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Folau - Whats this all about?

I have not been following but did read that a god-fearing Mr. Folau allegedly said "homosexuals, among other so-called "sinners", would go to hell"

Seems to me that we are all big enough to decide on whether we agree with various interpretations of various Gods or not.

I don't mind saying that I do not agree that the statement above makes a useful contribution nor that even if I believed there were a heaven or hell would people of this persuasion be assigned one place or another on the basis of that persuasion.

I do believe that people should be able to speak to their beliefs; that it is better to know what people are thinking than not and that as a society we should learn to differentiate opinion from compulsion to behave in certain ways and from fact.

Despite his beliefs Folau seems like a fine young man committed to and prepared to risk all for his beliefs. The only thing I could ask beyond that is that he and billions of others were sharp enough to take this God thing out of the equation...though that would be..."Godist", superior and certainly solidly PC.

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While I dont disagree with the decision re Folau's contract, I do find it sad and regrettable that a fine young and talented sportsman should end his career this way. Like the many high profile individuals who came to grief because they just couldnt "keep it in their pants", Folau has crashed because he just couldnt keep his mouth shut. While I may just wind up in Hell as I have certainly been guilty of a number of the "sins" he has nominated, I take umbrage at his informing me of such.

Think what you may with impunity, speak what you may and suffer the consequences.

Well said kfchugo. at least our thoughts are still free to wander, for now.

Just a thought

if Folau goes to a Church where the pastor spews this rubbish albeit religious rubbish , but doesn’t tweet the stuff , would he still have been on so much strife ?

what about pollies , tv personalities and other sportspersons belonging to religions where they preach this sort of stuff ?

lools like you can think what you like , listen and read what you like but you just can’t say it out loud

well maybe you can say it where no one will record it but you certainly can’t publish it 

Yes Pete, when he first started spewing his nonsense on social media he was chastised by the club and agreed to sign a contract stating he would desist. It was breaking the contract that got him into trouble with the club. As a non club member of course he is free to say whatever he likes on social media if moderation allows or at church or in private anywhere. We are all free to express our views. Freedom of speech is not much curtailed in this country.

Maureen, it seemed like a great idea for Europeans to send missionaries to Tonga during the 18th century with the spreading of the gospel, and it served Tongan's well. But why are we now so cruel as to gang up and punish a young man who has embraced 2 centuries of Tongan family and religious tradition? Is this  inclusiveness or equality in action? We should hang our heads in shame. :( 

Agree Adrianus 

i feel sorry for the lad . Been brainwashed by overzealous white men who wanted to save the souls of the savages . And now we hang and quarter him for practising his culture and religion the way he was taught to do

NY19 -get off the weed -lol

Name’s Maureen 

Clearly Folau is a fanatic. Baptising people in his own backyard is pushing it a bit, trying to rope in his team mates to follow his religion. Who knows when his anger will get the better of him and he lets fly on the rugby field. He’s entitled to his thoughts and personal opinions, but why make your Instagram public. Had it been private, the whole situation might have been different. Homosexuality is illegal in Tonga where his family come from and carries a maximum penalty of ten years’ imprisonment, maybe his extreme behaviour stems from that. He’s an idol to many young Polynesian kids some are sexually confused boys and girls and he is not making life easy for them. 

Any sexually confused need to come to the appreciation that all the little challenges in life offer valuable experience and the liberty felt when surmounted. It is not real to live in a world bereft of challenge.

It is completely expectable that some wil have a distaste for drinking, fornicating, homosexuality or whatever just as it is that some will have a taste for the same.  Some will feel their taste so strongly that they preach it. For many that will be simply boring for others it may even give their life and choice or predilections meaning.

We constantly adjust our balance. As humanity grows the stimuli available to the inquisitive increases in magnitude. Our need for improved agility needs keep pace. 

Protecting people, young or old, from those stimuli which are not directed at hurting them or limiting their self-worth will always end in tears. It will end in weaker individuals, less experienced, less able, less broad-minded; smaller cogs in the opening mind that is humanity.

Agility can, as in this case, simply mean knowing that it is not personal, knowing that you are comfortable in your own skin and that every skin is different. It does not have to be hard.


Seriously?  Seriously? Well tell that to Matthew Shephard’s parents whose “challenged” son was tied to a fence and beaten to death because he was gay. There are thousands of “challenged” children out there. The world they have to inhabit is changing but when there are old, extreme right white men like you around spewing your nonsense about "challenges" it becomes a lot more difficult for them. It’s tragic a man as young as Folau has to take their lead. He has obviously been brainwashed by his parents who in turn have been indoctrinated by the pathetic white souls who travelled far and wide preaching their narrow minded ideology.


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Image result for matthew shepard's parents


What a load of waffle was my impression after reading your post 

felt the taste very strongly and the stimuli you promulgated grew that feeling in me 

good luck 

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Folau has been the perfect sportsman whom any Country would be proud of.

But here in Australia, we prefer to give second, third, chances, to the likes of tennis players who abuse the the umpire and throw tantrums, cricketers that cheat, footballers who drink, do drugs, drink drive and get into fights.

...but discuss your Christian beliefs in a Christian Country

.... say goodbye to your career.


:-) If interested it would be difficult to defend myself from that.

If Black I would be Uncle Tom (maybe Jackie)

If Brown, A coconut.

If Yellow perhaps a banana.

These are just words.

Skin colour sounds about as pertinent as gender or sexual persuasion, religion, drinking or not drinking and most of the rest. Regardless of my colour even age or sex I don't mind at all being called white and male. Completely superfluous to the time of day. In fact, that was the point. We need to rise above these flagrant breaches of basic civility and wear our outlook and action comfortably.

Yes, that does mean some take offence or are hurt. Some need to stand up for their and all our rights and dignity and some of those will still be beaten down but the mereist optimism will show that this community is changing attitudes for the better becoming more inclusive despite all the laws it throws at it.

Waffle, no problem with that at all few don't ocassionally, tastes vary.

i dont waste my time thinking about this rubbish

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