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france and catholic church begging for charity to rebuild their church

why would any sane person want to help the catholic church given that they are probably still the richest church on the planet.?

french govt wants the tourist dollars from it, but why would anybody outside france want to help them?

malcolm turnbull wants an australian govt endorsed donation fund set up.

 "....said that France was a prosperous nation which would be able to cover the expenses of rebuilding Notre-Dame.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said early on Tuesday morning that he backed the idea, raised by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, of a government fund to channel donations to rebuilding efforts....."


It is a Catholic Church. The filthy rich Vatican has said it won’t contribute any funds toward rebuilding so why should we?

The Vatican etc are one of the richest -- it even has its own postcode  which is   --  00120

The church of Christ of latter-day saints --  the Mormons --- do pretty darn well too.

Why do all religions need all the wealth -- aren't they supposed to be helping the poor and needy!?

So many of the 'flock' were donating to the likes of Pell --

Never realised just how wealthy the Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) are.

List of wealthiest organisations ...

Me either RnR and here's why.

Some Mormons — and plenty of others — were appalled to witness their church build a $1.5 billion mall in downtown Salt Lake City and hear their prophet proclaim, “Let’s go shopping.”

 Isn’t religion, they argued, supposed to be about feeding the hungry and clothing the poor? How is selling Tiffany jewelry, Nordstrom cocktail dresses and luxury condos any part of a Christian faith?

wow i thought i would have gotten attacked by all the religious freaks for this topic.

glad i am not the only intelligent person around. surprised there are so many of you who are a wake up to the religious racketeering that is happening.

most international churches are very affluent as you say, but i am surprised that the mormons have so much, given that they are the easiest of all churches to spot as being founded and based on such blatant bullshit, with the possible exception of islam. (read the joseph smith story, then read about joseph smith history wise, and then play "spot the bullshit". easy game to learn in this case)

however if you combine all the catholic assets worldwide, they beat everybody hands down.

the real surprise is the scintologists. i am surprised they are so far down the list. they are geniuses at fleecing money out of people and corrupting governments to recognise them as a tax free charity etc. given that is is based on such blatant bullshit though, i find it hard to fathom how they suck people in to start with. the scammer who started it all was a science fiction writer, and his "beliefs" are OBVIOUSLY science fiction (LITERALLY).

my main point is, "why should we the taxpayers be asked by the likes of rich assholes like turnbull to donate to this religious racketeering company, with the official endorsement of the australian government". it makes almost as much sense as donating to the mafia or the triads, or the russian mafia. (those organisations are more genuine than the churches, as unlikle the churches, they dont pretend to be anything other than a money making organisation).

obviously i am not the only one who is pissed off by this proposal, but i was starting to think i was.

i agree toot. its totally disgusting that the churches have so much money, and spend so little on "helping the poor". i suspect that churches such as the salvation army, catholic church, and all the other worldwide churches gobble up so much money, that they are probably a large part of the cause of poverty in general.

shit, if they withheld govt aid to church charities like the salvos and the st vincent de paul etc, and reduced taxes accordingly, they would just about eliminate poverty altogether! (except for the self inflicted poverty, through things such as gambling, drug and alcohol abuse etc)

if these parasites that ran churches and charities got off their smelly asses and did some productive work instead of scamming people for donations and conning the govt into donating to them, not only would they save taxpayers and gullible donors heaps, but they would CONTRIBUTE to the tax pool instead of plundering it!

LJ, I personally think any donations to the Notre Dame restoration fund probably won't be going directly to the Catholic Church ... instead they will probably go to the French Government's national fund or the plethora of other appeals already launched by organisations ranging from The French Heritage Society to GoFundMe ... see here.

