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G-G to honour diggers on centenary of Battle of Polygon Wood

Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) and Lady Cosgrove will lead Australia’s representation at the centenary of the Battle of Polygon Wood in Zonnebeke, Belgium on 26 September.

The Governor-General will deliver a commemorative address at the dawn service, which will honour the sacrifice of more than 5700 Australian casualties of the battle.

The Governor-General will pay respects at the grave of Australian Private Patrick Bugden VC, who was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for outstanding bravery, and join Australians at Menin Gate and a headstone rededication ceremony at Tyne Cot Cemetery.

As part of a wider program, and at the request of the Australian Government, the Governor-General will make significant bilateral visits to Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Austria and the United Arab Emirates from 21 September to 3 October – comprising 70 official engagements focusing on trade, business and people-to-people links.

The Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove will also have an audience with Her Majesty The Queen at Balmoral Castle, Scotland on 21 September.


almost 6000 australian men were killed in this battle in 1917.   and for what?



For freedom 

Go ask the Germans why they went to war with us


WW1 (and WW2) had nothing to do with australia.  our soldiers were used a cannon-fodder for the glory and profit of the british empire.

australia's freedom was never threatened.

Really ?

no Japanese at our doorstep in WW2 - Papuan New Guinea 

darwin not under threat of attack ?

we were part of the empire in WW1 

would you stand by and watch  while he rest of the world is under attack by nazis 

kika, would love to see you now if your believes Australia was never threatened, could you repeat your post in this column in japanese, look foreward to it as that would be our language now

WW1 (and WW2) had nothing to do with australia.  our soldiers were used a cannon-fodder for the glory and profit of the british empire.


We the British , yes including Australia , there was no Australian Nationalty until 1948 , and we were all British Subjects until 1984 . 

Stood alone against The Nazis . 

The US did not join us until 1942 after they had been attacked    

Your post is disgusting Kika

the battle of polygon took place in 1917.   it had nothing to do with the japanese.


WW1 (and WW2) had nothing to do with australia.  our soldiers were used a cannon-fodder for the glory and profit of the british empire.



Then why why are you insulting Australians who lost their lives 


Just looking at the photo. What the hell has the corrupt Ukrainian Oligarch Poroshenko got to do with the Australian Governor-General????

Maybe its to thank them for their cooperation in recovering Australian bodies from the aircraft shot down by Russians ...

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has paid tribute to Australian defence and police personnel involved in the MH17 Operation Bring Them Home and told how a month ago no-one would have envisaged Australian uniforms on the ground in Europe only kilometres from the Russian border.

“None of us would have thought, a month or so ago, that we would be deployed to Europe. None of us would have thought a month or so back that Australian uniforms might be within 30-40km of the Russian border. But this is a very unusual world, you just never know what’s around the corner,” Mr Abbott said.

 Our whole country was given great confidence that at long last respect and protection was being accorded to our dead when we saw Australian uniforms being deployed abroad on the ground in Ukraine,” he said of the arrival of the Australian military and police contingent at the crash site.

 Squadron Leader Dean Bolton, who lead the Australian operation at Eindhoven said the troops had another few days of “heavy lifting”, bringing back cars and vehicles and personnel from the Ukraine.

At the peak, he said that the team had been flying 24 hours around the clock from the Netherlands to the Ukraine and working gruelling hours and were directly involved in flying the 228 coffins back to the Netherlands.


Oh Brocky, I feel sorry for you. Don't tell me you've fallen for the MH17 story as presented by the US and its vassals? God bless America, saviour of the world...."the Russians did it". America does not have a democracy, it has a kleptocracy. I've been livimg here for 4.5 years. The american press is just as bad as Pravda was in the russian communist era. Russia doesn't need to be contained, China doesn't need to be contained, North Korea doesn't need to be contained.....AMERICA needs to be contained!!!

So why live over there Oz

move to Moscow or Pyongyang 

Raphael - I'm moving back to Australia in November, but I venture to say that I have a better grasp of what constitutes America's actions than you. Maybe you'd like to take my place?

Further to Brocky - The MH17 investigation was a farce. The US claimed to have satellite evidence. It was never presented, but the US interpretation of the "evidence" was accepted without question. The Ukrainian control tower tapes were never presented, and the chief control tower operative "disappeared" without trace. Russia presented hard satellite evidence which was rejected out of hand, without even viewing. 

As for the USA coming to Australia's aid, this was a matter of convenience. Australia provided an excellent location for a US command centre covering SE Asia. It was beneficial for Australia, but it was NOT an altruistic act. It was in America's interest (as always). It was however fortunate for Australia.

