.

It would be ironic if we have to start importing them from China.  They are breeding quite well there so I hear.


French Island is near you isn't it Foxy? I hope you are not getting choked by smoke again. Did you get rain? Not sure whether that fire is still burning? Any news yet on how it started? More koalas and other bush creatures dead and it will probably go on and on. We need to buy our own planes to get on to these fires quickly. I don't understand why our government doesn't commit to buying our own fleet of fire fighting planes immediately.

Bit far from the eastern fires and across the water, so beg the question "What A-Hole lit that?"

Time to move and the Government to actually start something effective, get boats over there, grab as many Koalas as possible and place them in a the hull of a large ship and take them to safety. If the authorities weren't such as to play "God" by stating "well you can't look after any Koala, you aren't trained, haven't had experience, etc" Oh gimme a break, just damnwell do it or we will have none left. Or is what the Vic Premier wants? he has plans of culling both Koalas and Roos for 2020, guess this helps him acheive that. Another Scomo in a different skin.

Forgot to add, as to Leonie. Are you thinking what I am? The Chlamydia I believe is from us, its our fault. We have cut down so many trees, the Koalas are forced to breed with closer relatives.

Interesting thought Beemee, inbreeding is never good genetically, but not sure it could be linked directly to the chlamydia outbreak.  Isn't it a virus, or maybe a bacteria?  Deforestation would definitely add to the spread of it though, smaller populations, more chances of contracting the virus.  We have a pretty dismal track record looking after our unique species.  One of the worst in the world I believe.

Foxy, how did you go with the terrible storms down there? Hope all is ok. Seems like Victoria is getting a lot of hail storms over last spring and summer. 

Massive dust storms now in western NSW. Fortunately some towns got a bit of rain following the dust but not enough to break the drought.

The dust storm in NSW did it go out to Young? Or any rain for that matter. My family is everywhere, just pick a state.

Not sure about the dust, very little rain according to the BOM observations.

Nothing said about Young Beemee. More info here:

Key points: A major dust storm struck western NSW towns including Broken Hill, Dubbo, Nyngan and Parkes. Wind gusts peaked at 107 kilometres per hour as the wall of dust swept through.5 hours ago › rural-newsdust storm, common in the Middle East, hits western NSW - ABC

Thanks so much, I seem to be running around in circles trying to get some info. But always falling a bit short.

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