Scott Morrison has rejected calls for the Australian government to set up or contribute to a fund for the restoration. "We're not making a government fund," Mr Morrison said. "If Australians want to make donations to that cause, they're very welcome... But I'm not going to mandate it from anybody." Mr Morrison said in light of the massive donations already received he would instead focus on Australian farmers. Source.

i have often heard a few people complain that churches and charities should pay taxes like every other money making organisation, but i have NEVER once heard anybody say that it is a good thing that churches dont pay tax.


does anybody here SUPPORT the idea of  churches being tax free, and if so, would you care to enlighten us as to why you think that?

I don't support the idea of churches being tax free. Anachronistic rule IMO.

Registered charity donations ... yes ... at the moment ... but even many of these charities are on the nose these days with their dubious fund raising practices and sometimes exorbitant senior executive salaries and 'administrative costs'.

I find it very telling that the Australian Government's Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission says:

There is no mandatory standard accounting practice for reporting on charity spending – using the ACNC’s National Standard Chart of Accounts is optional.

I do NOT support any church OR religion being tax-free -- they should ALL be made to pay taxes as ALL religions are a money-making racket -- and the heads of them live high on the hog,

Imagine the help that these churches etc.  being made to pay taxes would really help the world.

We have a place here called the 'Spectrum'  they have a plant nursery/gift shop/cafe/and markets -- and pay NO tax

I am not saying there is no God or such because I am agnostic and do not know -- but you do not have to belong to a religion or a church to be a GOOD person ---

I see the atheists are out in force today. A special day for two great religions. Today Good Friday for the Christians and Passover for the Jews

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Well, Abe,  I am NOT an Atheist I am Agnostic --

well i am an atheist and i personally cant see why everybody else cannot see that plainly there is no such thing as a god, or santa claus, tooth fairy, elves, goblins or smart blondes ....


mind you , when i used to believe in all that religious crap many years ago, back then i couldnt understand why other people couldnt realise that obviously there WAS a god!

i guess being young and stupid i thought i knew it all ...

unfortunately, only a very small percentage of us are capable of rising above the bullshit we were brainwashed into as toddlers.

it should be illegal to teach relion to people who arent old enough to vote. anything younger than that i call child abuse. at voting age, 98 percent of people would be intelligent enough to realise that religion is all bs, as long as they werent brainwashed into it beforehand at an age where they were too young, and not allowed, to think for themselves and therefore see it as the primitive drivel that it is.

as for not paying tax, i reckon charities should also pay tax along with the churches.

the same logic about the squillions of dollars that the govt gives to charities and churches, would be better spent reducing taxes and therefore eliminating much of the poverty that exists.

plan b also makes a very valid point which i have always maintained, in that very little of the money collected goes to the people they are supposed to be helping, but goes in massive salaries and generous expense accounts, of the senior people who run these charities. the same obviously applies to churches.

salvation army is a classic example. most of what they collect probably goes overseas or into real estate investments. they almost never give handouts to anybody. usually the most they will do is to refer needy people to other charities, or if they give them accommodation, they charge top dollar when the "client" gets their centrelink payment.

i have seen people down on their luck go to the salvation army and ask for accommodatdion, but the sa no longer gives credit. they did in the old days because people had to sign their dole cheques to the salvos, but nowadays it goes direct to the persons account so they can no longer do that. which is why they wont help homeless people unless those people pay up front, but they still maintain charity status, and not only get exempted from tax, but also get massive govt grants, despite the fact they make a profit WITHOUT the grants.

nowadays the st vincent de paul is the same as the salvos, but in the old days they were a genuine charity. they put people up for free in dormitrys, until they got their next payment, then the person had to leave and get their own accommodationm elsewhere, but eventually they jumped on the same bandwagon as the salvos and are a "for profit" organisation although they wont admit it. check out their website and see what a huge organisation with numerous departments they are. they are like an oversized govt department nowadays, and are part of the "hidden unmemployed" part of the workforce. they can only do it because of the massive grants by the govt on behalf of the ignorant taxpayers, who if given a choice, in most cases would say no to the generosity of the govt on their behalf.


its high time we demanded they be taxed, and no longer given govt handouts.