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Flower onion...making this tonight in air fryer

Almost-Famous Bloomin' Onionrecipe/s on line if anyone is interested in making.

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Now I have had the scanpan for over 6 weeks and use it regularly I just want to say it is working perfectly.

I am following all the instructions about what not to do and I am looking after it like a new born baby!

Also as an aside I made a braised steak in the crockpot yesterday...used the recipe from the slow cooker web site I put up a day or so ago.

Cooked for 5 hours in my small sunbeam crockpot...and it turned out lovely.  ..Had with a mash of sweet and potato mixed together with peas on the side...was enough for us.  Husband cleared his plate which is a good sign it was enjoyed.

Actually had a bit of good luck;  went to Coles and one of the staff in the meat department had inadvertently marked the Oyster Blade at the same price as the Gravy Beef (on special at $11 a kig).

I queried it with the coles meat department  assistant who happened to be standing nearby.  She took a look and said "damn they have marked it incorrectly it should be $16 a kg but you take what you want and I will take the other packets back and get remarked."   Well, a nod was as good as a wink to me so I bought two packets in lieu of the one!!

Cooked four of them last night (they fitted perfectly in the bottom of the crockpot).  As it was such a small amount of food I made sure I place a sheet of greaseproof paper over the steak so it did not burn on top and it kept the heat enclosed.

I always do that if I do not fill the crockpot to its capacity.




Sounds delicious Radish

ive been wanting to make beef brisket - hickory smoked and pulled Tex mex style

ive seen a slow cook recipe but can't get the right flavouribg to give it the smoked BBQ taste 

are you going to cook me a good meal RAPHAEL,     i love b.b.g.ribs,    and brisket,     you dont hear of that much now days,      RADISH,     i love the look of that onion flower,     can you do it without the air flower,    i dont have one,     have a slow cooker,    

Thanks Radish - that's what I want :)

Cats - of course sweetheart, but after I get back to Oz maybe next year 

Raphy check this page out and you might be able to find a spice place where you are to get something similar.


Thank you Sandy

thwy don't deliver 

picked up some spices on my last trip to Texas in Sept but not these right ones 

wilm get someone to post those on your site over to me 

I don't know why there's no shop in oz selling them

aussies tastes arw so bland - missing out on so much good food fr M the world over 


Tell me about it.  We have heaps of specialist spice shops here and I couldn't get blades of mace.  Wanted to make preserved button  mushrroms. I think I rang or googled every spice shop in Adelaide.   Had to end up going to Herbies Spices.  So you might find something there,  ordered late afternoon and the mace was on it's way here.  Very good service.

I can't stand if I make something, to use a recipe that only lasts a few days, so I like to preserve things so I can have them on hand when I want them.

Unless you preserve them mushies don't last long, even in the fridge.

Thank you so much Sandy

I have found that the mushrooms from Aldi last over a week....I have some right now I have had for five days and still what is left look fine.

You can buy charcoal impregnated bags to store mushrooms as well.

There is obviously a market here for an enterprising person to sell hard to get spices

If I was younger I would start a business myself.


Radish I am not talking about plain mushrooms.  I am tallking about marinated mushrooms and the recommended time for keeping them is 3 days.  So I do a recipe that preserves them and they last for 3 months.

Also trying to buy hard to get herbs, unless they have a good market for them, they need to buy in bulk or places won't let them have them and spices do have a shelf life.  So they need to be able to get rid of them quickly.

WA have lots of spice shops and I used to get some from a place over there, they had an on-line shop and are also on facebook, just can't remember their name at the moment.  They do have a couple of outlets there.

I agree Radish

wouldnr it be good to have at least an on line business which sticks and sells all sorts of spices sauces and other condiments from all over the world 

I wish wewere more like the US which has substantial Mexican and South American influences in their food

if only we took in more economic refigees from those countries instead of bogus ones from the Middle East 

Tjeres only so much humus and babaganoush one can swallow 

RAPHAEL,    WHAT spices did you want,    i have a couple of places here in south melb,  market who sell hard to get spices and herbs,    let me know and ill see if they have them,,  

Unfortunately Australians are not as far ahead as some countries in their tastes.  We have heaps of friends who don't eat anything but their 3 meat & veg.  I feel sorry for them, because they won't cook any "strange recipes from those countries".   I laugh at that because they are missing out on such fabulous tasting foods.  My hubby is a meat & 3 veg guy.  He will eat some chinese & japanese but nothing that has berbs or spices in it.

At least I have brought my kids up to try anything and everything.  When hubby has a meeting at night, daughter and I go out for a different cuisine every time.  We pick a different international restaurant every time.

Adelaide is starting to have some great places to go for food in our area.  We love Moroccan, Lebanese, Spanish, Mexican, Cambodian, African to name a few and are lucky enough to have lots opening up around our area.

Some people just don't know what they are missing.

