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“There is something in the human spirit that will survive and prevail, there is a tiny and brilliant light burning in the heart of man that will not go out no matter how dark the world becomes.”

Leo Tolstoy


                                     The Great Realisation

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Perth Zoo News....


                                    ABC Perth - New baby Javan gibbon | Facebook


New baby born to Java Gibbon Sunda...a beautiful boy. Suggested Sudanese names are:

Hardi (mountain)...Edi (aesthetic beauty in nature)...Ace (handsome) and Asta (earth).

My choice is "Edi."


Batten down the hatches and stay safe...Cyclone Mangga to hit WA tomorrow.


Remains of Cyclone Mangga set to hit WA on Sunday as Perth ...

Image: ABC



Looks like you guys are in for a wet weekend Sophie. Stay safe:)

Thanks :) we've battened down...hopefully the neighbours have too, since we don't want too much debris flyng around!

Some good news out of China.

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s finance ministry will allocate a total of 407.3 billion yuan ($57.22 billion) to ecology and environment protection in 2020, up from 390.6 billion yuan last year, according to a statement on Friday.

From this total, 25 billion yuan will be allocated to air pollution prevention and control, 31.7 billion yuan to water and 4 billion yuan to soil protection.

China will also promote the official launch of the national green development fund, and step up efforts to establish trans-regional compensation mechanisms for ecological conservation in the Yangtze and Yellow river basins, the ministry said.


That's very encouraging Banjo...perhaps other nations can learn from that. 

Couldn't resist this Sophie, but I have to ask the question "why is it some of the most unattractive women see themselves as rebels?

Premier Gladys Berejiklian's left problem is only getting worse ...Cartoon from the Daily Telegraph

Hope this is her last term.


LOL there are some pretty grotesque male politicians too Banjo with bald heads and fat beer bellies!  That see themselves as Rebel Rousers.

Not that I like this woman!   I think many of NSW Premiers have been bullies. I am glad WA Premier has stood up to her.

Mark McGowan's job pledge could come back to haunt him | The West ...

Can't stand the woman either dare she reprimand other state premiers for doing the right thing.

I am so proud of our premier Mark McGowan and fully support his decision.

The Queen rides her favourite black pony at Windsor Castle while she is looked after by 'HMS Bubble' - a team of 22 devoted staff living apart from their families during coronavirus lockdown 

Most mornings, a stooped but sprightly lady in a headscarf, jodhpurs and riding boots slips out of a side door at Windsor Castle in Berkshire


Good for her!

Amazon opens homeless shelter at their Headquarters. On March 5, as coronavirus infections spread in Washington, Amazon started asking employees in its Seattle headquarters to work from home. Four days later, half of one of the company’s buildings opened for another purpose: housing homeless families.


Amazon Is Opening a Homeless Shelter at It's HQ a Year After ...


A few more won't hurt you Jeff Bezos!   


This week, on land north of Toronto that previously burned in a wildfire, drones are hovering over fields and firing seed pods into the ground, planting native pine and spruce trees to help restore habitat for birds. Flash Forest, the Canadian startup behind the project, plans to use its technology to plant 40,000 trees in the area this month. By the end of the year, as it expands to other regions, it will plant hundreds of thousands of trees. By 2028, the startup aims to have planted a full 1 billion trees.

For further reading….

Flash Forest is using drones to plant tens of thousands of trees

[Photo: courtesy Flash Forest] One of Flash Forest’s prototype drones.



Great news ... tremendous project.

Great story Sophie. Drones are our only chance of saving the planet from complete deforestation. With their help billions of trees will be planted to replenish the Amazon rain forest.


How Drones Will Help the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

A WALK IN THE BLACK's not really black!

The Black Forest Archives - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food ...

Photo Credit: Handluggage only


A classically trained German pianist, Horst Jankowski is most famous for his internationally successful easy listening music. Jankowski's fame as a composer of easy listening pop peaked in 1965 with his tune "Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt", released in English as "A Walk in the Black Forest.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Have driven through the Black Forest in 1967!   Seemed that the trees are planted very close together it appeared very dense, no wonder it is called the Black Forest.  We were on our way home from Italy and Austria.

I loved the music Sophie, never get tired of a good instramental.

Thousands of homes without power as ex-Tropical Cyclone Mangga impacts WA coastPerth and South West 'hit severely' tonight

A deep low pressure system is forecast to form off the south-west corner of the state.

The worst of the weather is due to hit Perth this evening and tomorrow morning, and not ease until Monday afternoon.

Hope everybody in the line of Manngga is battened down ... Keep Safe !!!



Well the worst seems to be over and some very weak sunshine is attempting to make an appearance. What a night! This teenage pizza delivery chap was extremely lucky...

View image on Twitter

No one should have been on the road delivering pizza...that pizza shop owner has no heart and the person who ordered the pizza should learn how to cook an egg!



Very wild times according to the news reports. Glad to see you're OK.

