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Getting rid of a nuisance

Can anyone please advise how to stop a Telstra pop-up asking to "Join Telstra Air"?  It's happening every two minutes.  I've tried right clicking and pressing "stop" but it does nothing. 


I use Firefox and they have an ad blocker -- what system do you use Doodlebug?

I use AdBlocker and it has so far blocked hundreds of pop-ups. Just Google Ad-Blocker.

I use Firefox too, will try ad blocker. Thank you PlanB and Hola.

Are you on a telstra wifi network?

No Farside, not with Telstra


The Ad blocker is up in those 3 lines in the top right corner of the screen click on that and go to Add-ons

I just checked my Adblocker and it says I have had 7 ads and trackers blocked from YLC within the last 10 minutes of opening my computer.