I totally agree with you Sandi.

You know I have a friend who has never eaten any fruit at all in her life....and only eats potatoes...lives on bread, a little him, a bit of chicken and that is about it.

Ever since a child she was a fussy eater and her mother gave up....she will eat cakes and that sort of stuff.

She knows herself that it is stupid but she just cannot come at eating all the lovely food.   Remember telling how how lovely watermelon, pears, peaches, plums etc are but nothing will tempt her.  

We were brought up the old fashioned way but I love asian food of all sorts.  Hubby is not adventurous at all sadly...he will eat Chinese though but only occassionally.  If I had the opportunity to go out without him I would be into all the food your mentioned.  My sis in law would be no good as she is not adventurous either.  At least on an upcoming cruise I will be able to try different things.

Radish, we were brought up that way because 1.  People didn't go out to restaurants and there weren't many "foreign" places then.  Chinese was about the only kind. 

2.   There wasn't the variety of foods or herbs & spices  available then that there are now.

By the time there were oldies were entrenched in what they had always had and continued on that way.

 Jenny and I are lucky in that Hubby has One & All meetings (he's Treasuer for them) and he's also President of Neighborhood Watch.  So he gets at least two nights a month at meetings, so Jenny & I take that opportrunity to go out, she pays one night & I pay the next.  We pick a different one every time.  We've had some great meals in small family restaurants with authentic cooking. Not the greatest of decor but great food.

I also take my turn to cook at our Red Wine Tuesday Nights so always take the time to do something different.  It's hard when you have one who is a plain old eater, it means I have to do two different meals.  So now I do some extra things for hubby and freeze them for our breakout night.

Like tonight for example, we decided on a pizza his half is just ham & pineapple.  Always the same.

Probably had similar dishes Viv.  My Mum cooked curries.  We had Lambs Fry (liver)and when I came out of the orphanage I had malnutrition and I had to eat brains & tripe.  I loathed both but it was on Drs orders so had to finish every plateful.  I have never since eaten either.

Traditiional in our house to have Sunday Roast too.  Dad grew all our vegetables and Grandfather lived out on Lake Macquarie, so we had fish, crab & prawns, oysters and Mum had Ducks and chooks, to sell the eggs.  Had a cow down the back yard, so we had our own milk, cream.

my husband is the same,   refuses to try anything new,    so most nights i end up cooking two meals,   love it when my daughter comes down,   as she loves trying new foods,   and like me ,  likes anything spicey,   which hubby wont eat,     one good thing about all the old migrants that came,   italians,   chinese,    gave us such good new meals to try,  

Sounds like it Sandi and mealtimes at the table were pretty strict. Desserts did you have Suet Puddings, Jam Rolypollys, Spotted Dick of course always with Custard. 

Did you eat Kedgeree as children, I absolutely loved it we also had curries.m We also ate Liver, Kidneys, Roast Hearts but never Brains or Sweetbread, my grandmother used to cook Tripe and I loathed it and the iJellied Eeels she liked. A good Roast on Sunday's was always looked forward to by all of us. One of my sons loved Stews the other Curry so I batch cooked for two days so one got stews  and one got curries 2 days in a row, problem sorted. 

There is an Egyptian street dish called Koshari that has its origins from India as is Kedgiree

its delicious 

not sure if you have any Egyptian restaurants where you are Viv - if you do I highly recommend giving it a try 

Just looked up on the Perth directory I know there are Lebanese, Persian and Middle East but nothing specifically Egyptian. I will have to ask those in the Northern and Southern suburbs. Deanne might know, so might my daughter and sons. It would be good to try the Egyptian version.  Thanks Rafael. 

Viv, just found a restaurant in Perth called the Koshari Zone at 315 Hay St, East Perth.

Very good TripAdvisor reviews.

Thanks RnR I looked up Egyptian not Koshari. Be a good place to take visitors after watching gold pouring at The Royal Mint which is just nearby there :) 

Raph,  I will keep the Egyptian one in mind.  Had a look and we do have a couple in Adelaide.  Problem is a lot of these restaurants just advertise themselves as Middle Eastern Cuisine so you don't know really what they are.

Still we have plenty of different cuisines left to tempt our palates.  Love Australian Native Cooking too.

let us know what the egyptian one is like SANDI,     we have one here,   i have never tried it,   but i will if you say allright,  


ok cats will do.  Jenny & I order different things and then we have some of both.  Dependidng on how big the dish is we might order 3/4.  to try.

Or they have a central dish with quite a few, so you can try a lot more.

We've got 2 favourite local places within 5 mins of our house, one Cambodian and the other a traditional Thai (different to any other Thai we've been to)

Both places are very new and family run.  Andrew was home from Mt. Gambier last Thursday, he was called back for a meeting, Bob was going out to his meeting, so Jenny and I took Andy to the Thai one.  He loved it too.


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