Thank you RnR :) 

As it happened: Storm system from ex-Cyclone Mangga brings rain ...

Cottlesloe Beach/Perth yesterday...always a few idiots...


  St. Therese Quotes Archives - Society of the Little Flower






£25 Antiques Roadshow ring found to contain lock of Charlotte Bronte's hair A Victorian ring believed to be worth just £25 has now been valued at over £20,000 after a lock of Charlotte Bronte's hair was found inside it.

The Bronte Parsonage Museum

The Bronte Society, based at the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, near Keighley, have verified the rare find after it appeared in an episode of Antiques Roadshow.The trinket was discovered in a Welsh attic and belonged to the father-in-law of the woman who took it to be valued on the BBC show. 

 Bronte RingThe Bronte attractions in Yorkshire that fans must visit  

The braided hair has now been confirmed as being 'very likely' to have belonged to Jane Eyre author Charlotte.

Yorkshire home owned by friends of the Bronte sisters goes on sale

The inscription inside bears Charlotte's name and the date of her death - 1855, when she passed away from severe morning sickness aged 38.

The owner of the ring told Antiques Roadshow jewellery expert Geoffey Munn that holding it gave her 'goosebumps'.

Munn said it was also common for locks of hair to be hidden inside rings in the 19th century as a tribute to dead relatives.

Charlotte herself wore a bracelet containing the hair of her sisters Emily and Anne, who predeceased her.

Ann Dinsdale, principle curator of the Bronte Parsonage Museum, later added her support to Munn's belief that the ring was genuine.

She said she would be interested in acquiring it for the attraction's collection, which already includes samples of the sisters' hair.

Munn said he would have valued the ring at £25 initially, but that it would be worth £20,000 now.


Lovely news Celia and thank you for posting it! I missed that one! More good news from late last year...

A rare book the size of a matchbox written by the teenage Charlotte Brontë will go on public display for the first time this year after a museum paid €600,000 (£505,000) to bring it back to Britain.

Curators said they wept when they finally received the book, which arrived from an auction house in Paris. It was penned by the oldest of the Brontë sisters at the family’s home in Haworth, West Yorkshire, 200 years ago.

Handwritten by Brontë at the age of 14, the book has just 20 pages and contains three entire short stories.

It is one of six surviving “little books” penned by the author of Jane Eyre and had been in a private collection since her death in 1855.

Judi Dench appeals for help to return rare Charlotte Brontë ...

Charlotte wrote four of these little the collection is complete. One of the people who fought for the return is Judi Dench.


Wow what a treasure to find this!  I wonder how they had been stored all these years?


I remember going to a stall that sold leather goods in Yorkshire, I wanted a new leather belt, so the guy measured my waist, he told me he had only just measured Judi Denchs's waist a few minutes earlier and purchased a leather belt.  LOL  

Wildflowers are blooming on the pristine lawn at King's College in Cambridge which has been neatly manicured for 300 years 

Wildflowers are blooming on the pristine lawn at King's College in Cambridge which has been neatly manicured for 300 years  


A pretty picture and very special...a beautifu setting for a wedding!

Sadly someone had made a comment that he had seen the gardeners come out and cut them back!   I think it would have been nice to have kept a part of the lawn like that.  Prince Charle's home Highgrove,   has parts growing like this.


Inside Prince Charles and Camilla's country home Highgrove House ...

I'll let you into a little secret...someone you know was married there many years ago!

Minus the widflowers!

King's College Chapel, Cambridge | Historic Cambridge Guide

Peter Rabbit' Cast: Meet the Famous Voice Actors | Hollywood Reporter

Well...I have a special date at 1pm today. I am watching Peter Rabbit with our seven year old Goddaughter and three of her friends on zoom!

Since Easter and Mothers' Day..I have become addicted to zoom during lockdown and my daghter insisted I have an account. 

Mr McGregor's garden here we come!!!!



:) Love the Peter Rabbit stories, especially the original illustrations.

So do I's a firm favourite in our family! All the kids have copies of the books.

I still have him on the book shelve from donkeys years ago!

Peter Rabbit GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Smile Wink GIF - Smile Wink PeterRabbit - Discover & Share GIFs



Here's a great pandemic story. 

While the Oregon Zoo is closed to the public amid the coronavirus pandemic, penguins are treated to a hike through the woods. Follow them on a waddle across trails and ferns.

Penguins take a hike in woods while zoo is closed - YouTube


Now that's made my cute!

Had a delightful zoom session with a bunch of kids yesterday. The Peter Rabbit movie was good but it's the children's reactions that I enjoyed the most.

Usually at the cinema everyone is facing the screen, but with this wonderful technology, I was able to see their faces and watch their interactions...just beautiful. Planning another one soon!

Lovely to watch, there are a few zoos doing this, but I wonder how the animals will feel when things get back to normal, will they still expect their outings I wonder. They are very cute and I love the hug the penguin received from the carer.

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