Methinks you are one of those who fills their poor heads with conspiracy theories Oz.

Do u also beleive that the inventor of the lectric car was murdered 100 yeats ago by the Oil cartels, and we actually have storage technology for solar and wind power but these have been deliberately hidden from us by the US ?

How about cure for cancer, maybe the US drug companies are keeping that from us as well. 

 "Then why why are you insulting Australians who lost their lives"

brocky/raphael.   where have i insulted anyone?

also, our soldiers did not 'lose their lives'.  they were slaughtered, with tragic consequences for australia and their survivors, economically and emotionally.

we had no business involving ourselves in the wars of other countries.  and the same is just as relevant today where we jump to obey our new colonial masters, the rogue nation usa.

You seem to have missed my post in that I explained to you that we were all British at the ime of both world wats . Australian Nationalty was not thought of until 1948 . 

You seem to know nothing of Australian History . You seem unaware that Australia mainland was attacked or that the battle of The Coral Sea between the US and Iapan saved Australia . 

As for your slur and continues denunciation of the USA I would be interested in your comments on the thread on Multiculturalism whereby the USA has become the most successful country in the world at intergrating immigrants from every country in the world without a State sponsored Multicultural policy.

hooray Oz in Or.  at last another person who knows what is really happening in the world.  i fully agree with your comments above.

brocky, if you want to learn something about australia's history during WW2, have a look at the original documents on the website of the australian war museum in canberra.  the yanks did not save australia and japan never intended to invade us.   the brave aussie soldiers in new guinea could be said to have defeated japan in our part of the world.

the japanese were quickly running out of oil/fuel by the end of 1944 and the usa did not need to bomb two of their cities.  this crime was carried out by the usa government to assert america's dominance in the world which it did - until recently.

the bombing which took place around darwin was minor and intended as a fear/PR exercise.

all of this is well documented with the original papers being held in our war museum.

the usa is now a rapidly failing and somewhat desperate empire as most of the rest of the world moves towards dumping the US$ as reserve currency.   their economy is in a woeful state with widespread poverty, unpayable debt and a corrupt administration.  sadly, they have also become a police state. 

and such a wounded empire is extremely dangerous and aggressive as they lose control.



the illumanati work for the US government and Soros

Trump, May and Putin are all puppets controlled by George Soros and Angelina Jolie

And Gardasil is the US secret weapon to eliminate half the female population

"the bombing which took place around darwin was minor and intended as a fear/PR exercise." Kika.

By mid-February 1942 Darwin had become an important Allied base for the defence of the NEI. The Japanese had captured Ambon, Borneo, and Celebes between December 1941 and early-February 1942. Landings on Timor were scheduled for 20 February, and an invasion of Java was planned to take place shortly afterwards. In order to protect these landings from Allied interference, the Japanese military command decided to conduct a major air raid on Darwin.

The Bombing of Darwin, also known as the Battle of Darwin, on 19 February 1942 was the largest single attack ever mounted by a foreign power on Australia. On that day, 242 Japanese aircraft, in two separate raids, attacked the town, ships in Darwin's harbour and the town's two airfields in an attempt to prevent the Allies from using them as bases to contest the invasion of Timor and Java during World War II.

It well may have been 'minor' to the Japanese but not to Australia I suggest.

Oh Come ON Raphael! Is that the best you can do? Dragging out the old "why don't you move there" PLUS the "conspiracy theory" cards? :-) 

You forgot about the Russian scientist who invented the pill that could turn champagne  into water - murdered by french 

Raphael. I also lived 3 years in France. Never heard that one! LOL I don't deal in "conspiracy theories" anyway. I prefer to refer to use the phrases "alternative possibilities" and "alternative probabilities" gained from something other than blind acceptance of the official story. I like to check things out. e.g. Both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had slaves. Thanksgiving occured after the pilgrims wiped out an entire tribe of peaceful Native Americans...they then thanked God for delivering them from "the heathens". Just for your interest, I DO believe the USA put a man on the moon! LOL Anyway, we're off topic here...the honouring of Australian diggers. My grandfather served with the 1st Australian Light Horse in Palestine in 1917. Anyway, cheers Raphael, I can see you're a real character. :-)


Love you too Oz

No reason to get excited. Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late 

There are many here among us, who feel that life is but a joke 

Btw - what a great history

grandfather in Palestine 

we should cherish our history and the past

when I was a kid I used to love hearing stories of how my parents and grandparents lived through Japanese occupation in ww2

wish I could hear those stories first hand again


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